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Anna's reply was not what Liam had seen coming. She told him that God seemed to hate everyone... And she then began to seriously berate him for his outburst. Somehow, her words hit hard. Normally, Liam would be completely outraged at this - how DARE she! But no, he just took it in. The branch that he was still carrying slipped from his fingers, and hit the floor. Her words had hit him as hard as the semi that killed his father and siblings.

"I don't care what you do. Go ahead, attack me, I don't care. You. Don't. Scare. Me. YOU PUSSY!"

Liam closed his eyes. Part of him wanted to do it. But instead, he simply replied... "No... Enough is enough."

He opened his eyes again. What he saw, he wasn't fast enough to avoid, or even see coming. Lulu's scythe tore through his torso. The pain shot through him, and he fell back, screaming. He landed on his ass, back to the wall, his entire upper-body open for display, his guts even hanging out. He coughed, hands covering his mouth, and then looked at them. "Blood..."

Then came the realization. He was completely screwed. The wound wouldn't kill him instantly, but the first-aid kits couldn't save him. He wasn't sure how long it would take for him to die. Five minutes? Thirty? Hours?

He looked up at the girl who just ended his life. Lulu. He never thought this was possible. "I never thought you'd have the guts... Nice job. You just killed me."

He choked a bit, and then sighed. What a way to go... And what a pathetic way to go, killed by Lulu. Well, if it was going to end like this, he might as well make the most of it. He looked up at Anna, the one that had just berated him so harshly. "You're right. You know what? I never deserved that bloody sword. I've got more blood on my hands than any of you. I'm probably the only person in this "game" with the highest pre-game body count, bar Adam Dodd. I'm screwed anyway, so I might as well get my secret off my chest. Now, where to begin...?"

He took a deep breath, thinking over what he was going to say. "My mum, back in England, after giving birth to me... That's right, she was... Weakened, to the point where she was bedridden for months before she finally died. My dad and my brothers, Aaron and Tom, blamed me for her death. My brothers loved to torment me, and dad did absolutely nothing to stop them. I even suspected he supported them... The bloody bastard drinking himself into a stupor in his study... I took my anger out on animals... Oh, yes, and I spent the rest of my time doing my studies and writing. And I also tried to act out violently in school to release my anger, but it only got worse then. Then I eventually snapped."

He took another deep breath, those memories flooding back to him. "I just... Couldn't take the torment any more. I'd been spending months reading car manuals, mechanics books... And planning. Then I finally did it. One night, when everyone was asleep, I snuck into the garage, and got under the hood of the family car, and when sunrise came, I was already making breakfast. Dad took his "favorite sons" to a ball game. And that morning, the car brakes failed, and the car crashed head-on with a semi, killing all three of them. The police discovered that the brake wires were cut, but they couldn't prove a thing. I was simply acting like a scared, mourning child. They took me into foster care, and the rest is history. Yeah, I cut the brakes. I killed my father and my brothers. I don't expect you to to be sympathetic, because I don't deserve a bit of it."

His vision began to blur a bit, but he blinked. It was all off his chest. The whole world knew, now. But it didn't matter anyway. He was pretty much dead. Thinking back on it now... Must be karma that screwed everything up for him in this game. And now, he guessed redemption equals death. "Yeah, I'm a murderer. I had bad karma from the start. I could have tried to change, but I guess it's too late for that. Bloody hell. I started this game as an egotistical, know-it-all asshole, and I'll die as one. Anna, you know what? Keep the sword. You deserve it a million times more than I ever did. Put it to good use."

Wait, that was it? He still had time left. What else could he possibly relay to-Wait, wait. There was that thing... "There's something else I need to tell you three, too. Please, listen to this, this... Information... Could very well help you escape this mess. I had a bit of a think. There wasn't an announcement last time. And this time, Danya left out incredibly important details, and even said a separate death list for absolutely no reason. He didn't even mention the danger zones, which did change - I should know, that Hollow Tree is a danger zone now, so stay clear of it. You know what I think? SOTF's systems are probably screwed to a certain extent. No announcement the first time, which could have been done by that other guy if Danya wasn't around, and Danya leaves out the killers, danger zones, and even makes a separate death list? It makes no sense if those systems were working perfectly."

He closed his eyes, and tried to think of more suggestions. Oh, yeah, he did smash some cameras before, didn't he? And who could help them throw this game off the rails... HIM. Perhaps... His death was just the beginning. Or at least he damned well hoped so. "Just before, I was smashing as many cameras as I could find outside. If Danya makes no mention of the cameras, they either don't know, or don't care, since I'm dead anyways, but consider the possibility of the former option anyway. But if they do mention someone smashing cameras, but make no mention of who did it, then that'll be prime evidence that things aren't good on their end. I'm not entirely sure of all this, but there is one thing I absolutely must recommend in either case. For God's sake, find Adam Dodd, and stick with him."

