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Even for someone who had seen what she had seen, who had experienced what she had- the view that lay before Cassie Webber as she approached the wreckage of the open field still left her stunned. Although she had figured she'd be prepared for anything, the site of the crashed helicopter, the blood and gore oozing out from under it (that Cassie could only assume belonged to a former classmate) and the dead body in front of it; a boy Cassie didn't quite recognise, although the state he was in, she'd be surprised if anyone could.

Glancing around for any potential live students, Cassie took tentative steps towards the helicopter remains. It looked like there was no one here- for now, anyway. She was well aware that this was a prime spot for kids 'wanting to go home', or in normal terms, killing the terrorists Danya had unleashed onto the island. She didn't think that many kids would be here, though. The terrorist announcement had been a while ago, and it would only be natural that they'd have moved on by now. Cassie had hoped that most kids would realise that, and had therefore factored the crash site for the safest place for now.

But then was 'safe' what they needed right now? The group 'mission' at present was to find Jeremy, wherever he might be on the island. Nevera and Scott seemed convinced it was the best choice of action, and to a certain extent Cassie agreed with them. However, trawling around the entire island looking for one person was not only extremely difficult, but also left them highly vunerable to running into someone playing. Cassie bit her lip. In any other situation, the choice would be easy. But she wasn't in 'any other situation', she was in a fight for her life; and worse, she had to think about the other three. The others looked to her to make the important descisions, as much as it pained her to admit.

Peering into the dark cabin of the helicopter, Cassie sighed. She hadn't been expecting Jeremy to just be sitting, waiting for them. Nonetheless, it was frustrating not knowing where he was, or even where to start looking. Turning to face the others, she shrugged half heartedly.

"He's not here, guys."

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Nevera had come up shortly behind Cassie. She looked at her surroundings and cocked her head to one side. She had seen so many places of this island in less than a day, maybe even less than that. She thought about all the things that had happened so far, and it seemed that she had been here for what seemed to be years. Reality can play tricks on one's mind when they are lost in turmoil.

She looked over at Scott as a fresh set of tears began to roll down her cheeks. Once again, she fell to her knees as she hid her face in her hands. It wasn't like her to cry like this, especially this much.

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{Coming from ...yeah. See above. ">>}

Drew followed Cassie into the area, and the first thing that struck him as odd was the helicopter crashed in the field. In fact, Drew's thoughts had been something related to this:
God, karma hates me. This is gonna be a great week, I can tell. Shit. ...the hell? A chopper? Why the hell's a chopper in the ground here? And...the hell's around it? What is that, blood? Oh, shit, I'm gonna be sick. And ...who the HELL is that?! Oh, man...don't puke, don't puke, come on, Drew, don't puke. ><

He didn't, thankfully, but was still rather disgusted. I mean, come on. Dead body smashed into a pulp. What's worse? Dead body crushed into almost nothing by a HELICOPTER. Who the HELL landed -crashed- a CHOPPER on a PERSON?! That's pretty damn hard to do. Those things just didn't fall out of the sky, that kid shoulda moved. This was only more proof as to how incredibly screwed up this whole thing was.
And how incredibly sickening it was that they were actually DOING it. There were people participating in the game, like whoever had busted that poor kid up. Looked like some...blunt weapon, too. Oh so pleasant, no? His thoughts returned to how horrid the situation was.

There was nothing graceful in his thoughts, nothing like 'People are falling into their base instincts' or anything. No, it his thoughts were not as lined up and nice as that; his thoughts were stuck in his own base emotions. Disgust at students actually killing students. He'd pointed a gun at someone, so he was a perfect example. Not to say Drew was a hypocrite, he'd never had any intention to shoot them.
...had he?

He shook his head. This was as much a psychological test as a physical test in every sense. And it was sickening in how well it was working.

As Cassie spoke, he shook his head. Well, great. And they were in an open field, too. Well, relatively open. Agh. ><

Seeing nothing better to do, Drew moved over to the chopper. Away from the body, away from the blood-soaked ground around it, but he was still moving to the chopper. Opposite side from all that crap. x.x; Then, he simply leaned against it. Right now, there was one large problem on his mind.
To sit or not to sit.

The problem of the Island had taken a back seat. If he kept thinking about it, he'd snap.

