David Groves

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Name: David Groves
Position: Music Teacher
Gender: Male
Age: 28

Appearance: Standing at 6'0” and weighing 167 lbs, Mr. Groves is a rather average looking man, neither too tall nor too fat. His defining characteristics are his totally bald head and his large ears. Aside from that, his face is very plain, and it's only his distinctive hairstyle combined with his relative youth that lets him be easily recognizable.

Mr. Groves prefers to wear casual shirts or polo shirts and plain trousers varying in color from cream to black.

Biography/Personality: Mr. Groves never put much thought into becoming a teacher as a young man, but after getting a summer job looking after kids at a music camp he found himself drawn to the profession. He finished his music degree and quickly enrolled in a teaching course, discovering a real fondness for helping aspiring musicians hone their talents. His job at Cochise High is only his second, but he's enjoyed his time at the school and has performed well. Mr. Groves has a complicated relationship with the student body. The students that are only in music to get the credits find him harsh and demanding, while those that have a passion for music find his shared passion for the subject invigorating and his teaching style to be focused around challenging and nurturing his students so that they can achieve as much as possible.