Daddy Long Legs and Dead Things

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(Jesse Jennings continued from Pianificazione)


You open the door, only then thinking that you should maybe be a bit worried about the smell, and then it bangs against Natali Greer's dead body and holy shit.


Jesse stopped, halfway through the door, and stared down at the girl.

Gee, and he'd only taken off from Brianna and Chris for a minute cause he needed to piss. Plus, sure, he wanted to take a quick look at the amusement park; you know, check out the roller coaster and shit, and when he saw the control shack well it surely wouldn't hurt to see if anything was still operational and then whammo. Dead girl.

And you know that feeling you get when you've been thinking something and running it all round in your head and then suddenly the opportunity to enact that thinking is right in front of you but you can't put it into action yet? Those fucking colliding thoughts in your head that cause a cold sweat to form on your skin and you think it might be fear but, no it's just excitement and frustration because it's not yet possible.

Because Jesse was still with his posse, and he was still going along with Brianna's "no crazy shit" modus operendi for now, but fuck girl, this was Survival of the Fittest. You NEEDED the crazy shit.

One more day. One more day of pointless wandering, he thought. Then they'd be ready.

Then they could come back. Back to where they knew there was at least one body in an out of the way place. It wasn't like Jesse could do what he needed to do yet anyways. He still needed something a hell of a lot better than an ice skate, for starters.

Jesse dropped down to his hands and knees, and leaned forward, cautiously. He bent his ear over Natali's neck, holding it there.

There was no sound. OK. One more thing he didn't know before.

He got up, and gazed around the cabin. The control panel had long since been taken out of commission, any wires or electric stuff removed. He nudged at what little debris was left in a corner with his toe, then bent down and grabbed what could have been a chair leg. Didn't matter what it was, so long as it gave him some reach.

"Alright. Uh, sorry bout this."

Stepping back, Jesse held the leg in one hand. He thrust it downward.

Poke. Poke. Gingerly. Nothing.

Then a bit harder. Still nothing.

Finally, he breathed deeply, smiled in spite of himself, and gave the leg an actual swing.

It banged against Natali's collar, Jesse backpedaled like his ass was on fire, and still nothing.

Oh yeah. He was definitely going to be back. Jesse grabbed Natali's bag, and took off. He'd go through it for stuff once he met back up with the others.

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