"We...may want to get out of this field, then," he offered, not sure what everyone else wanted to do. Bugging out could be good (Yay! Cover! Won't get SHOT so easily!), but if they stayed, this other guy just may show up. And five was a better number for defense than four. ...a trustworthy five, I mean.
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"Cover, yeah." Cassie murmured distractedly. As vile and disgusting as it was, she couldn't help but keep her gaze fixated on the... the mess that was her former classmate. It was morbid, but she found she couldn't pull her gaze away.

Jeremy wasn't here. He was somewhere that wasn't with them. He'd gone.

Blood... there was so much blood.

"And that'll be you..." she kept her voice just above a mumble.


"Cassie? Sweetie? Come out, please Cassie. I'd like to ta-"

The door was flung open and Cassie stood, defiant and angry.

"Come on then Mom, let's talk. Let's hear the theraputic speech."

Cassie's mother bit her lip tentatively. "Cassie..."

"Are all people like this?" Her voice was demanding; it was almost an order. "Just when you think you've got an attatchment, a connection... they just leave. Do they all leave?"

"Cassie, sweetie..."

"I don't want you to CODDLE ME!" Cassie was shouting now. "I'd go to see that fucking quack psychologist if a hug and some chocolate was what I needed!"

Mrs Webber blinked. "Cassie, please don't swear-"

But the door had been slammed shut once more. Cassie didn't want to hear any more. You couldn't put your trust in anyone, they'd just take it and hurt you.


All of that way of thinking had been buried in Cassie's subconscious; months of therapy had helped her on the way to recovery. But it all came rushing back... the game had that effect on people.

They'll just leave... they'll hurt you. But it won't matter as long as you hurt them first...

"Hurt them first," she mumbled. Looking back up around the group, she eyed every one of them carefully. They'd hurt her, unless she hurt them first. This wasn't a class trip, this wasn't an expedition; this was Survival of the Fittest. Whatever she'd believed before, whatever she'd hoped for- it was all a delusion. It was all wishful thinking. There wasn't room for a group of friends- this game drove them apart. There was one winner. One.

Basic subtraction- four minus three...

"Drew's right, we should go somewhere else. Jeremy's not here, and standing here's not gonna help us find him. We should go."

Just before turning off, she looked at the baton in her hand. Holding it up, she addressed the group.

"Since I'm sort of the leader, and I'm sort of going into the fray, into the thick of things, so to speak, would anyone mind if I swapped weapons with them? I don't fancy coming up against a huge guy with a shotgun with only a baton to defend us..."

They looked to her as the group 'leader'? That would prove to be a mistake indeed. A fatal one? Perhaps.

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Was she their leader? No. She wasnt, she was just another paranoid girl lucky enough to be thrown into this mess and let her thoughts run wild. All the time they had been here he had just been sitting on some debre from the crash, Staring constantly at the mashed up corpse that lay on the grass.

Icould of done that, that could of been jeremy. If he didnt knock seven shades of shit out of me i could of beat him to death....Fuck

His thoughts were also running wild, What he could have so easily turned into if jeremy and nev had'nt helped him out. He could be out roaming the island with maybe a dozen kills to his name, All the people with there own life's, family and friends, Just turned into cold messy corpses thanks to him. But that wasnt the case, he'd chosen the path of the 'hero' And was now roaming the island looking for someone he barely knew. He barely knew these people as it were, yeah he saw them in the school corridors once in a while but no more than a smile was thrown there way.

He looked up as cassie spoke about swapping weapons, Not really the best thing anyway one could do here, Give away there weapon that is, especially if its a gun for a baton.

He looked around the area, His weapon was gone, not that it was any good anyway and now was the time to get a new one.
He kicked a sheet of metal aside, A large metallic thud echoed through the helicopter. He reached down and picked up a pole, Maybe two and a half foot long? It would do, untill he died or found something better.

"This is my weapon." He said rasing and lowering the pole quickly. "Not really a good swap is it?"

He looked over at drew, He had the gun and therefore the best swap, If he gave that one up....well he didnt know what would happen but the girl was damn sure getting paranoid.

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Drew watched as the other guy of the group went inside the helicopter, and as that boy found his 'weapon,' Drew found himself unconsciously tracing a finger along the pistol's grip. He didn't even know why. Hell, he didn't know he was doing it. The only thing he knew was that he was being asked to trade a pistol for a beating stick.

