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((Alessio Rigano continued from Rays on Pinion))

Today, he was going to be productive. He would not be let the day end before having done something productive. Homework was done, but instead of checking his subscription box, he just did not open it. What was he going to do that was going to help him in his future? He should write an application for the university.

But, he could something even better. Alessio was feeling creative today.

Massimo was sleeping on the pillow on his bed, the other cats were out of house. Alessio was at his desk.

Riffs, he had riffs in his head. Then, his brain began to add more melodies. And a catchy tune. Now he inserted words to the tune.

He needed to write it down. The melody, the lyrics. Or it would fade away forever and he'd regret it.

Maybe, probably, hopefully valentine's day.

Please, give me your hand
and continue to sing for your band.
The beauty of you will never become lesser
No one's better than you, Van-

"Fuckin' garbage", he mumbled so silently, not even Massimo could hear it. He reread his unfinished text and decided that it was garbage. He wondered how she managed to write good texts. This one was just random, cheesy garbage. He ripped the paper and put it into the trash can. Like, what was he even going to do with it? Sing it to her and what? This was dumb. It was just weird. Writing it was pointless, wasn't it? Good thing he did not actually do it, won't do it. Nobody needed to know it.

Click. PewDiePie.

The swede laughed happily, was successful, probably richer than whole Kingman and was an opposite of him.

However, Alessio wasn't angry or envy, but entertained.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Diaries))