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September 2nd, 2010, 7:39 pm #31

As Alex attempted to find the girl's discarded day pack in the ensuing smoke and haze, an very disturbing noise soon reached his ears. The telltale sputtering of a small gas motor - the kind one would commonly associate with a chainsaw. Turning around, he saw it was in the possession of a slightly lanky boy - the kind you wouldn't expect to be threatening someone with a chainsaw. It was certainly a surreal sight, and as much as Alex tried to prepare himself for some insane things on the island, it just seemed to get weirder by the minute. The boy was Robert Lerger - Alex was in one of his classes a few years back - they might've worked on something before, but Alex never really talked to him at length.

From the impression he did get however, as much as he looked like it, Alex was sure that he wouldn't actually use the chainsaw. First off, it was a fucking chainsaw; you weren't exactly detached from the act of using it on someone. It would be messy. Secondly, Alex wasn't even sure Robert was even capable of anything close to violence, at least effective enough to put Alex down. Because of this, a mild smirk grew across Alex's face.

Sure, he kept his distance. It wasn't like Robert WASN'T dangerous. But if Alex wasn't aggressive, it didn't seem like he would do anything unprovoked either. Hell, the guy was sticking up for a girl Alex had just attacked, and he didn't blame him for doing so. On the flipside, Robert was in the way of something that Alex wanted; and in a situation such as this, for this particular encounter, there was no solution Alex could think of that didn't end badly. Other voices weren't far away, and to an outsider the current stand-off didn't look like it was between particularly peaceful people.

Alex held his hands open in front of him, as he responded to Robert. He had to talk over the noise of the chainsaw revving, which was starting to get a bit annoying.

"Heh... look, buddy... If you're going to point a damn chainsaw at me, you'd better be prepared to use it. What's going on here is between me and her; just back off and leave it well enough alone."

He took a step back.

"Let's not do something we're both going to regret."

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September 4th, 2010, 6:21 am #32

The girl hadn't yet stirred in the wreckage, Robert noted. This was a slight problem, as it meant he would probably have to do more than just chase this jerkwad away. Out of the side of his ear, he listened to the larger boy talk about making threats and blah blah blah.

Robert stepped forward, raising the chainsaw over his shoulder. "Listen, buddy," he said, expressing distaste with the word. "If I wasn't willing to use this thing, I wouldn't be threatening you with it. I don't want to use it; Lord knows it would be a real pain in the ass to clean it off. But if you don't make like a tree and leave, I'm gonna make you like a tree, and cut you down. Capiche, buddy?"

He glanced at the girl again. "I neither know nor care what beef you have with her. Attacking a defenseless girl? How low can you get? When people start acting like animals, that's when the problem begins. You are the problem. And I think I have a solution," Robert said, tweaking the choke on the chainsaw slightly so it revved again. He nearly flooded the engine, although he had no idea.

"I'll give you to the count of two. One...."
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September 5th, 2010, 2:06 am #33

(Little gave me permission. Just so you know.)

"We're all the losers."

Roland let that thought settle on his tongue. He flicked it around, turned it upside down, studied it for all of five seconds. That made alot of sense, he had to admit. Isabella had a good point. No matter what he did, it would never be enough. That only served to prove Roland's point even further. He had to go and see what was wrong. Roland turned to Dave.

"Listen. As long as I'm alive, as long as there are Gracie's out there taking advantage of the weak, I am going to be there. I am not going to let anyone die on me. That's just who I am, and I am not going to change who I am for you Dave. Not now, not ever."

Roland closed his eyes and turned away, holding his sword again in both of his hands.

"Stay here. I'll go check to see what's going on. If I'm not back in a few minutes..."

Roland didn't finish that statement. He wasn't even sure IF Dave and Isabella would be around when he got back. The thought annoyed Roland but that was life.

Roland got to the end of the lane, where he figured that the smoke was coming from. He pressed his back against the corner. He looked out. He tried to be quiet.

Robert Lerger. Same math class as him. Didn't know the boy that well, though Roland was aware that he was a fixture in Drama. Very basic stature, barely any muscle. Chainsaw. From the looks of it, very hostile.