Her argument seemed logical enough. She had been the one leading, right? She'd been on point position, and point was one of the more obviously dangerous areas to be. Thinking logically, Drew should have handed the gun to her with a big grin on his face.

Drew was not thinking logically.

His thoughts were disturbingly like Cassie's, in the fact that he knew the others could strike at him. He had not gone so far, however, to think about a preemptive strike. However, he did think that the idea could have crossed her mind. Which immediately shot down any chance of him so much as taking the gun out, much less handing it to her.

His finger came off the grip, and then his whole arm hung at his side.

"I', take point, in that case," he offered, wholly serious. While taking point didn't thrill him, being killed by someone who you didn't know would be quite a bit less traumatic than Cassie turning around and shooting him in the head.

Not like Drew was actually thinking of it in that way. In all truth, he was only thinking about making sure he was secure. Drew only trusted himself with the pistol. Not either girl, not the guy, none of them. There was only one person in the world (well, two) that he'd trust with a gun in this situation. One was in Michigan, the other was in Arizona. That settled that, as far as Drew was concerned.

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Nevera sighed as she wiped away her tears. She hate crying adn making herself a burden. She hid her face from the others till the tears had all been drained. With a slight wipe and quick half turn, she faced Drew with a half smile.

"We must press onward for our cause." She said boldly. She turned her gaze to Scott and then to Cassie. "We must prevail and all survive this horror!"

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Cassie looked plainly at Drew.

"No... I really think I should lead. Come on, give me the gun," she took a step towards him, holding her hand out.

Get them before they get you. That was all that mattered. People had already died because they were fools, or just unlucky. She had avoided death's grasp once before, and she knew she could do it again.

She had to.

She bit her lip. Drew hadn't said anything, but was looking quite uncomfortable.

Cassie... what are you doing. These people are your friends...

"Come on, Drew, don't make me take it from you," she said, taking another step forward, a maniacal glint in her eye.

But that was just the thing about this game. It destroyed everything, like a poison - there was no room for friends or trust in this game. Both just ended with death.

She had realised that now, and she had to act before it was too late.

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Nevera blinked as she heard Cassie. "What?"

She wasn't sure of who the leader was gonna be. but in all seriousness, she didn't want to have a leader. What if the leader were to turn against them. Nev sighed and walked up to Scott and tugged at his arm.

"Scott, we have to stop them! No one can lead us! We must all work together!"

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Come on, give me the gun.

...don't make me take it from you.

Drew took a step back, her words echoing in his mind. His finger was back to tracing the grip of his pistol, but instead it was joined by his middle finger. And ring finger. He didn't like being approached, not in this way, not about a firearm.

He searched her eyes for clues. His books had always 'informed' him of how much of a give-away the eyes were, if you could manage to read them. He wasn't able to, not well. But he caught something that scared him. A glint, a something in her eyes, and it frightened him.

He took two very wide, very slow steps backward. Followed by two slightly shorter, yet faster steps backward. He made sure she was quite far away. Outside of whatever distance he judged to be lunging distance.

Which, thanks to his slight paranoia inflaming at her actions, was quite far.

"Cassie...I'll lead. I'm more...expendable, I'm not as good with snap decisions. The true leader goes in the middle," he said, both using his knowledge from books and a lie in the same sentence, though covering up the lie with a solid, sure voice.
Like hell I'm expendable. This wasn't a military operation or anything. Everyone was just as expendable as everyone else.

And that was the horror of the situation.

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He couldent beleive, They were making the same mistake as he did. They were giving into to paranoia, and we all know what that does to a person. He knew nothing of the two, But they must have some sort of trusting relationship if they were traveling together, I mean why would you walk around with someone who could potential bash your brains skull in?

He crouched down, His head placed in both his hands and his fingers pushing his hair back. He listened to nev and completely disagreed with her. Of course they could help but if they did it could mean two shiney bullets being lodged into both of their hearts, Better yet He himself might just give in and murder the two, And if he murders them why not just murder nev? It would take away the responsibility of protecting her.

Why oh why must we go through this shit?

They had to because they had no fucking choice. Everyone was falling in love with the game and once that happened you could just let it go.
His nails started to dig into his forehead. He hardly felt the pain, The despair and frustration was too overwhealming.

