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Posted by: Lien Jul 21 2005, 03:51 PM
Cillian stepped outside, onto fresh ground, for the first time in 6 years. His icy blue eyes stared blankly at the trees, the sky, and the dark dirt and leaves underneath his new shoes. Yes, the men in the jackets were nice... they gave him things. Was it his birthday? He couldn't remember, but the men were nice. Yes, even after he tore one's throat open with his fingers. He looked again blankly at his attire. His drawstring pants had been replaced with a camoflaged denim, and a dark earthly tone green T-shirt hung off his weak-looking figure. His hair was washed, and the clean smell of soap and shampoo filled his nostrils. All ready for his party. And there was already a fun game going on.

Little boys and girls... all around, just for him. They were all going to play. And the game would never end. Never.

His eyes flashed brighter, and his mouth pulled into the smile that he almost always wore. He brought his hands to his face, giggling incessantly as he started to bend over and crouch. His eyes darted from side to side and his smile grew bigger. It was his birthday....

Then he stopped, he froze dead in his thoughts and in his motions. What happened to the men in white coats? Was this a test? It could be, maybe it was a test to see if he was a good boy. If he could be let out. This time he stood up calmly. His face went blank once more, and he looked around for any sign of white.

Grabbing his bag, he began to walk. It had been so long. So looooooong that he never got to use his legs, his arms. His hands.... The smile returned, but he wasn't going to be bad... not while the men in the coats were watching. He would be a good boy. A good boy....

As he began to walk through, he started to hum and sing:

"Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday, Dear Cillian,
Happy Birthday to me!"

Posted by: Kaishi Jul 22 2005, 02:34 PM
"Ah, yes, Cillian...happy birthday to you, indeed."

The slightly cocky voice could belong to no other than Mason Lucien, gambler extraordinaire. He knew Cillian's type. He already gave in...a weakling to the game. Either that, or the kid was from an insane asylum, or something. He laughed at the thought. As if. This kid had already snapped. Probably killed someone, too. Mason sighed, backing up a little bit as if to prove that he wasn't going to hurt a fly. It was a lie. He planned on taking out his weapon and killing Cillian in a few seconds flat. That's how this game was meant to be played. Aim and shoot.

Mason smiled. Hopefully, Cillian had a stupid weapon like a squeaky toy. Or, even better, he had lost his weapon stumbling over here. "My name is Mason, and I'm from Barry Coleson Highschool. I don't remember seeing you around school, so yeah." He held out a hand to Cillian, keeping a small smile on his face, all the while formulating his plan. Unzip his bag for the first time, take out his weapon, and shoot the bugger dead. Simple as that.

Posted by: Lien Jul 23 2005, 11:58 PM
"Ah, yes, Cillian...happy birthday to you, indeed."

"Ahhh!" the maniac screamed as he squatted down once again, looking for where the sound came from. His ice eyes darted across the field, catching the figure of a boy. A boy! Oh joy! Someone he could finally play with.

Cillian approached the boy, his eyes wide. Giggles erupted from his throat as he whispered so quiet that the wind carried his words away.

"This is my birthday party. My birthday. I have a present."

"My name is Mason, and I'm from Barry Coleson Highschool. I don't remember seeing you around school, so yeah."

Cillian turned his head to the side, his ice gaze still on the boy. He didn't want to introduce himself, he wanted to show the boy his present.

SHOW HIM! Let him taste the metal blade. KILL HIM. It's your birthday, Cillian. It's your birthday and you deserve to have your way. Hack him to pieces! You know you want to....

He couldn't help but smile at Haddy's reasoning. His lips pulled back to show his teeth as his left hand reached behind into his bag to grip the meat cleaver's handle. His right hand grasped a hold of the boy's. Cillian's grip tightened on the boy, not in a friendly handshake, but as a madman's deathgrip.

"Would you like to see my present?" he hissed excitedly.

Posted by: Kaishi Jul 24 2005, 02:04 PM
Mason winced at the strength of Cillian's grip, hardly managing to slip out of it. See his present? His eyes wandered over to Cillian's left hand, which seemed to be sneaking its way into his bag. He might have the same plan as me... Take out his gun, and shoot Mason then and there. Judging by Cillian's smile, he was definitely as insane as they come. A madman...he'd enjoy every second of Mason's death. He shuddered at the thought of Cillian taking out his weapon and shooting Mason apart like mad, laughing like the twisted guy he was. Never me! There can only be one survivor, and that isn't going to be you, Cillian!

