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Marvin had barely gotten the word "Franco" out of his mouth when the tranquility of this rather posh institution was brutally shattered by a horrible scream emanating from somewhere upstairs. Marvin stood dead in his tracks as Franco and his "new" girlfriend (If only Debrah could see him now...) rushed past the other side of his field of vision, and back up the stairs.

The game has begun.

Marvin waited until Franco and the girl were up a flight of stairs before he started to follow. But not before he took one more quick glance around the hallway.

There were really two reasons why Marvin hesitated to follow despite his newfound bravado. The first was that even though he didn't hear the blast of a gun, it did not discount the possibility of a silenced weapon, and he knew that few if any people in their right (or in Marvin's case, adrenaline-charged and wrong) mind would bring a knife to a gunfight, let alone their bare fists. Which led to the second reason, and that was that he'd let whoever (and he didn't know how many there were, which made him sweat more) was up there get distracted with the two already on their way up so he could move in for the kill.

It wasn't something he'd have many qualms with as he hurried up the stairs. He'd have snapped Damien's neck that day were it not for Reneé's command. Here, there was no Reneé to be his conscience. Per se.

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