His head sharply turned up to face them, He grabbed the pole and stood up. The pole was swung into the side of the helicopter and a deafening metallic echo run through the feild.

"What the fuck are we doing here? cant we trust each other with the weapons? Fuck, i had nothing and still i trusted drew on the offchance that he would be kind enough to let me live."
His head swung downwards, Looking to the floor, His arms held laxily by his side. He calmed down slightly now
"Fuck sake, wouldent it be best if we just all calmed down and worked this out together? I dont know any of you at all but id rather have you all live than murder each other in front of me"

He shook his head. He turned and leaned on the side of the chopper, His back slowly slid down it, He lent his arms on his knee's, the weapon held loosely in his hand.

"Just a little trust.......Thats all i ask"

Trust is easy to say, But a fuck load harder to do, especially in these type circumstances.
It would probally be best if he and nev just set of on their own again.

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The metallic clang got her attention and she turned around to face Scott. Maybe it was a good thing, as well; despite the fact that Drew had made a considerable distance between them, she was still prepared to do anything to get the gun.

"Trust?" Cassie repeated, not troubling to keep the derisive tone out of her voice. "We've got to trust each other?"

She laughed, swinging her baton idly in her hand. The old Cassie - the Cassie who had been excited to come on the trip, the Cassie who was looking forward to spending time with her friends... the Cassie who had sworn she could never lose to this game, the Cassie who had been so sure she'd rather die than hurt anyone, she'd gone somewhere and she couldn't come back.

Hurt them before they hurt you...

Still looking at Scott, she threw up her baton lightly and caught it again as she spoke.

"You don't TRUST. There's no room for it. You see that?" she jerked her head towards the mess that was formerly Amber Philips. "You wanna end up like that? You're going the right way about it."

Obviously she had all gotten their attention.

"You trust no one. Where's trust going to get you? There's only room for one winner... I don't know how you two've figured out the end to be like... but two's just not gonna cut it."

She threw up her baton slightly higher this time and caught it in the middle, before looking around at the group.

"You trust, you die. You play the game... you've got some chance of getting off this island alive. If you guys wanna bury your heads in the sand, then that's fine... but I know the game for what it really is, and I've made my decision. I'm playing to win."

She grinned as she finished her little speech.

"And if you guys wanna run, now would be a good time."

The baton may not have been the most threatening of weapons... but the enormity of Cassie's sudden transformation was what was most worrying of all.

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Cue another step back. And another. He took steps to the side as well, positioning himself beside Scott. Not behind, certainly not in front, but just beside him. It was surreal. The boy he'd almost shot was backing him up, in a way.

The clange of metal against metal had hurt his ears, yes, but he ignored it. A baton up against the head would hurt a lot more. One against the neck would be worse.

As Cassie finished her speech, his hand finally grasped his handgun. It shook lightly, and he began to pull it out. The muzzle cleared his pants, and his elbow bent. I can't...fucking believe...I'm doing... The gun was clearly shaking, his knuckles white around the black grip. From his closer position, and the fact that this was now the second time he saw it like this, Scott should be able to tell that Drew was not doing this out of want.

His arm came up, the gun aiming in Cassie's general direction. Drew would never be able to relax around her again, never be able to trust her. He...he thought he trusted Scott. Scott seemed to trust him.
Cassie was now the one on the wrong end. Just hours ago, it'd been Nev and Scott. But they'd cleared themselves.

In Drew's mind, Cassie's words had forever destroyed his ability to trust her.

"I'm...," he began, swallowing hard, "...going to worry about the end...when I get there, and n-no sooner." Drew swallowed again, his eyes going between his weapon and her. His finger, he realized, was inside the trigger guard. It was resting against the, it wasn't resting. It was ready.

He couldn't believe himself. But he had to continue. This was no longer for himself, but for the others. He had the gun. He had to protect them. He'd worry about the end at the end.

With a final gulp, and a muffled curse, Drew spoke his final words. He was doing, what he and Tobs called, 'the Atheist equivalent to prayer,' in his mind. Praying that she would not do anything stupid, praying his finger would not have to move back, what, two centimetres? One?

"I'm...we're," he spoke for the others now, "...not going to run...if you want to play, you..." He paused, collecting his wits. He couldn't believe he was saying this.

