Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep

Shelson’s Beach, as the faded sandstone sign denotes, looks straight out of a postcard. With its sparkling blue waters and expansive white sand beach, it’s no wonder vacationers flocked to the location. There are several paved dog trails around the area, as well as a small gravel parking lot situated on a hill by the entrance, with only a single metal food truck in its confines.

Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep

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Do You hear me? I'm talking to you.
Across the waters, across the deep blue
ocean, under the open sky.
Oh my, baby I'm trying.

((Day 6, Cassidy Kant continued from Glass Castles and Kingdoms by the Sea))

She looked out at the tide. Things seemed to be looking up. She wasn't huddled in a freighter trying to stay hidden and out of the rain at least. The cold wet sand smushed under her feet, and the sounds of the waves radiated calmness. This was a good place to stay for awhile, just to reflect. She came to the waters edge and the tide meet her toes.

She found her best shower voice, and sang back.

"Boy I hear you, in my dreams.
I feel your whisper, across the sea.
I keep you with me, in my heart.
You make it easier when life get hard."

The water came up higher than expected, and she felt the balls of her feet and her heels sink slightly into the sand. She sat back, she needed a beach day. Tears came to her eyes, she shook her head. He was gone, but he'd been perfect. He'd loved her. He'd taken care of her. He'd died protecting her. And even though it was terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible death, she knew it was wrong to cling to depression. There was so much to celebrate about Matt's life, he was a blessing. Her voice faltered, but she continued.

"I'm lucky to be in love with my best friend.
Lucky to have been where I have been.
Lucky to be- hmm-mmm mmmm hm-mmmm"

She couldn't make herself say the rest of the words to the line, but she kept the timing in her head. She could make it home, she'd go to his funeral. She'd go to all the funerals. Her and all the other escapees would. They'd pick up the pieces of their shattered class and support one another, hold hands, show the world.

Her voice returned stronger, ringing with the lingering feelings of loss.

"They don't know how long it takes
waiting for a love like this.
Every time we say goodbye,
I wish we had one more kiss.
I'll wait for you I promise you I will."

The tide rushed up. The chill hit her ankles, then her butt, then her hands. Retreating back, it left her fingers and much of her hand buried.

"Lucky to have been in love with my best friend,
lucky to have been where I have been..."

She shook the sand off and rose to her feet. The sand fell in wet clumps around her as she sang louder.

"Lucky to be coming home again."

"Lucky to have loved in every way,
lucky to have stayed where we have stayed,
lucky to be coming home some day."

And so I'm sailing, through the sea.

She closed her eyes and smiled, feeling the embrace of a gentle sea breeze.

"To an island, where we'll meet.
I'll hear the music, fill the air.
Hmm hm hm hmmmmm hm hmm mm mm."

Cassidy let the music fade out as she started to walk along the waterside. She grabbed the precious sabre she'd been holding on to. Holding it's hilt and it's thin blade, she brought it down hard over her knee. The weapon snapped easily, and she flung it's pieces towards the water. It was time to take action, and get off this freaking island.

((Cassidy Kant continued in Olive Branch))

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Credit to the incredibly talented Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat for their song "Lucky." Also credit to Mary Elizabeth Frye to the name of this thread. While I'm at it, honorable mentions to Rise Against, Papa Roach, Nine Days, Jeanette Walls, and Edgar Allen Poe for having inspired many thread titles.