He then coughed up a hefty amount of blood. He didn't have much time. But why Adam? It was obvious, considering who Adam was. "A-Adam... Sticking with him will probably raise your chances of survival immensely. He's played this game before, he knows how to survive, and I highly doubt he's playing, considering his fairly low body count this time. And he has a huge beef with Danya - tell him what I just told you, and I think he'll help you screw over Danya's operation, if you can. But besides that... You'll have a higher chance of survival, and that's good in itself."

He didn't feel good-actually, that was a huge understatement. His time was almost up. "If you three don't make it off this island alive... I'll be very cross with you... I suppose you won't forgive me for anything... But I'm sorry... For everything... I can't believe I actually said that. That was embarrassingly sappy."

He felt lighter, and his vision faded. He swore he was hallucinating, because he could feel a pair of arms wrapping around him.

Someone from beyond had been waiting for him, and though she hadn't condoned the path he had taken, she had never blamed him for her death. A smile emerged on his face. For once in his life... He was happy.


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Lenny had always told Elizabeth, and almost everyone he met on the island one thing.

Everyone was a liar.

Everyone had something to hide.

Elizabeth was amongst liars.

Elizabeth sat through Anna's violent attack on her, not being able to fight back, but she felt the Priestly rage rise in her. The girl hit her! Attacked her! For no reason but to try to tell her that Lenny was a bad person! Yet she was the one using the violence. Then Liam was in the room, and in a moment, everything was changed.

Lulu had killed the boy, and Elizabeth sat on the table, shocked.



Everyone was the same and different.

Elizabeth looked at both of the girls, half expecting them to turn on her next.

"I....I can't believe you guys. If you're going to kill me, hurry up and do it, and I hope you two can run fast. Cause I swear to god once my brother gets here, you both don't have a prayer in heaven. He'll cut you both down, and you know what? You both deserve it. You call my brother a killer, yet what did you two just do. What are you doing, keeping my hostage, and killing a boy right here! We aren't accomplishing anything right now!"

Elizabeth wanted to leave, but she knew she couldn't. She was in no condition.

"Liars! That's what you both are. Liars...."


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Liam had been alive enough to speak his final words... his very long speech which seemed to drone on and on but it filled Anna with a feeling of regret and sadness. Liam may have been a cocky, self-centered bastard and a murderer. A murderer who killed more people than Anna could ever imagine. And yet she regretted what she said. She felt very whoosy, her whole body shaking violently. Pulsating. Sickened. She hated Liam very much but she didn't want him dead. She could blame Lulu, scream at her. Yet at the end of the day, Lulu wouldn't have attacked him if it weren't for Anna. She must've overreacted, actually thinking that Liam was there to kill them. The poor girl. She would listen to anything Anna said - this was why this happened. This was all Anna's fault.

This crushed her heart, and she was almost ready to cry.

And then Elizabeth told her what a liar she was. She told them that if they were going to kill her that they had better do it now, and that Lenny would kill them the second he found them. This was the truth but Anna didn't do this to spite Lenny. She did it to save Elizabeth. Couldn't she see that? Was it that obvious? Anna, feeling herself on the verge of an emotional breakdown, swerved herself around and staggered. She looked at Elizabeth, only her.

"I... I didn't kidnap you... I w-was trying to save you! Lenny lied to us, told us he was a good guy and yet he killed Lauren just because she was wasting his time... I-I didn't think, I had to get you out of there. I thought everything would be better if you were away from him, away from all the killing, away from the monster your brother turned into... I just thought... I just..."

She stared at Elizabeth's cheek. The shape of a palm was on her face, glowing a bright red. Anna had slapped her, didn't she? She couldn't even remember doing that. She was angry when she heard that Ianto (a boy whom Anna had always liked) died. Now she was sad because she took her anger out on Elzabeth and Liam. They didn't deserve that. No one was fit to deserve that. This alone made Anna all the more unsettled.

And this was when she stared to cry.

"I-I'm so sorry Elizabeth!" she wailed, collapsing on her knees with her hands over her eyes. "I'm sorry for everything! Oh lord, please forgive me. I-I didn't mean anything I said... *sniff* Uwaahaahaa..."

Every single worry that she had neglected over the past few days hit her suddenly and this made her cry even harder, even louder. Tears were dripping from her palms onto the floor, her nose sniffing loudly from the rush of emotions that she was spiraling through. Maybe if the noise of her crying wasn't so loud, the sound of a door opening and closing and a loud thump would have been as clear as day.