"If you want to play, you run." His voice was steady, calm, secure. It held no threat, no indication that the second she turned he'd pull the trigger. He probably wouldn't. But it also held a tone that one didn't argue with. The 'don't test me' tone.

That's...that's all it really is. Pull my finger centimetre...and this all ends. All of it. It's so easy...dammit, why can't I just DO IT?!

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Nevera looked at Scott and then from Drew to Cassie. She held her head as the noise got to her.

"STOP IT!" She cried as she fell to her knees. "Stop this bickering! It's not going to get us anywhere, maybe we should have never met up, maybe we should all just seperate! Me and Scott, I dunno if I can even trust him! He did leave this scar on my forehead!" She pointed her finger at Cassie. "You have been falsely trusting Drew and him the same to you!"

She really just couldn't take it anymore. She stood, gathered her bag and staff, and began to run off away from the others. "If you can't trust each other, then why should I trust any of you!"

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He would have to find a new strategy. Cassie's words about trust were correct in some sense, You need to find the right people to trust, and that could take forever to find that person, It's like finding your friggen soulmate, you search and search and in the end you wind up with some bitch who goes behind your back and sleeps with anything that isnt you.

Drew was also right, if she wanted to play then she'd better run, she wasnt in no position to fuck around with any of them. It would be three on one and there side had a gun.

"Im not fucking around anymore!" He spoke up "You want to play? Im fucking game, Im not going to stand around anymore and watch everyone else do all the work." He Stood up and walked closer to cassie, He was just in her reach, If she could be bothered to lunge that far, but she was playing now, anything was to be expected from her.
"....So, YOU, Better get out of here"

He looked at her with a cold stare, Anyone could see that the pressure was getting to him, especially cassie. He tightened his grip around the shoddy pole that he called a weapon.
Yes, He was damn nervous but he couldent let that show. Not now.

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Cassie raised her eyebrows as both Drew and Scott threatened her.

"Whatever happened to chivalry, guys?" she said lazily.

Dangling her baton idly in her hand, she smiled at both of them. It wasn't a false smile, it wasn't a smile she had to put on for the good of the group- because there was no 'group' anymore. Cassie would probably never experience being in a group ever again, at least not in the friendship sense of the word.

Weighing up her options in her mind, she knew that realistically, there was only one thing she could do. While she would have quite happily tried to take on Scott, there was no way she could do it with Drew pointing a gun in her direction. She had no idea how volatile he was, whether he would be willing enough to pull the trigger... and who was she to test her luck?

She took a step backwards, away from Scott, still smiling.

"Fine, have it your way. I'm out of here." she shrugged, turning around. "It was fun hanging out with you guys while it lasted."

She made to walk away before glancing back behind her. Drew hadn't shot at her yet, which was good.

"Although I expect I'll be seeing you guys later. Just need to get rid of some more of the competition," she smirked and turned around.

((she's not quite gone yet))

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Nevera kept on running until she was out of site. She fell to her knees and gaasped for breath as she held a fist to her chest. "I will search for him by myself!" She stood again, but very wobbly and started walking at a quick pace.

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At her comment about chivalry, he wasn't sure whether the feeling rising in his chest was guilt or anger. He felt like yelling something like 'Chivalry?! Chivalry would have us kill you so you didn't suffer!' And he almost did, in fact.

As she spoke, he bristled. Was this what it felt like to be used, and not know it? His finger tightened unconsciously on the trigger. As she turned, he was almost ready to lower the gun.

Just need to get rid of some more of the competition.

It was either his human beliefs had made him, his mind had just snapped, or it was a total accident, but what happened next was obvious. The gun, aimed at Cassie's back, bucked in Drew's palm. At the same time, a loud, treble-filled crack. Like a trumpet, or a snare drum; fast and hard, the sound was there and then it was gone. There was a flash from the gun, and then Drew stood motionless as his mind processed the event.

Dude. You just...shot a gun. At someone. Was that on purpose?

He was shocked enough that he didn't actually look at the girl he'd shot at. In fact, his arms shook now.

