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As each student is dropped off in their respective positions scattered across the island, they are issued a designated daypack. Inside the daypack are essential contents to help ensure the students' survival on the island. So, what has Mr. Danya deemed necessary for your survival this go-around? Within the kit, many things have been granted you for your own personal use. Here, you'll be given a run-down of each item, along with the purpose they'll serve in helping to aid (or for some of you, hinder) your survival.

Each of you have been designated the same amount of rations, which are considerably more generous than in previous versions. Each of you have been issued two loaves of bread, two tins of crackers, ten high-energy survival ration food bars and four bottles of water. The island you all will be playing the game on this time around has been abandoned for years, so rations will be sparse. Your best bet, if you're running low on rations, would be to hunt and kill wild animals, or turn to cannibalism, whatever helps you sleep at night.

Map and Compass.
We wouldn't want you running into a danger zone or anything like that, now would we? Bigger, gorier kills mean bigger, better ratings. SOTF Island is supposed to be a slaughterhouse, killing is the name of the game, and to play the game properly, you need to know where you're going. Therefore, Mr. Danya has kindly provided you all with maps of the island and compasses to help you get from Point A to Point B -- and hopefully kill Guy C in between!

Designated Weapon and Instruction Manual.
Note that you'll only be receiving an instruction manual if your weapon warrants it. If you don't know how to effectively use a knife, you're on your own. Designated weapon varies via daypack, and they have, apparently, been randomly assigned to you by Mr. Danya himself. Weapons range from slinkies to guns and all things in between, so perhaps you'll get lucky. Chance is the name of this game, and Mr. Danya doesn't play favorites, I'm afraid.

Although the island has electricity still connected in select locations, you'd be a lot better off using a flashlight. Doesn't attract as much unwanted attention, if you catch my drift. Not to mention, not everyone will hole up in a house and attempt to wait out the game (it's futile anyway, you really shouldn't bother). This flashlight should come in handy if you plan on roaming the dark, dark woods at night.

Mr. Danya's Guide to Survival.
Mr. Danya has been kind enough to give you a survival guide written by himself! It's a variation of the student handbook from the original SOTF, albeit with a few select differences. You'd do well to read through this booklet and take the content within to heart. Remember, children, fight with gusto, and play for keeps! Do unto others, just make sure you make it stick!

Extra Dufflebag.
The students of Bayview Secondary were abducted on their way to their end-of-the-year camping trip, so they'll have their dufflebags from the trip. All the students' extra bags have been rummaged through, and personal belongings that could cause problems down the line (read: extra weapons, laptop computers, pen and paper etc.) have been confiscated. You've been allowed to keep the clothing stored away in your bag and any food or candy you might have brought along for the trip.

The First Aid Kit.
Blood, pain, drama, the futility and sheer helplessness of watching a friend bleed to death before your very eyes... it makes for quite the heartwrenching scene, doesn't it? We want you all to die, but we want to watch you suffer a bit. Tragedy's such a wonderful genre. Therefore, Mr. Danya has supplied every student with a standard Red Cross issued first aid kit. The first aid kit contains the following:
[+] spoiler
First Aid Kit: This is a standard, fully-stocked first aid kit. Details on components may be found here. The kit is an olive green box, made of metal. It contains:
-Pocket mask
-Face shield
-Adhesive bandages, including knuckle bandages
-Sterile dressings
-Non-Adhesive bandages (varying lengths and widths, not guaranteed sterile)
-Butterfly closure strips
-Saline solution
-Antiseptic wipes
-Burn dressing
-Hypoallergenic adhesive tape
-Surgical mask
-Alcohol pads
-Hand sanitizer
-Emergency blanket
-Oral rehydration salts
-Aloe gel
-Burn relief gel
-Tincture of benzoin
-Anti-fungal cream