Brian Leonard

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Name: Brian Leonard
Position: French Teacher
Gender: M
Age: 31

Appearance: Brian Leonard is a jovial, energetic figure in the classroom, standing on the short side of 5'4" and weighing a slight 122 pounds. His skin has some shades of an olive mediterranean tone to it, complemented by his black hair which is represented by both a lightly trimmed crop on the top of his head and an equally groomed goatee. His eyes are brown, situated somewhat wide. Brian has a manner of dress that is both professional but also bright, wearing either white, blue or green shirt mixed with suit pants of varying colors... just so long as they aren't dark gray, brown, or black. His most defining features are his navy blue penny loafers (likely the darkest article of clothing he owns) and the wide variety of ties that he's been known to wear to class, ranging from intricate patterns to gaudy collages of pop culture references (usually worn on Fridays).

Biography/Personality: Brian Leonard may not stand tall, but his personality in his classroom is as large as can be. Subscribing to the philosophy that a class who is not interested learns nothing, he eschews traditional lecturing methods of teaching for a more exciting approach. To hear him speak in a monotone is almost unheard of. In fact, most of Mr. Leonard's speech is closer to shouting than anything. He can also talk a little fast when he's excited (which is almost all the time), and if he's doing this in French, it can be a problem for his students sometimes. He will slow down if requested, but only if the request is made in French. As such, this is one of the first things he teaches to his students.

Brian Leonard has been teaching French in Aurora's language department for about three years, and served as a substitute teacher for part of the year prior to working full-time. He can speak two other languages fluently (Greek and Italian) in addition to English and French, but only teaches French at school. Because language can be regarded as something of an art, Brian prefers to talk to his students on an even level and would much rather play games than give tests (as he feels they're more effective tools to teach a language, though tests are still mandated by the school). This relaxed, playful method works well with his personality that can be best described as 'fun'. On the odd occasion that students do misbehave in his class, Brian prefers to try and work things through with the student first. If that can't resolve the issue, he sends them to Mr. Delgado's office or, on some occasions, even Mr. Rasmussen's office. He hasn't had the heart to subject anybody to Mrs. Freeman yet.

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