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The bullet pierced through her right shoulder. Perhaps if she had been closer to Drew, it could have been a lot more serious- still, that's not saying that a gunshot to the shoulder wasn't serious, and Cassie certainly felt the seriousness of the wound as she screamed out in pain. Blood spurted out in front of her and she dropped her baton, falling to her knees and desperately clutching at her shoulder. It didn't take her hand long to become emersed in blood and she looked behind her to see Drew with his arm raised, the gun pointing at her.

He'd shot her. He'd actually shot her.

Hurt them before they hurt you? You didn't hurt them, and you paid for it.

He'd actually shot her. She hadn't figured any of them would be willing to hurt another person, seeing as they'd spent some time together Cassie had figured she knew them somewhat- another mistake. She had inadvertantly trusted in them. They'd betrayed her trust.


Pushing herself back onto her feet with one hand, the other still clutching at her wound, she turned around, bending back down slightly to pick up her baton.

"You actually sh-shot me," she said, trying to bite back the pain emitting from her shoulder.

Blood spilled out from under her hand as she tried her best not to look at it. The last thing she needed was to pass out in the presence of a potential murderer.

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As she turned, and Drew saw the blood rushing from her shoulder, his eyes grew wide. Quite wide. Wide enough to look like a bullet could go right through his pupil and completely miss the iris. They focused on the wound, and a rather odd thought shot through his mind. Something relating to how much that must hurt, and it looking worse than he imagined it in the books.

As she spoke, he swallowed hard. The, statement seemed to hit him hard, but something deep in his mind spoke to him. Something born from the natural instinct in humans to protect themselves.

Finish the job. Do it. Pull your finger back two centimetres over and over. That's all. You're safe then, and you saved your friends. Do. It.

Drew's gun hand shook, the weapon twisting around. He tried to calm himself. Nothing worked. Deep breath, deep breath, no dice. Then, finally.

The gun bucked once more, and a bullet sailed out for Cassie. It was badly aimed, but Drew was shaking after all. The oddest thing was that...well, after the bullet left the gun, Drew's hand was calmed; it stopped shaking right when he'd felt the jump of the pistol. As if the fact that he was now taking charge of the situation was all he'd needed to know to calm himself.

His steady hands settled the gun back down to Cassie's gut and he pulled the trigger another time. Three times. Four, five, six, it was as if he'd lost a bit of control. Like a man at a bar. The more that man drank, the more he wanted to drink more. The more shots he had, the more he ordered to have. Drew was that man. Every time he pulled the trigger, it was as if he had to shoot again, like he was addicted to the kick of the gun and the flash of the muzzle and the sound of the whole thing.

He stopped after ten, some barely-functioning part of his mind telling him to stop. Looking down the sights, the gun was now pointed above her head. With each shot he'd fired, he had not corrected for the recoil. He'd been...well, let's call him drunk...he'd been drunk with the experience, and had only fired repeatedly. The bullets traced a trail upwards because of this.

In the eery silence that this display left, it was as if Drew was awakening from a dream.

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It's been suggested that people are shaped by life events, as opposed to being genetically predisposed to certain behaviours. Someone can become a saint or a murderer because of an impoverished childhood, or because of something traumatic that has happened to them; and while Cassie had never given this idea much thought, it seemed to be making sense as she clutched her shoulder.

Deep down she knew she wasn't a murderer. She wasn't the vindictive player that she appeared to have changed into; she was just frightened and desperate, and used the femme fatale mask to hide behind. She couldn't have hurted anyone if she'd tried... but obviously there were some who could.

And her shoulder told her as much. Too little, too late.

Her father's abscence had obviously had a more significant effect on her that she'd admitted to herself. Since when had she become so untrusting, so suspiscious? True, this could be credited to the cruel game she was participating in, but she'd always prided herself on being an open and caring person. The game had taken that away from her.

If she'd been shocked by the initial bullet, she was even more shocked when the trigger was pulled once more and the gunshot roared in her ears. The bullet pierced her chest, and she screamed out once more.

Why, Drew? What things have happened in your past that have made you do this?

The pain really was unbearable, but what was worse was not knowing it was coming. Trying to clutch both wounds, she looked over blearily at where Drew was stood.

Was he going to...kill her? Was he really a killer?

Cassie didn't have much time to ponder this thought as the trigger was pulled once more, this time bullets flying to her stomach, each one causing her more pain.

