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((Emma Luz continued from Late to the Party))
((Chronologically takes place before Talons. However, if it creates odd continuity situations, lemme know.))

For the past few minutes, Emma had tried to put her hair back into a ponytail. It’d felt uncomfortable and greasy, so she’d taken the elastic band out to comb it a bit. She didn’t have a brush, so she used her fingertips. It felt brittle and tangled to the touch, she’d noticed. It was kind of worrying. However, the worst part was trying to get the band back on. She’d stretched out her fingers and tried to feed the greasy, unkempt hair through the loop. However, her hands didn’t cooperate. Multiple times, it’d slip out of her finger tips because her hands got numb. Emma would slam her fists against her thighs to make them less numb, to no avail. Rinse, repeat. Eventually, she decided against tying her hair back, leaving her stringy strands to fall around her face.

Obviously, she wasn’t doing so well. Maybe sitting down next to the steps was a good idea. Her head still swam a bit, but at least she could think a little better right now. But not by much.

She decided to stand up after a while, and, after picking up her bag, looked down the steps. They were dark. Bag went down, flashlight went out, bag went back up. Sword in other hand. She still had a bit of power, so it’d be easier if she could see what’s down there.

Emma stepped down the stairs. Something about them seemed familiar.

Once she was at the bottom, it hit her.

This was where she started.

This was where she’d first woken up, and ran into Amanda, Lucilly, and Jaime.

Her knees shook when she realized. She distantly remembered that she argued for leaving it, because it wouldn’t do good if they hid somewhere that was dark, cold, and wet. And yet, she was back here. There was something funny about that.

The basement was still cold, damp, and smelled of mold. This time, however, a now familiar smell had been added. Emma took another deep breath, letting the stench enter her lungs. But, she stepped inside, the dim flashlight darting across the signs.

Water treatment, huh? Emma knew about hydrotherapy. Nowadays, it was an alternative treatment where you’d soak in water for a period. However, her dim memories of her Psych classes told her that in asylums they’d strap you in to a tub for several days, or spray you with cold water. The poster, the one of the lobotomy, was still up, still hanging in the corner of her eye. Combined with the sign that said, “Electroshock Therapy,” it was clear that they weren’t even the first victims here. Kind of odd to think about, that.

Another deep breath. She’d just quickly check to see if there were any supplies here, and then she’d leave. She didn’t think she’d find food or anything, but on the off-chance there was anything… well, she didn’t want to overlook it.

She stepped into the Water Treatment room, her boots squeaking from dampness. There was a body here, that she could see. Emma’s flashlight flicked across it. It was barely recognizable as a body, but it was a body. Was that a screwdriver sticking out of his socket? Emma frowned. It’d seemed like it’d been a while since he died, too. Whoever did it probably took everything by now. But, she had to keep looking. Maybe there’d be something here.

Emma gingerly stepped over the body, and trying not to pay it too much thought. Maybe she was right, and there was something here.

Sometime later, it was still no dice. Emma hadn’t found much. Just tubs, and the body lying on the floor, and water. It was larger than the other rooms, of course, so it meant that it’d take a while longer. After a while, Emma resorted to lifting some of the overturned tubs over to see if there was anything hidden underneath them. They were heavier, and Emma was already tired. She usually had to put her sword and flashlight down to do so. But, she managed to flip them on their sides, only to see nothing.

It was the fifth tub she finally saw something.

Emma’s skin turned white. She’d just stood there, holding the edge of the tub she’d turned over. Her lips tightened, her mouth grew dry. She’d seen plenty of dead bodies here, and over time the shock had worn off. She didn’t think it was possible for her to feel sick over them anymore. But she couldn’t. She… just couldn’t.

Emma stepped away. Her heart pounded in her chest. Her breath came in loud gasps. She put her hand to her mouth.

It was too much.

Emma leaned over the edge of one of the upright tubs, clutching the edge with an iron grip. What little food she’d eaten in the past few hours found itself floating in the murky water, the same one she’d considered risking drinking from. For what felt like a lifetime, the sound of loud sobbing filled the basement.

Eventually, it stopped.

Emma just stared into the water, unable to focus. But, a few minutes later, she picked up her sword and flashlight, and walked away. She knew what she had to do.

She’d kept her wrapped up in a bundle of sheets she’d found, so that she didn’t have to look at her face. Maybe it’d make things easier to transport as well, but she wasn’t sure. Emma had also gone upstairs for a moment, and found a gurney. She’d placed her bag and sword on top of it for a moment while she went to retrieve her. Make sure that she was out of here. For a brief second, Emma wondered if her things would be alright up there, but she had to focus on the task at hand.

Emma grabbed one end of the bundle, about where the legs were. And, slowly, she dragged the body away. Inch by inch, but it was progress. A few times, Emma had tripped a little bit, but she knew she had to get upstairs. She just had to.

The stairs were the worst part. Emma hated the thumping noises on the way up. It sounded disrespectful, cruel even. But she tried to grit her teeth through it.

Once the two of them were upstairs, getting her onto the gurney was the hardest part. It’d taken a few tries, to push her upwards, to make sure nothing was hanging off. Emma arranged her a bit, to make sure she wasn’t going to fall off or anything. Once she was certain that she was fully on the gurney, Emma grabbed the handle. But she stopped to look at the bundle.

This really was it, then. The last she’d see of her sister.

Her knees continued shaking. Emma closed her eyes for a moment, feeling fresh tears. She leaned forward on the gurney, unable to continue.

A minute later, the sound of rusted wheels filled the hallways.

((Emma and Sabrina Luz continued in Family Reunion))

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