"Wait! Before you show me your present, I've got a present of my own for you." Yes, Cillian...a great present, indeed. "It's a really special one, too. Tiny, but deadly, and super cool." He put a stress on the word super, wanting to make Cillian excited for the great present that Mason had for him. Yeah,, madman, I've got a great present for you. Mason slowly unzipped bag that he had strapped over his shoulder, smiling all the while.
"But..." Mason quickly zipped his bag up again. "Do you really want the present? If you don't want it, you're not going to get it, you know."

Posted by: Lien Jul 24 2005, 02:15 PM
The boy pulled away from his grasp and started to speak again.

"Wait! Before you show me your present, I've got a present of my own for you."

Cillian's smile faded into a curious look as the boy began to rummage through his bag. His eyes narrowed and his pupils dialated as he listened to the boy's compromise.

He doesn't have a present! He's just trying to trick you. Like the men in the white coats... like your parents! The real present is inside him! Use your present to take it from him!

His eyes blinked back tears as he pressed his right fist to his head.

"No, no, no, no... I want to show you mine! You have to see my present!"

Posted by: Kaishi Jul 24 2005, 02:32 PM
Mason raised an eyebrow at Cillian. Obviously, this kid was troubled. But, he seemed to be cracking somewhat. Perhaps, he wasn't a complete madman, but whatever. "But...mine is super cool. C'mon, it's like, the best thing ever. It's super duper, in fact. Dude, it's like the best thing that you'll ever see in your life. And guess what? You get to have it." Mason grinned. "But, only if you allow me to show you my present for you first."

He slowly unzipped his bag, unzipping it only enough for him to slip his hand in. And then, he pulled his hand out as quick as that, and zipped the bag up again. "You have to tell me you want it first." Yes...break down the madman by forcing him to beg for it. Mason smirked. That's the way, make him beg. And then, I'll have all the power. "How badly do you want it, Cillian?"

Posted by: Lien Jul 25 2005, 02:58 PM
His right hand swung to the boy's face, skin meeting hard nails, and tore open his cheek. He could hear the boy scream and he smiled at the obvious pain of his victim. Then, like a magic trick, blood began to pour from the boy's face. Like a little fountain, right there on his cheek. The blood fueled Cillian's movements further, as he finally removed the meat cleaver from the bag.

The back of the neck, just at the back of the neck first.

Cillian's eyes went wide as he enjoyed the scene of carnage in his mind. The blood, the true present, was not waiting in the boy's bag. It was inside. His face scrunched up as he pulled out the meat cleaver. His voice, suddenly hoarse and deep sounding.

"I want it."

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Posted by: Kaishi Jul 25 2005, 10:33 PM
Mason gulped, unzipping his bag, and hastily reaching in. "Alright, here you --" Wait a minute...that was not a gun. It was some sort of device. Dumbfounded, Mason stared at the GPS Scanner in his hand, stumbling backwards to get away from Cillian. It isn't a isn't a gun!! His eyes widened in terror, looking at Cillian's scrunched up face. In any other place, and time, Mason would've probably smirked at Cillian's face and accused him of having constipation. But, not, that was the face of a madman. I'm gonna die...! He's going to kill me!

"Fine, h-here you go." The fear was apparent both on his face and in his voice. He placed the GPS Scanner back in his bag, stepping backwards all the while. Out of his bag next was a hard, stale loaf of bread. He threw it haphazardly at Cillian, knowing full well he'd probably miss the boy. He didn't care at all. He didn't even care about the gunshots sounding all around them. In fact, he was actually running towards the sound, and the figures he could hardly make out in the distance. I don't want to die...I don't want to die...

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Posted by: Lien Jul 26 2005, 01:18 AM
His head turned to the left, following the flying piece of bread as it landed on the ground behind him. Turning quickly back to attack the boy, he slashed the air.

Cillian looked forlorn as the boy's figure grew smaller and smaller. His eyes began to water as he hung his head and let him arms go limp. The boy didn't want to play, and he was already too far for Cillian.

"Hmph," Cillian grumbled as he kicked the grass, "Someone else will play with me...."

And with that he began to stroll down the field aimlessly, letting his feet take him to their own destination.

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