Would she have played the game differently if her father hadn't of left? Would it all have been different if she hadn't snapped? Would have she still been alive if she'd made a different choice? No one would know, and as Cassie just began to think this, a bullet hit her in the collar, causing it to detonate. Blood sprayed out everywhere and within seconds Cassie was dead.

G39- Cassie Webber- DECEASED

((*deep breath* One down, one to go!))

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Mar 22 2006, 12:41 PM
He would watch on shocked as the first bullet pierced the girl. Of course a moment ago he would of probally done the same thing if he had the gun, But now he was actually watching it happen, She had actually been shot., and it wasnt like in the movies where they get up and are ok after a few minutes, No. Now she was fucked, When the first bullet hit her he knew she was going to die, he didnt know how he knew it was just one of those feelings you get, those bad feelings.

As the shot hit the girl he instantly ran for nevera. His legs working better than ever. He reached her quickly and grabbed onto the girl franticly. Then suddenly the bullets kept on coming, bullet after bullet piercing the girl. And she stood there and took. Maybe she was dead by the first hit? He damn hoped so, Being shot was enough but to have your collar exploded aswell? now that was just being bitchy.

He'd seen blood before but not quite to this extent. It was everywhere now, spraying the scene like a hose. The grass was now a lovely crimson colour and covered the meter or so in front of where cassie stood.

But the thing was, he didnt feel sickened by the sight of the red liquid, it was just another of those things now.

He gripped tightly onto nev, probally to the of hurting the girl but at this paticular moment i doubt either of them would notice.
He would softly say, He needed to knw if the poor bastard still responded to his name. That was a quick change of gameplans he had their, and not that scott minded, the girl had threatened to kill them. But, dude, too far.

Posted by: Albel Nox Mar 22 2006, 12:57 PM
Nevera whimpered and cried as if she was the one being shot. She grew up around gang activity and didin't like it. She held onto Scott hoping that he wouldn't ever have to hurt her. She buried her face into his chest adn wept. She gripped onto his shirt tightly as she did so. Her sobs may have been muffled, but not quiet enough.

Posted by: asano Mar 24 2006, 11:38 PM
[I must say, I prefer death posts then killing posts. x.x; These are hard!]

With each impact, each spray of blood, Drew seemed to do nothing at all. He'd done this in self defense, right? Good samaritan? Defense of others? That counted for something, right?

He caught her eyes, the final look in them just before the big bang. His right hand, now at his side, began to quiver. He should have known better than to look into the eyes of the very person he'd killed, simply because it would have such an effect on him. But it'd been human reflex. His right hand was quivering more and more.

But of course, there was another reason his hand was twitching. The explosion that had been caused by his final shot hitting the collar had stunned him into silence. Hell, it'd pretty much stunned the whole field into silence. It was as if even the wind died. Everything had just stopped.

He was kicked back into reality by the, word... of Scott. He blinked, looking over to Scott, then down at his shaking hand. His vision then found its way to his What he'd just done. It was as if it was just sinking in. The fact that he'd --literally-- blown someone's head off. The mess on the ground was his work, and it'd been someone he'd been talking to just an hour ago. It'd been someone he'd followed, even made sure she was okay. Like they really were a team.

And what the fuck had that ended in? One of them was dead on the ground, missing a very large portion of their neck if not their whole head. He was missing a large portion of his sanity, one could say, and ...shit. Everyone had taken a large sanity-hit from this. It was unbelievable.

He looked back to Scott, shaking his head as if to himself. His hand was visibly shaking as he held the pistol, and with that...

He turned and ran. He ran as if the dogs of war (or hell, either way) were on his heels. He ran as if his very life, and the lives of everyone he'd ever cared for, were being threatened to be thrown into a firey cauldron if he didn't run fast enough. He'd never bolted this quickly, but in under a minute, was gone from sight.

((Continued in: ... t=30&#last))

[Poor, poor Drew's needed elsewhere. >.>; This guy's gonna be so screwed up very, very soon. Ouchies.]

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Mar 26 2006, 08:56 AM
The fucker didnt even give them an answer. It was the least he could give them before he ran off. He had just left them here alone, with a lovely warm corpse. The situation was getting desperate now. He knew that nev and jeremy had already lost friends, and now scott knew what that felt like fiorst hand, And it wasnt exactly the most motivating thing.

He realised his grip on nev as he took off after drew, A few seconds of running, and he gave up. No use in chasing the killer, the blood was on his hands.

