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[[Fiyori Senay, continued from My Friends Are Assholes]]

"Where'd you get that thing from?"

"What thing?"

"That thing."

"This? From the kitchen."

"No, you dumbass, the other thing."

Birikti Senay. A tall-standing woman, a low-end chef, a cold-hearted wife. But worst of all, Fiyori Senay's mother. A breathing puzzle, got married to an English teacher and the only word she ever uses for things is... well, thing!

Fiyori munched on her banana. Her mother, she liked to pretend that Fiyori could read her mind. Or maybe she figured the tone, volume and pitch of her voice would relate accurate information about the fucking thing she meant by thing. Now, Fiyori was in a dilemma. Or maybe a Catch-22. A situation she has found herself in way too often. No clue what the thing was this time. If she guessed, she'd be reprimanded for 'acting dumb'. If she did not, she would be yelled at for 'ignoring' her mother.

A mental coin was flipped.

It landed on the edge?

"I don't know what you mean. Be a bit more precise."

Birikti glared at her daughter, probably collecting energy to Fus Do Rah Fiyori out of the window. To the surprise of everyone, she instead gave a helpful reply.

"That Mario thing. You know, the video game."


Yeah, she still had Darius' game. Mario Kart. He was so busy conceiving a bunch of 3DSlite he forgot that there was a game he was still missing. Fiyori didn't see him since then. She wondered when he figured out she had it. Whether he figured it out. She would've made a bet on it, but there was nobody fun she could reach that afternoon.

"A friend forgot it somewhere. Got a hold of it, giving it back once I see him tomorrow."

That was a creative way of putting it, but she couldn't be truthful with Birikti. Sounded like teenage crap, yeah, but she really couldn't understand Fiyori. Or maybe she could and just didn't gave a damn.

Birikti's anger seemed to dissolve. But so did Fiyori's good mood. Such was family life.

"Alright. Was that so difficult?"


"Now piss off."

[[Fiyori Senay, continued in Tank!]]
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SnoopDommyDommmy: specialist subject in Mastermind is "History of Defecation in Wrestling"

Ruggahissy: We are the law now and our law keeps the streets clean O_O
Kilmarnock: XD Good.
Kilmarnock: Yaaaay for being the law.

Kermit: I asked a kid who had a crush on me. But I pretty much only gave him a hug so I guess that wasn't nice of me
Kermit: My friends said I was rude not to have at least offered him a blow job
Kermit: Apparently that would have been the polite thing to do

SpiralAgnew: Here, have something sad-looking
Bikriki: I must add this to my collection of pics that show people crying.
SpiralAgnew: XD You actually have one of those?
Whirly: I was going to say "Ian, of course he has a collection like that. He's German."

cos frankly the idea of trying to turn all your straight female characters into lesbians amuses me hugely

Uno: You seem excited. did Bambi's mom get reincarnated as a bug you just swatted?

Skraal: would it be correct to say you've sucked on a lot of black ones?
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TtMaR: Better shape, too.
TtMaR: They fit neatly into your mouth,.

Bikriki: My hometown is not a very indication of my personality.
Bikriki: Because as far as I can recall, I am neither ugly nor full of minorites
Bikriki: Though I would not mind the latter.
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Shangela: Facials for the greater good.

Shangela: I work you into climax, what happens afterward is none of my concern.
Wes: Says the world's most detached sexecutioner.


Shangela: Did you stop high school genocide with your cock, Sansa?
Sansa: yes yes i did
Sansa: sunshine and happiness wasn't working so i had to take drastic measures

Wes: Welcome to SotF chat
Wes: Your weekly forecast: Nipples n' butts, if the pattern holds

Ruggawork: Yeah Aloha was a zygot with a keyboard shoved up his mom's uterus

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