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Veronica never got her answer.

She really didn't know what she was supposed to expect. Veronica knew in the back of her mind that Madeline would never answer. Maybe she'd just cry, or ignore her and leave her with the corpse. Neither moved for a long while, until Veronica saw the other girl pick up the gun knife. She tilted her head just as Madeline lunged.

Veronica screamed and tried to scoot away, but Madeline was much quicker. Soon she had Veronica pinned down on the floor, and Veronica tried to grapple the other girl in return. She tried punching and kicking and kneeing Madeline in the stomach, though the girl was unfazed by the attacks. Either she Madeline just didn't care anymore or Veronica was too weak to hit hard enough.

There was a sharp pain in her stomach, and she cried out when she felt another one blossom in another part of her torso. Veronica grabbed Madeline's hands, trying weakly to stop the attack. But it just kept coming. Her vision was slowly going, and soon enough she couldn't even muster the strength to grab anymore. Her hands fell limp and all Veronica could do was cry out weakly.

"I'm sorry," she choked out. "I'm so sorry..." Whether it was directed towards Madeline or someone else is still up in the air, and Veronica wasn't too sure herself if it was for someone in particular. It could've applied to the boy she killed, or the girl who was killing her now. The boy she'd lost in the early hours of the morning, or even her own family. Maybe even a higher being, if there was such a thing.

Damn shame nobody heard it.
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