He stopped and waited, His head hung low and he looked at his weapon. It wasnt at all the best but hopefully it would come in handy, although now he had seen how easy a bullet could blow your neck out.

he needed to protect nev now, although he had doubts about his capability to protect her, Now he just didnt give a fuck if he lived or died. Now he would give everything he had, and even if jeremy was found he wouldent just dump all his baggage on him, he couldent. He would be strong, the leader, the hero.

Posted by: Albel Nox Apr 2 2006, 05:43 PM
Nev ran after Scott. She wondered what had gotten into him. "Scott?"
(Sorry it's short and been a long time. no computer when I am not at school))

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Apr 5 2006, 11:19 AM
His head raised as he looked at nev. So innocent she was, she shouldent have to go through any of this, of course scott thought he deserved it, he had done his fair share of bullying and shop lifting, even if was just a can of coke he stole.

He signed heavily and rubbed the back of his head, what to do now? Keep moving was the only thing they could do, keep searching and hopefully find some people who needed taking out, people who deserved to do. maybe drew deserved to die?

"Nev? We need to go somewhere" He said, his voice alot more saddened than usual, it was really getting to him here. How much longer could he last?

((Im going to pretend the pole scott picked up was adams aluminium bat, unless of course its already been taken then ill just pretend i never had it at all ok?))

Posted by: Albel Nox Apr 5 2006, 12:02 PM
Nevera looked at him sadly. She walked over to him slowly adn placed a shivering hand upon his right shoulder.

"Scott, we just need to go find Jeremy. Maybe we should go check somewhere that we haven't." She thought for a brief moment. "And of course the place cannot be a danger zone."

She looked back towards the area where Cassie had died. The pain of just witnessing the sounds of death had gotten the best of her. She was no longer the little happy-go-lucky and carfree girl she once was. She was now afraid and unsure of who to trust. The only people she could even begin to trust were Jeremy and Scott. Even if Scott had bashed her head, she saw him change right before her eyes. Nev placed her free hand on her bandaged head. She pulled the bandage off and held it by the end. The blood stains were now dry and her head was pretty much healed. How long has it been since she had gotten there? It felt like years to her, but she knew not. She then wrapped the bandage about her forehead like a bandana and unbraided her hair. Her long flowing locks raced violently into the breeze. She picked up her bo staff and smiled at Scott.

"We will find him and all of us will leave together."

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Apr 6 2006, 10:31 AM
He looked at her when she spoke. No smile on his face this time, no comforting pat on the back, just an empty look. He was thinking of the future, when they found jeremy and got off the island, they get back home and have a celebration party with all the baseball team there. No, that wasnt going to happen, half the team was probally dead by now. lying in a ditch choking on there own blood.

"Yeah, first things first we find jerry, and if all else fails its kill kill kill." His tone had certainly changed, he was half way back to becoming the thing he was when jeremy kick seven shades of shit out of him. It wasnt that bad though.

He looked around the feild, looking at the tree tops that surrounded the open area and then to the beaten corpse.
Another sigh was realised from his lips as he spoke. "You lead the way".

Posted by: Albel Nox Apr 6 2006, 11:59 AM
Her eyes widened. "Me, lead?" She placed a finger on her bottom lip and frowned. "Ok, but I shall strive to keep us from harm and danger zones."

She dared not smile. Nev wasn't really the type to smile at awkward times, unless she knew that it would be helpful, which in this case, she saw not. She slowly brushed a hand through her hair and looked Scott dead in the eye.

"I will not fall so easily, and if we have to kill, then we shall kill together, not each other, unless one goes ballistic." She walked ahead of him slowly passing by. When shw got a good 10 feet away, she turned back and looked to the sky. So empty and free, nothing to tarnish it.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Apr 13 2006, 06:02 PM
The announcements. Cassies name was on it and there she was, cold and bloody. shit happens, And more shit would happen if they couldent find better weapons or jeremy. There were on there own for now, but there was no harm in hoping? The numbers had severely dropped and they were nearly in the top twenty, damn, he was lucky enough to even be in the position he was now. If it wasnt for friends hed of been long dead.

"Yeah you lead, just choose a destination and we'll go, Come on we'll eat on the way."

((Continued in: ... st=0&#last))