To say that Madison was sneaking around would be an overstatement. Had there not been so much activity downstairs someone would have probably noticed her, but luck was fortunately on her side. Sadly she had wished luck had been on her side days ago but she had to look forward to the future. The future being her enivitable escape from the storehouse, which was actually looking rather impossible. The announcement came on and it mentioned no details on who killed who so... no matter how she looked at it, Madison was going to look like the bad guy.

So talking it over was certainly out of the question. The only other ways available were if the people who were downstairs left suddenly(unlikely), or if she blew her way out. And she did not want to kill anyone. That was just going to make her look even more guilty.

She had tripped on Anna's body. Funny, she actually thought she would remember that. She apologized profusely (though rather silently). And then she saw the pistol, covered in a coat of blood.

Should she take it? It would serve her no good to take it (after all she had a machine gun), but if she did in fact leave it here it would be scooped up by some evil bad guy who would more than likely use it to harm others. Certainly Madison did not want that to happen - she had enough blood on her hands. And certainly she didn't want to kill anyone, unless if she had to... then again she could make anyone sound like the bad guy, therefore making anything she did from now until later all the more reasonable.

Making killing negotiable? People did it in the past.

Damn it. Madison was certainly wishy-washy, because she relized this before anyone else did. She was sick of having trouble making decisions... if it weren't for her mother making every decision for her maybe she would have won this game already.

And what? End up being a serial murderer, killing ten people? That was not Bryan Calvert, she still had hope. If there were ways to avoid confrontations she would take them... then again, Adam Dodd tried to avoid fighting and killed - No. Damn it! Stop making this harder!

Madison let out a high-pitched cough, trying to clear her mind. There had been alot of things clogging them.

Well then... what was she going to do? Was she going to take the gun?

Yes. Yes, she was going to take it. For now at least, maybe she'll drop it when she didn't need it. She won't give it to anyone else - never know if someone was going to shoot you from behind with it. She took the pistol from Anna and pocketed it, fishing for the clips that she had figured would be in her pockets. There were alot more than she had imagined... she supposed Anna-DANE wouldn't be someone who would want to use a gun, which explained the unused clips. But still, she felt some regret about taking it in the first place. That regret was dashed when she realized that she needed all the help she was going to get if she wanted to leave the storehouse alive.

Without killing.

Yes, without any of that...

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Lulu grit her teeth as she realized her scythe was going out of control. It was going straight for Liam, no way to stop it. Lulu decided that she'd have to face the inevitable. Liam getting injured or something.

But the scythe sliced straight through him, as smooth as butter. Lulu dropped the bloody scythe and gaped at Liam. Were those his..innards?! She panicked for a few seconds wondering if she should go get the first aid kit.

Then Liam told her that he didn't think she'd have the guts to do this(neither did she really) and told her nice job, she killed him. Killed? Although that was her intention, the words felt so strange and foreign to her. She started shivering a little. "Sorry!! Sorry! I'm really sorry..oh geez oh geez.." Lulu bent down and began digging through her bag for the first aid kit. Anything to distract her from looking at Liam's wound. Anything to ignore the urge to puke.

Then Liam began talking. Lulu couldn't hang on to the words. It was like each word was a flake of snow. They would melt once they hit the ground. None of the words would stick.

What was he talking about? Something about his family...then something about this game...All Lulu could think about was how much Liam was talking, despite his innards hanging out like spaghetti. Yeah, much like spaghetti. Maybe this was a good sign. Maybe this meant Liam would live. Obviously he would be too injured to attack her and her friends..but..

But he was coughing blood. That was never a good sign. She knew that much from watching late night medical TV shows.

Lulu could only stare as she watched Liam's life fade away before her eyes. He was dead. He wasn't injured. Just dead. Of course Lulu was horrified. The normal thoughts circulated through her head like 'Ohmigod what have I done?' and 'I'm a murderer!' but she couldn't help but feel a little relieved. Now he wouldn't attack Anna. They were safe.

Or were they? Lulu didn't really know. No, of course they weren't safe. There was still someone upstairs! They were still in this cursed game! But that didn't matter. There was a dead body in front of her and she still couldn't sift through the emotions that were flooding through her. Was she horrified? Was she relieved? Mostly relieved. He was here to kill them after all. Probably.

Shaking a little, Lulu crossed the room until she was a fair distance away from the corpse, and sat on the floor. She removed her glasses, placing them beside her. Ah blurry vision. A curse and a blessing. Now she wouldn't have to look at Liam. Or anyone. Everyone looked like a shapeless blurry blob. Made things a little easier to deal with. She brought her knees closer to her chest and hugged them, letting her crimson hair fall into her face. She was waiting for Elizabeth's and Anna's reaction and she didn't suppose they would be good reactions.

