Desert Plains Skate Park

Built in the mid-90s, the Desert Plains Skate Park is nestled alongside Sumac Park. A modest skate park, Desert Plains has proven to be a popular hang out spot for anyone who enjoys skating, bmxing, and rollerblading. The park sports a small half-pipe, along with a quarter pipe leading to a hipped bank with a grind rail. Other features include a half-pyramid with a rail and hubba ledge, as well as a grind box, a mission control, and miscellaneous grind rails and other set-ups. Next to the skating area is a shaded area for visitors to sit and relax, with a couple of benches and a pair of vending machines offering snacks and drinks. At night, skating is still possible thanks to large spotlights in the four corners of the park, though the place closes its gates at midnight.

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