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Name: Cody Dorsey
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Mechanics, mathematics, physics, world religions, saxophone (school band).

Appearance: Cody is, at 5'11 and 160 pounds, an average looking boy. He has broad shoulders and toned arms and legs, which contrast with his thinner chest. He has tanned skin, which is usually covered in a smattering of dark brown freckles, especially along his arms and nose. He has narrow, light brown eyes, and a long, flat nose. His sandy-blond hair is always clipped short to keep out of his eyes. His lips are dark, thick, and perpetually chapped. He has a slightly pointed chin, which is covered in a thin layer of peach fuzz.

Cody's dress style is casual, favoring dark blue jeans and work boots. His attire is usually plain, logo-less short sleeved shirts in various shades of green, blue, and red. On colder days, he wears a dark green army jacket, which belonged to his father.

Biography: Cody was born to Stella and Jesse Dorsey, their first child. Jesse was a member of the United States Army, having joined straight after High School, and Stella helped her father, Pete, run a small mechanic shop. When Cody was four, his younger brother, Colin, was born. For the most part, Cody's childhood was uneventful- his parents had no martial problems, their financial status, well not spectacular, was enough to get by on, and they lived a peaceful and happy life.

However, shortly after September 11th, 2001, Jesse was called back into duty, and began a tour in Iraq. Stella was forced to raise the children alone. She wound up bringing both boys into work with her after picking them up from school. Young Cody began to show an interest in cars and mechanics, and both Stella and her father encouraged him. Jesse, who was shot in the leg during his tour, got an honorable discharge from the army, and came back home with a new limp.

Even after his father's homecoming, Cody continued to go to the mechanic's every day. As he got older, Pete began to teach him how to fix cars. Jesse got a desk job as a receptionist for a local businessman, and the family returned mostly to normal.

Cody's relationship with both of his parents was strong. Though they naturally fought, for the most part both of his parents respected him and trusted him, and he, in turn, helped them with work and treated them civilly.

Pete, Cody's grandfather, had a habit of playing rock albums while fixing cars. Cody quickly became a fan of the music, and took a particular liking to Bruce Springsteen. Specifically, Cody was intrigued by the saxophone on the songs. Jesse encouraged Cody to pick up the instrument, thinking that a bit of musical knowledge would be good to round him out. Cody started private lessons at the age of thirteen.

Cody and his brother had a good relationship growing up, but after Cody started High School, things became more strained. Colin became more belligerent and began to step out and rebel against his family. Cody, who had a deep respect for his parents, found Colin's behavior intolerable. As years passed, the two began to only talk when absolutely necessary, otherwise avoiding each other entirely.

In High School, Cody began to translate his love for machines into his subjects. He quickly discovered that he excelled at math and science, and took a particular liking to physics.

Cody learned about the school marching band when he was a sophomore, and decided to drop his private lessons and join up. Although the band only plays marches, Cody still buys sheet music for rock songs, and often states that Clarence Clemmons is his personal hero.

Although he did decently in most of his subjects, Cody had a hard time getting into social studies. He found history to be boring, and was bad at memorizing dates and names. In order to get him more into the subject, his mother suggested he find aspects of it that interested him. Eventually, Cody stumbled upon the study of world religions. He was fascinated by different cultures attempts to explain why the world worked the way it did. Although he personally identified as an atheist, he liked the storytelling and traditions of world religions, and began to study them in earnest.

Overall, Cody is an easy-going, friendly person. He has a large group of friends from various groups all over school (although he's known to hang out with fellow band kids the most). His personal belief is to live in the moment, and he has put little thought in what he plans to do after High School. His grades are mostly B's, although he does get A's in both Math and Science. Although both of his parents want him to go to college, he himself is content taking over the mechanic's from his mother and grandfather. Cody does not hold much status in material wealth and is a very non-judgmental person.

Advantages: Cody is friendly, and can make allies easily. His laid-back nature could keep him calm under stress. He's also intelligent, which could help him work his way out of tricky situations.
Disadvantages: Cody could fail to take the situation at hand as seriously as it needs to be taken, causing him to trust the wrong people or get himself into dangerous places.
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