Then Elizabeth spoke up and Lulu listened. Unlike Liam's words, Elizabeth's words stuck and she could understand them. Lulu knew that her murder must not have looked good in the eyes of Elizabeth. Well duh. She tried to figure out something to say, something to plead her case but could think of nothing. Apologizing, lying, telling the truth...All excuses. None of it would do any good.

Anna then tried telling Elizabeth the reason they had kidnapped her. It was the truth. Lulu sighed and tried to speak. "Ye..Yeah, it's the true. We aren't liars..." she managed to squeak out. But when Anna mentioned Lauren, she got a little emotional. "Th..That's why I killed Liam! Be..because when Lenny killed hurt to watch! I just..wouldn't..COULDN'T watch another friend being murdered! I couldn't do it..." she trailed off, wiping some moisture from her eyes.

Then Anna began to cry. Lulu looked back down at the ground again. This was horrible. Without grabbing her glasses, Lulu stood up and walked towards the figure that she thought was Anna's. She wrapped her arms around Anna. "I'm sorry..." she apologized. "It's not your fault..." Lulu was never the best at comforting people, but honestly...She had no clue what to say.

That's when she blinked and realized that she had been hugging Elizabeth and not Anna. Lulu silently cursed herself for not grabbing her glasses. Awkwardly, she apologized to Elizabeth for her switch-up and walked to the other figure and hugged the real Anna. "Uh...geez..Y'know what..I apologize to both of you..This is just a terrible situation," Lulu mumbled.

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December 19th, 2008, 11:40 pm #50

The crying, the apologizing, it was all coming to fast for Elizabeth.

While everyone was getting things off their chest, thoughts swam in her head. They were still in this twisted game, and like it or not, alone they were all weak and vulnerable. Together though, together they could survive. Maybe long enough for Lenny to come and rescue her. Elizabeth was full of anger at the beginning, but she knew the truth.

This game changes you. It changed Lenny, it changed Anna and Lulu, and it changed her.

So she couldn't let her anger control her. She had to accept where she was, and what was going on.

"Listen guys."

Elizabeth moved and planted her feet on the ground, wincing at the pain and immediately bringing herself back up on the table.

"We're three girls, surrounded by a lot of very bad people. You guys may fear my brother, but he's the least of our problems. It's going to get dark real soon outside, and I don't want to play the role of the three defenseless girls. So what do you guys say? We just call it a clean slate and work on survival? If my brother comes for me, which he will, I'll make sure he knows you guys kept me alive. He won't like it, but he'll listen to me. I know he will."

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Anna sighed. It was actually relieving that Elizabeth wasn't looking at them with complete hatred. t was actually calming but... it was all wrong. It was all wrong.

"T-Thank you for understand Elizabeth," Anna replied, "but I don't think you're going to make the situation any better. My lord, even if you do find your brother before he kills us he wouldn't listen to you. He'll kill us for just being there, and he'll tell you that it's because he was afraid that we'll hurt you. I-I'm not saying this to talk badly about your brother... I used to like him alot... but to be honest, he'll kill us if he finds us and he won't listen to you. I mean, if you told him not to kill James do you think he would have listened? I-I really hope he will listen to you, that you're right


This was the part where Madison Conner, the scared girl that had been hiding upstairs for hours on end had finally decided that this was the moment where she was going to make a break for it, where she would make her dramatic escape. She had the whole thing planned in her head. She would just run down the stairs, waving the gun in the air and escape. It all sounded so easy in her head, she didn't think there was anything to stop her. All was going according to plan until she tripped halfway down the staircase, falling face first and rolling all the way down the stairway. Her body fell onto the ground with a loud thump and then (because her luck was just so abysmal) the pistol that she had held so tightly landed square in the side of her head. She yelped loudly, everything in the whole wide world turning red and black and blue and her head hurt so much it didn't hurt at all. She moaned, holding her head with her now pistol-less hand, panting desperately for air.


Madison could hear voices. She could hear loud voices, coming towards her. She was dead but she wished for death. The pain in her head was so sudden, so numbingly painful that it didn't matter what happened next. It didn't matter what happened to her. She couldn't even think clearly, she couldn't move any parts of her body. It was all just so numb. Everything was so damned numb. She couldn't speak, she could barely think.

It... hurts... so much.

Anna was losing her grip. Hours ago she was perfectly fine. Everything was crumbling before her, everything that she's ever built up. It was tearing her brain in half, making her slightly off. No one could blame her for it - it was perfectly fine to be a little off when things are going so wrong but Anna was losing her head. She needed someone to comfort her. The only thing she got was a girl tripping and falling down the stairs. It surprised her so much she shrieked when she heard the scream(was she dead? Anna wasn't sure). After a second to compose herself, she told everyone else the one thing she was thinking.


