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It happened Brock agreed with Deidre about the first priority. There were plenty of viable places for a conversation and a swamp didn't strike him as one of them by a long shot. Finding somewhere nice and dry would be a good start to regrouping and setting up a plan. Besides, Brock could be happier about reunions when they weren't taking place knee deep in stagnant water. Or not on a godforsaken island where they were all likely to die, but that one didn't seem immediately attainable.

So when the other guy with Jimmy spoke up, Brock was only listening with half an ear. For one thing, it wasn't somebody that Brock really knew, although if Jimmy vouched for him, he couldn't be too bad... But mainly, Brock just wanted to get the hell out of there. Discussion could happen in better environs, right? From what Brock did catch, defiance by sitting out sounded... interesting, but they were still gonna wind up dying, so either way, it wasn't much of an idea. Better than killing each other like dogs? Well, maybe it was. Or maybe somebody would decide to put themself in front of the plan and start to kill again anyway. Seemed more likely.

Even with that pessimism though, things - god forbid - were actually beginning to look up. A couple of people that Brock could actually rely on to be on the level, a possible third if he trusted in Jimmy's judgement. That was the makings of a pretty solid group. Brock hoped Deidre and Jimmy didn't have anything else on their agends or had a problem with accompanying him... it would suck if his search for Hilary broke a promising group up. Especially, a cynical part of himself observed, since these two were much better allies than his girlfriend. Hilary would need shielding, Deidre and Jimmy could tough it out for themselves.

"Hold that thought. I ain't discussing a thing more 'till I'm on something like dry land again. We can talk about the plan then, alright?"

With that brusque remark hanging in the air, an energised Brock didn't wait for the answer. He just took off. Such a people person.

((Brock Mason concluded in Heartbeat Symphony))

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It was stupidity. No, it was merely desperation. One of those things definitely lead young Deidre Paul, talented athlete of Bayview Secondary School, to an early grave.

As Brock headed away from the group, Deidre immediately turned towards the others of her group. Nobodies. Just like most everyone else she's seen so far. If she was any less of a person, she'd bash their heads in right now, while Brock wasn't looking. The swampy gas would mask the smell of blood, and if she played it right, the only thing being bloodied would be her bat, which was easily replaceable. Hell, what's-his-face's sharp thing would've been a helluva lot better.

Thankfully, Deidre wasn't that kind of person. She was the kind of person to shy away from new faces. She was the kind of person who thought for moments, rather than periods. She was the kind of person who kept cookies her mom made her in her backpack. She'd get to those later.

"It looks more shallow this way," she remarked, looking away from Brock, and his magnificently sculpted ass.

She really wanted to get out of that swamp and away from what's-his-face and no-name-guy. So stupid, so desperate.

Sick of carrying her baseball bat of terror, she stuck it in her backpack, the top of it sticking up past her head. It felt sorta like having a horn, y'know, to intimidate predators? Only it grew out of her back and was made of wood and nail. A casual, apathetic "seeya" was her final spoken word.


Out of sight, out of mind. She was sure she could see either of those two boys anymore, which was good riddance to bad company, as far as she cared. As long as she could still catch up to Brock, she'd be completely fine.

The swamp somehow smelled worse without Brock.

The water was rising. 'More shallow this way' my ass! She never really trusted her judgement. It always made her do stupid things.

Like die.

The mud was even goopier here than it was when she first entered. She could hardly walk without struggling each step. But she had been walking for so long; the way out had to be around here somewhere. She couldn't just turn around and say "Oh well," not when she was sure how close she was to leaving this damn swamp.


Her right leg sunk in the mud. Really far. And of course, a simple tug wouldn't do, as it did for some of her previous sinks. No, she jerked around like a madwoman.

Just, wriggling and writhing in the muddy deep.


Really hard.

So hard that her bat had clunked into her skull, nail first.

This was, of course, met with a look of utter shock, pain, and perplexity. Why didn't I stick the damn thing upside-down? Why is this happening to me of all people? I do good! I leave people alone!

Why is... why is everything spinning?

With that, she collapsed, head first, into the swamp she dreaded so much. She was definitely stuck - the muddy bindings grabbing both arms she used to catch herself. The worst part, she thought, was that she was just barely under; not that it mattered - under just a bit was still under. The smell was a lot worse when it drained through her nostrils and into her lungs, filling up with murky marsh water. She felt like puking, screaming, crying; all at the same time.

But she didn't do any of that.

She just simply died.

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Alan wasn't sure what he had said, but he couldn't go back on his long, rambling words now.

"Hold that thought. I ain't discussing a thing more 'till I'm on something like dry land again. We can talk about the plan then, alright?"

"Errr... Yeah, I agree, please lead on, me and Jimmy will be close behind." Alan watched as Brock began to make his way through the swamp, Alan turned to Jimmy just before he started moving himself. "I don't know what I'm thinking right now Jimmy, but I don't feel so scared any more, but if I do somehow manage to pull this off, I'm going to need your help, I know I can trust you. Come on, to cleaner ground."

Alan turned and started to follow Brock out the swamp.

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"Hold that thought. I ain't discussing a thing more 'till I'm on something like dry land again. We can talk about the plan then, alright?" Jimmy felt some relief as Brock started to calm down and then left. Deidre was next to go, casually waving goodbye.

"Errr... Yeah, I agree, please lead on, me and Jimmy will be close behind. I don't know what I'm thinking right now Jimmy, but I don't feel so scared any more, but if I do somehow manage to pull this off, I'm going to need your help, I know I can trust you. Come on, to cleaner ground." As Alan turned and left, Jimmy smiled a little, following close behind him. I knew it. Just have faith in other (You don't know what you're getting into).

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