Castle Interior: Floor Two

The second floor of the castle is actually where the main entrance is located. A decorative drawbridge leads in to a pair of glass double doors. Just beyond the entrance, there is a prize counter full of all sorts of knick-knacks that people can take tickets they've won through the arcade games and turn them in for candy, plastic toys and the like, all the way up to large plushie dolls and even mp3 players. Next to the counter are a row of ticket-counting machines which can condense tickets into vouchers to be turned in to the employee at the counter. At the other side of the door, there are token machines which take money to dispense arcade tokens, which operate almost all indoor attractions except the bowling alley and the laser tag.This floor features a slew of arcade machines, including mainstays such as skeeball (which has a whole wall dedicated to it) and games of chance. There are also many standard arcade cabinets on this floor featuring the likes of Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Guilty Gear (because SOMEBODY has to have it), MvC2... the list goes on.

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