Anna was shaking. "Lulu... wh-who is that?" She leaned a little forward, eyeballing the body with fear and concern. "D-Do you think he... she's alright? Oh my god, I don't know what I'll do if she's dead! I promised myself I wouldn't let anyone die here! I-I..."

Anna crawled slowly over, getting a better look at Madison. She didn't know who the girl was per se - she saw her in the hallways. Hell, Anna was sure the girl was in her Math class. She always kept to herself, never spoke to anyone else but that Lacus girl. Anna had felt sorry for her then, and she was especially sorry for her now. Madison looked like shit which made plenty of sense because she fell down a fleet of stairs. Anna brushed the hair out of her eyes but the moan that came from the body made her tense up. There was a huge bruise on her forehead, so bad that it made Anna gag slightly.

"Lulu! C-Come over here! This girl can barely open her eyes!" Anna looked over at Elizabeth, frowning so much that it actually made her lips tired. "J-Just sit back down. We'll help you in a second Elizabeth."

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{{OOC: Don't mind me. Just passing through. Also, I hope this isn't GMing Eddie any.}}

{{continued from One Step Forward...}}

Lyn walked slowly down the sidewalk, just a short distance from school. Though classes were out, she was in no hurry to get home. Granted, she'd probably catch hell for being late, but fuck, if it wasn't that then she'd probably catch hell for something else. It seemed like her having been thrown out into the open at school seemed to carry over at home as well. Meryl and Joesph never gave up the opportunity to remind her how much of a disappointment and a waste of space they thought she was. Anthony had found out about her pilfering his comic books, and sure as hell made her pay for it. She wished she could just slip back into obscurity, once again become that person that no one even bothered to look at twice.

Lyn stared up at the sky. It was a nice day, barely a cloud in the sky, and fairly warm, too. It was a nice day to just blank out and forget about things for a while. It was also apparently the kind of day that made her think some rather odd thoughts.

While she wished she could just fade back into obscurity, part of her wondered if she should go the opposite route; embrace the spotlight instead of hide from it. She could actually work hard on her schoolwork, get the A's that she knew she could get if she actually tried. She could stand up to the people who dared to bully her. She could actually try to make some friends for once. She-

"Nice day, isn't it?"

Lyn was snapped out of her little foray into idealism by a familiar voice behind her; a friendly tone on the surface, but just underneath, it was dripping with venom.

Oh shit, no.

It was hard not to recognize the voice of Melina Frost, Southridge's queen bitch, and the bane of every misfit at Southridge High. She already was the target of plenty of bullies around the school, including her own cousin, but this was the last person she wanted to get the attention of. She tried just ignoring her, and continuing on her way, her pace a bit hurried, but she was stopped when a hand reached out and grabbed ahold of her hair, pulling her back.

"Oh, no you don't. Not yet." Lyn felt an intense pain in her scalp as she twisted the handful of hair she had, making her turn around to face her. Melina looked at her the way one would look at a mere plaything, though Lyn wouldn't be surprised if that's the way she saw anyone like her. Just things to amuse herself with. "From what I've heard, our little dyke has managed to stay under the radar up until now. Well, it looks like we're going to have some catching up to do, then." She smiled a sinister, unfriendly smile at her. "Let's just skip the formalities and get right to it. As long as you're at Southridge, you are my property. I'm going to do to you whatever the hell I feel like doing, and you're going to just take it. Are we clear?"

"I have to say I disagree with that." Lyn couldn't stop herself from making some kind of snide comment. Something about Melina just made her want to tell her off, even know she knew she was doing to regret it in a second. "Now how about you go fuck off and spread your legs for the next guy to cross your pa-"

She wasn't able to finish her sentence before the wind was knocked out of her as Melina drove her fist into her abdomen. Hard. Her head span as she wobbled a bit, barely able to keep herself upright, before Melina gave her a little shove, almost as an afterthought, and sent her tumbling to the ground. She could barely move, it hurt so much.

"There's lesson number one. It'd be a good idea to learn it." Melina said as she turned around and walked off. "Don't fuck with me, because I always win."


Lyn trudged quietly through the brush, glancing down at the map every now and then. Even though the sun had set and night had fallen upon the island, the clouds were beginning to clear, and the moon provided enough illumination for her to see by when it broke through the trees. The shock of killing Jimmy had started to subside, and it was a nice night to just forget about things for a while, which she took advantage of as she continued on her way.

