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"Well, sounds like we're all in agreement to hang out after prom," said Claire. "This ought to be fun."

Claire spent the rest of the evening chatting and drinking with her buddies. She hoped they could continue to have nights like these before they all went their separate ways. This is the kind of stuff that made a great bildungsroman, and she would be sure to draw influence from her friends.

((Claire Monaghan continued in We Have a Hulk. Your Argument is Invalid.))
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At that moment, her phone went off.

"Excuse me."

Alex went inside, following the ringtone. Her bag was somewhere inside, and once she found it, she had to rummage a bit inside it to look for it. Dear god, where was it? It was buried deep within the confines of her bag, and-

There it was.

Alex pulled out the phone, only for it to stop ringing once she pulled it out. She frowned. Well, that always sucked when that happened! The screen told her it was Kyran.

Well, might as well call back then.

But just as she had that thought, the beeping sound for a text went off.

Kyran again. Apologizing for not showing up and to tell everyone else that he said hi.

Alex's fingers soared over the keys in the dark, replying. It honestly wasn't much of a problem for her; he was usually busy with work on Saturdays and-

Oh. Based on the text she got back after she sent that, he was grounded after the Alba incident. Alex felt herself frown again. Oh man, that had to suck. She knew about what happened; word got around pretty quickly. Apparently Alba and Kyran ended up fighting, and Gray ended up inciting a food fight. Alex never got the specifics, but Alba. Usually Kyran wasn't the type to do something like this, and Alba was... well, he wasn't exactly Mr. Nice Guy. Guy was a bully, a user of women, and god knew what else. The referee incident was still very fresh in many classmates' minds, even now.

Needless to say, Alex didn't like Alba.

Alex texted back, saying just how much that sucked and that she was sorry. But the next text from him revealed one more detail.

He wasn't going to prom.

The principal had forfeited his and Alba's rights, apparently. He was now banned from it.

Her fingers began to grip the phone.

God. Damn. It. Alba.

So now her buddy was kicked out of prom. Most likely because Alba was being stupid. It was an almost definite "yes" on the detail that Alba had been acting stupid.

A few more text exchanges, and Alex went back outside, phone still in hand.

"It's Kyran", she mumbled. "And needless to say, I kinda hate Alba right now."

Hate was an understatement.

((Alex Ripley continued in How I Spent My Suspension. If you want to GM her for little stuff, go ahead!))

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Corey relaxed, chatting with everyone until it became late. He then turned in with the others.

((Corey Esposito continued in Event Flag Passed.))
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