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August 6th, 2008, 2:08 pm #31

Anna turned back to the window, trying to determine the next course of action. "I think we ought to head for the brook. There's bound to be action there, and even if there isn't, I need to refill my canteen."

She spotted a ragged figure down below, making it's way across the fields to the hangar.

"We've got company down there," she said. From here, it didn't seem like the figure had a gun on it, so it didn't seem like much a threat. She felt her grip tighten on the extinguisher's handle all the same, and the hollow feeling of fear began anew.

"Let's get out of here," she said, noticing her voice was not completely steady.
"You've got the gun, so you lead."

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August 6th, 2008, 6:02 pm #32

Michael saw that the door to the hanger was open just a smidge, just enough to let a little light in.

"Yeah...I need the flashlight for sure..."

He walked inside and put his daypack on the ground. He opened it and took out the standard-issue flashlight. He turned the beam on and waved it around, wrench in the other hand, ready for anything that might pop out. But...

"Damn it, it's pratically empty in here!"

He took a few more steps inside. He waved the flashlight to and fro, not noticing anything remotely useful...except maybe a toolbox here or there.

"Of course." He said, moving on, "they wouldn't make it this easy. I'll just have to--WHOA!'

He fell foward and hit the floor hard, accompanied by a very loud clatter. Thank God he wasn't wearing his glasses. He picked himself up and turned around, focusing the beam of light on the ground. He had tripped over a large toolbox, which had spilled its contents all over the floor, making the loud noise when he fell.

He swore quietly to himself. If there were people here, they most definately heard that. He had to hide or something. And quick, too.

But there were no hiding places except the dark in here! He was screwed! He shook his head. "Think, Michael, think!"

He ran over to the daypack he had left by the doors and went back to the overturned toolbox. He spied a cloth among the contents, and used it to wipe the water off of his glasses. Replacing them on his head, he looked down and realized that the toolbox wasn't full of tools, but bits of metal and rocks. He kicked it away with a clatter.

He still had to explore the rest of the hangar, though. But could he chance it?

"Yeah, I can chance it." He said. "Here's hoping they don't have a gun or something."

He continued to search the hangar, making sure every nook and cranny was looked at.

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August 6th, 2008, 11:13 pm #33

"Let's go," Sloan said as he picked up his daypack and walked down the stairs. When he left the tower, he began walking towards the brook.
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August 7th, 2008, 3:01 am #34

Anna followed Sloan away from the airfield.

(Continued in At a Loss)

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August 7th, 2008, 6:55 pm #35

"Damnit." Michael said quietly. "Nothing worthwhile....oh hey, a quarter."

He picked up the quarter and put it in his pocket. Yay. 25 cents. Whoop-de-freaking-do. But other then the quarter, there was nothing useful to replace his wrench.

But at least now he could look at the map. And nobody had come to the hangar, so he was undoubtedly safe for the moment.

He turned in the direciton of the only other source of light, coming from outside. The rain had picked up again. He sighed. He wasn't going back out there...well, maybe he could get to the control tower...

He clicked off the flashight and started toward the light. Bad idea. He nearly tripped over the same damn toolbox, but manage to regain hit footing before he fell. Now moving carefully, he manuvered to the outside.

He looked around. Yep. No one around. He dashed for the control tower and opened the door and ran inside, shutting it behind hmi. He moved up to the tallest place he could find, and sat down, suddenly tired. He cleaned his glasses and sighed.

"I need a book or something..." He said to himself. "It's a nice day to be indoors and stuff."

He put the wrench in his daypack and took out the survival guide their "host" had wrote for them, and began reading it for the third time that week.

"You bastard. You enjoy this, I bet. You and your sick audience are enjoying all of this." He laughed, tossing the book aside. "Oh-ho, I bet I'm being watched right now. THere's probably a camera in here."

He looked around but saw nothing out of the ordinary. He sighed. "I'm losing it..." He reached for his daypack again, and took out the issued compass and map.

"Let's see...where do I want to go now?" He had heard the day's announcement jsut barely over the rain and sound-absorption of the trees in the jungle, but he remember which zones were dangerous and which ones weren't.

Finally, he just sighed. "So many places...so little time."

He just wanted to start moving. No way he was going to stay there in the tower. He needed to find people.

He put the map and compass into his pack and picked it up, along with the wrench.

"How about I just wonder around? I'm bound to run into someone sometime..."

He made his way out of the tower and moved away from te airfield, walking quickly to avoid gettig too wet.

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