It wasn't long before she reached her destination, the storehouse. She shivered as she remembered her experiences the last time she was here, but fortunately this time she didn't have rampant exhaustion and desperation to drag her back down again.

All she had to do was get in, get the ammo, and get out. Simple as that. No reason to stick around any longer than necessary. As she approached the door, she suddenly ducked out of view as she heard voices coming from inside.

Not good. There were still people inside, maybe even the people who fired that gun upstairs last time she was here. It was too dark inside the building to make out much, but the voices sounded hysterical, and she could make out the shapes of three people. She doubted she could move around inside the building unnoticed, and seeing how panicked the occupants were, she didn't want to have to try and reason with them. There had to be SOME way she could get in, get the ammo, and get out without being harassed.

Suddenly, there was a loud yell, and then a crash.


She watched as everyone turned their attention towards the source of the noise. No better time than now... She thought, carefully dropping her bag by the door, keeping her sword in hand just in case as she slowly stepped inside.

It's in the Storehouse, on a corpse hidden behind some boxes. That's what Jimmy said. Too bad there were so many corpses inside that would made it difficult to--wait. She noticed the corner of a pack sticking out from behind a stack of boxes, and walked quickly yet stealthily over to them, hiding out of view as soon as she got there.

Sure enough, there was a dead body to go with that pack. She zipped the pack open a bit and slowly dug around inside, finding a plain white box near the top. Only half of it was uncovered, but enough to make out "COLT PE", "24", and "SPEED" written out in black marker. Opening the side of the box and pulling out it's contents a bit, she was greeted with the metallic glint of the bullets inside.

Got it.

Pulling the box out, Lyn came out from under cover and carefully made her way back towards the door. It was then, though, that her foot caught on something. She looked down to see a dead body, one that definitely wasn't there when she was here earlier, and some kind of string or wire or something that had caught around her ankle that was attached to the dead body. After giving a small kick, the wire came loose, though it was followed by a clattering as something hit the floor, loud enough for anyone who was paying attention to hear.


Lyn bolted out the door, grabbing her pack as she went, whatever hit the floor still making noise behind her until she made it outside. As she made it to the treeline, she passed by a nearby Eddie. "Run!" She yelled as she kept going.

{{continued elsewhere}}

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((What the Llama said.))

((Continued from One Step Forward...))

The moonlight bathed the world in blue. With the clouds receding on the horizon, the clear night sky came into view. The moon and stars shone brighter than Eddie'd ever seen, lighting up the jungle, where the canopy thinned enough to allow it. Between the lush jungle and the heavens that seemed so close you could touch them, if only you tried hard enough, the island was exceptionally beautiful. Eddie didn't notice.

Weaving through the trees, stepping carefully over roots and ducking under branches, the drained student's body drifted on its own, following Lyn. At least Eddie vaguely assumed he was following Lyn. He hadn't been paying much attention. He replayed the incident at the lagoon over and over in his head, wondering if the outcome could have been different. What could he have done to keep anyone from dying.

Breaking through the treeline, Eddie stumbled, Lyn almost knocking him over as she rushed past. "Run!" she advised. Eddie didn't bother to ask why. Instead, he turned, nearly twisted his ankle, and sprinted after Lyn.

((Edward Sullivan continued in The Denial Twist))
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December 26th, 2008, 6:12 pm #54

Lulu listened to what Elizabeth was saying and nodded a few times. A clean slate sounded like a good idea. "Yeah, alright. As long as you really can convince your brother. He's probably really angry at us.." Lulu muttered. She really didn't want to get murdered by Elizabeth's brother.

Lulu turned around and walked back to the general area where she had been sitting before. She crouched down and brushed her hands along the ground, looking for her glasses. She eventually found them and put them on her face. Being able to see was like a breath of fresh air. "I really shouldn't go without these thing for long. Letting them lie around like that isn't good.." she thought to herself.

Lulu walked back over to Anna and Elizabeth. She glanced at Anna. "Well..Elizabeth knows her brother better than we maybe it will all go good if Lenny does show up..We just gotta trust her, I suppose."

Lulu then jumped in surprise as she heard a scream and the sound of something..or was it someone..falling down the steps. She looked over at the steps and prayed to dear god that it wasn't a corpse. But corpses couldn't scream, so Lulu wasn't sure.

She looked over at Anna. "I..I dunno..I ..I think we should go see if..she's okay..I'm sure she isn't..dead," Lulu said, stuttering a little. She was all frazzled. Lulu walked closer and noticed the bruise. "That's..horrible..Is she okay? Helloo?"

