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((OOC: Jamie Li is tagging along, with permission from Korazon))

((Darren Locke continued from Walkabout))

Darren had long since settled on the warehouses as an ideal destination by the time he hauled open one of its rusted doors and ducked inside, Jamie a step behind him. Surely, there would be plenty of people who chose to lie low, hide, or stall. The enormous sheltered maze that now stretched and twisted before him must seem like the perfect place to take cover.

He would have preferred not to use the flashlight for fear of drawing the wrong kind of attention but, as it was, the narrow sunbeams peeking through the windows just weren't enough. He had no choice, then, but to remove it from his duffel and use it to scan the area slowly. Satisfied that they were in the clear, he beckoned Jamie forward. On and on went the towering rows of supply crates, as the two weaved through its many pathways, as Darren forced himself not to be reminded of a rat in a maze.

The warehouses were large and they were many, he had known that from the moment he saw the structures not long after leaving the docks and heading north. Yes, these buildings must certainly have seemed an inviting hiding place to many students, especially after he himself had seen little but unprotected hillsides and the vast, open coastline. There were other people in this small city, that much was certain. And if they were unwilling to seek him out, he would go to them.

After a few minutes had passed, they came upon a large square-shaped gap where the crates seemed to be fewest, though they continued to stretch up towards the ceiling. Standing in the middle of the opening and revolving around the spot, he could see two more pathways that must branch out back into the maze. This modest "hub" reminded him forcefully of his own bedroom, and he imagined himself sitting here in a circle with a group of students, outlining an elaborate plan, imploring them to join him.

This spot was perfect.

"All right, here's where we set up camp," he told Jamie with a reassured smile.
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((Have permission from both Riz and Korazon to get these two to exit stage left)).

Hearing the warehouse announced as a dangerzone set the pair into a panic. They were deep in the center of the building, they'd have to be quick.

A mad dash later, and Darren Locke and Jamie Li managed to make their way outside of the building, sprinting out into the daylight and the dangerzone with what must have been barest seconds to spare.

((Darren continued in Take Back the Fear, Jamie continued in A Day at the Beach))