Lulu was so preoccupied with the finding of Madison that she hadn't noticed that another girl had entered the building, until something hit the floor and clattered. Lulu looked over in surprise, over to where Liam's body was. It surprised Lulu that the sight of his corpse didn't make her disgusted, but then again...that wasn't what she was focused on. She had just managed to miss the girl running outside, so she only saw the open door. "Wh..What was that..?" Lulu asked slowly, her face getting pale. "Oh my god, this place is haunted!!" Only Lulu would be afraid of ghosts when there was an island full of weapon-wielding classmates.

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January 3rd, 2009, 1:49 am #55

Elizabeth wanted to leave now.

Not just now, but she shoula been gone twenty minutes ago. There was commotion, and it appeared that there were other people inside this place. Haunted, maybe like Lulu said. Though Elizabeth knew it was probably other students. She knew this by the girl that came in and collapsed in front of them.

Elizabeth, still sitting up looked over at Anna and the girl on the floor. Elizabeth looked back at Lulu and then said, "Guys, not to be a knit picker or anything but I think you need to figure out what's wrong with that girl, and fast. We shouldn't stay here any longer."

Elizabeth looked around, half expecting someone to come in and shoot them up.

No, that would be to nice. To easy. Elizabeth felt immobile, she was wounded, and she wouldn't win any foot races. She was like that guy off of Jurassic Park. What was his name? The smart guy who broke his leg early on. He spent the rest of the movie sitting on some table, giving people directions. Or in the back of a jeep, helpless as his life was entrusted to the drivers as they sped away from the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

She was that guy.

Anna and Lulu were her drivers.

She really wanted that girl who collapsed to be ok, but the truth was that they either needed to make this place really safe really fast, or get the hell out of dodge.

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January 4th, 2009, 1:03 am #56

Wh-What happened?

Madison couldn't remember a thing. Where was she? Why was she on the floor? She didn't know... the last thing she could remember... was when she was hiding a chainsaw into a box on the upstairs of the storehouse. What was it? What happened? She felt so numb. There were these two people hovering over her. Who were they? Did they kill her? No, she was still alive. Well, maybe this was hell. Purgatory? Maybe there was nothing afterwards and she was someone else. Or something. What the hell was happening? Someone was talking to her. What the hell was she saying? What was she thinking? Everything was so confusing. Everything was a blur. She felt so nauseous.


Anna stared at the girl. "Are you alright?"

I don't know. I don't know at all... who are you?

The girl didn't say anything, but just let out another loud moan. This made Anna a little more worried - after all if she couldn't answer an easy question as "Are you alright" then there must be something wrong. Anna had made sure to check to see if all of her bones were in the right place so it must be something internally. She was no doctor so she had no evidence to back this up but Anna still guessed.

She turned her head to Lulu with a look of concern. "I think she may have a concussion, I'm not sure. She fell down a good number of stairs, that might have done the trick. Certainly could be considered the cause..." She sighed. "I swear, all she had to do was walk slowly downstairs. Poor thing didn't have to come running down. Lulu? Do you know if we have any ice? Ohh... that's right. Even if we had some it would have melted..."

How could one treat a concussion? Her cousin had one when they were playing once. She had been eight at the time and she had been so scared that day, so frozen stiff. She wasn't like that now, certainly not. Now she knew what was wrong. The real problem was that she had no idea how to make things right, and that made her feel less than useful. Then again when was she ever called upon to know how to treat a concussion? Only once, and even then her memory of that was blurry at best.

Ahh... what's going on? What's going on?

"A-Am I alright?"

For once the girl spoke, and her voice was filled with a hollow tone that Anna had never heard of before. Maybe this is what people sound like when they can't feel anything in their heads because there's so much pain...

"Yes... Yes, I think your fine." Anna said this with a smile.

The girl's head turned to look at something but not at Anna. "Am I alright?"

"I think you may have a concussion..." how the hell were you supposed to talk to someone who didn't look like they had enough energy to listen? "I'm not sure, just hold still..."

"A-Am... alright..."

Anna looked up, rolling her eyes. "Now that I think about it... I don't know whether to just write it off as her faking it. I just don't know, she seems dazed to me-"

This had to be the exact moment when Lulu screamed. Under most normal circumstances Anna would have kept her calm. She never believed in ghosts and such nonsense, and she had no reason to believe in them now. But at that moment Anna was completely on edge and the scream that followed made her shriek loudly as well. The girl laying on the floor didn't seem to take any notice about what was going on around her, and just shifted on the floor.

"L-Lulu... don't scare me like that." She shot her an angry glance, looking back down at the girl. At that moment Elizabeth made a statement about leaving. Anna didn't like the idea of moving but... she couldn't think of any reason to stay. Maybe there was someone else upstairs. The thought of someone coming down was scary beyond all belief. "I actually think you're right. We should leave... who knows when the announcement will come around."

Anna looked down at the girl, taking her by the arm. "C'mon, get up. We're leaving." Now she wasn't playing around. It's very hard to get someone off the ground when they themselves won't move an inch to get up themselves. Her eyes were open but she didn't move an inch. She sighed, tugging on her arm. "Get up... please?!"

Don't touch me... l-let go of me...

She sighed, looking over at Lulu. "Lulu, could you be a dear and help me get this girl onto her feet?"

W...Why do I feel so numb? Soo.... numb...

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January 6th, 2009, 8:24 pm #57

Lulu nodded at Elizabeth. She was right. Too much commotion had taken place here. Anna's yelling, Liam's yelling, Madison's scream and fall...and then Lulu's scream about the ghost, which inevitably led to Anna screaming...Not to mention that thing that just fell to the floor and clattered. No doubt that it was moved by a ghost. The angry ghosts of the students that haunted this island.

Lulu shook her head at these thoughts. Ghosts were not her problem right now. "Yeah..I think we should leave soon too.." she mumbled, shifting from one foot to the other. She was a little on edge.

Lulu turned her attention back to the injured girl lying on the floor in front of them. Anna thought that the girl might have a concussion, which seemed entirely possible, assuming from that bruise on her head. But none of them were certified doctors, so they could only assume that the girl had a concussion. This probably wasn't going to turn out good.

She blinked when Anna asked about the ice. "Sure Anna, I have some ice right here in my pocket. Go ahead, take it," she thought to herself. Of course she had no ice! Why would Anna ask? Then Lulu reminded herself that it was Anna. " ice around here..Oh and I think concussions are just treated with a lot of rest or something..but we don't exactly have time to be lounging around.." Lulu thought she had read that somewhere on the internet. Then again, she could be wrong.

Finally the girl spoke, which was a relief. Even though the only thing she seemed to be able to say was 'Am I alright?' it was something at least. Although Lulu didn't think she looked alright at all. She looked horrible and the bruise on her head was a giant indication.

"I dunno Anna..I don't think she's faking it..but we can't leave her here. We'll..we'll have to take her with us for now," she reasoned, brushing her hair off of her shoulder.

Anna was also in agreement about leaving. Lulu watched as she attempted to help the concussed girl to her feet. "Wait what? You want me to help..?" Lulu asked. This reminded her of when they had moved Elizabeth. It had been a painstaking task and it hurt her back a lot. "I'll try..Not promising anything though.." Lulu grabbed the girl's other arm and tried pulling her into a standing position. "Nnggh..rggh.." "I hope I don't rip her arm off."

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January 7th, 2009, 7:36 pm #58

Elizabeth watched as both girls tried to help the other girl up. Elizabeth's mind was racing, as she kept expecting someone to come in and finish them up. Though, what came was equally as disturbing. It was the morning announcements. Like clockwork, it was here, and Elizabeth listened intently.

The list of names was long, but Elizabeth was only listening for once name.

Lenny Priestly.

He was still alive.

She smiled and in her mind, thanked god or whoever was watching over him. Her brother was still alive. He was still looking for her. The danger zones were announced, and the urgency to leave the storehouse became even more.

"Danger zone...we need to move!"

Elizabeth swung her legs over, and hoped to stand up, and she felt a sharp pain in her leg and side as she put pressure on her leg. She didn't expect this to be easy. Though they had to move, and they had to move fast.

"Where are we going to go?"

Elizabeth hobbled over towards the door and knew she needed some sort of cane or something. She couldn't worry about it now though. She hoped Anna and Lulu could help the other girl and they could all get the hell out of dodge.

"Let's move!"

((Elizabeth Priestly continued elsewhere))

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January 8th, 2009, 4:39 pm #59


Anna and Lulu got out of there right after Elizabeth. Madison felt sick as they dragged her all the way out of harm's way.

(Continued elsewhere...)

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January 8th, 2009, 11:43 pm #60

Lulu paused and listened to the announcements. It was a good chunk of her classmates. The people that she had known for years. Now dead. It was a horrible thought, but she realized that in a way, she was kind of used to it. People dying, that is.

As Lulu glanced over at Elizabeth, she realized that Elizabeth looked almost happy. Probably because Lenny's name wasn't called. In a way, Lulu felt happy for her. It was good news knowing her brother was alive. Was it good news for Lulu? No, not quite. But she wasn't going to rant and curse because Lenny's name didn't appear on some announcements.

But what did appear on the announcements was the danger zones. And the storehouse was one of them. "We'll figure out where we're going once we're out! Come on!"

Lulu helped Anna move Madison out of the storehouse, and the four of them left behind the danger zone.

(Lulu Altaire continued elsewhere)

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