He couldn't get a good look at the other boy. Robert blocked his view. Though it really didn't matter, because Roland knew for sure that Roland was looking to chop somebody up.

Great. Why do I feel like Dave's is going to mutter "Told you so" when all is said and done?

Roland knew what he had to do. He didn't like it, not one bit. Roland had to swoop in and save this kid that he didn't know. Robert cornered the other boy, who Roland had a clear view of now, and now the boy was... talking? This was his chance. Roland took it.

The boy was talking loudly but the chainsaw was louder. Roland couldn't make out anything. He filled in the blanks himself. Roland almost thought about how he could be wrong, maybe this was all just one big misunderstanding. He blocked that train of thought though because he knew that he was not wrong. If Robert really were a good guy, he wouldn't be cornering someone else, and he definitely wouldn't be waving a chainsaw around like a madman. It was all one big oxymoron to Roland.

Roland remembered his uncle giving him a few pointers on how to hold a knife. The kris was not a knife at all. Roland knew that he would have to improvise just to make it work. Counterbalance the knife, his uncle had told him. Put pressure on your front foot. Swipe. Roland let out a sigh as he crept, closer and closer until he was finally right behind Robert. Roland was glad the boy was too preoccupied with talking to take any notice of him.

And then... Roland hesitated. In the depths of his stomach, he thought this was the right thing to do.

Why did this seem so easy with my uncle?

The boy revved the chainsaw and that was all the reason Roland needed.

Can't feel guilty. Just do it.

In the blink of an eye Roland lifted the Kris with both of his hands. In another blink it broke the skin and buried itself into the boy's back. Roland's emotions would not get in the way in doing what he thought was right. There was much resistance but Roland pushed it, digging it further and further until finally the whole blade was inside. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as he let go of the Kris and watched Robert crumble.

If Robert died then so be it. Roland would bear any sin if it were to save someone else.

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September 5th, 2010, 3:01 am #34

Robert's response wasn't easy on Alex's ears one bit. He couldn't just leave here having attacked someone without some kind of reward, but there was no way to get anything until Robert stopped revving that chainsaw at Alex. The baseball bat was too far away for Alex to get to it in time, and Robert had more or less backed him into a corner. Even if Alex wanted to run away, how was he supposed to know that Robert wouldn't just take that as an excuse to run Alex through with a chainsaw? For all Alex knew, Robert had a screw loose from the moment he'd gotten here, and wanted a reason to murder someone.

"But if you don't make like a tree and leave, I'm gonna make you like a tree, and cut you down. Capiche, buddy?"

As large and agile as he could be, there really wasn't an avenue of escape, or any way to stop Robert as long as he was focused on the huge target that was Alex.

Fuck, if this is the kind of people I'm running to by chance, what the fuck is it going to be like when people are TRYING to find me?

Robert continued, ranting at Alex for attacking a defenseless girl, and talking about how Alex was "the problem". Alex cut him off.

"Defenseless? We were all pretty much fucking defenseless when they gassed us, put bomb collars on our necks-"

The collar felt cold still against his neck. Alex almost tapped the collar, then thought better of it.

"-and told us to kill each other! I'd say we're all on pretty equal fucking ground, you scrawny little fuck!"

As Alex finished laying into Robert, he thought he could see movement from behind him. It wasn't really clear who (or what) it was, but it was moving up on Robert slowly, and carefully. Whoever it was, they didn't want him to notice. Then again, with the noise of the chainsaw someone could stomp over to Robert and he still wouldn't hear them. Alex hoped that they were on his side, or he just might find himself in a worse place than he was now... which, considering the circumstances, wasn't somewhere he wanted to be.

Don't help him... help me...

He was looking over Robert's shoulder. Hopefully he didn't notice. If only to buy the stranger some time, Alex continued to distract Robert.

"Oh, you figure if you give me a countdown I'll just-"

It happened almost too quickly for Alex to notice, and then too slowly for him to want to see. A large, nasty looking blade burst through Robert's neck and spurted an almost comical amount of blood. What surprised Alex even more is that Robert still held the chainsaw, maybe a bit too shocked to let go. In any case, it wasn't going to stay in his hands much longer. Thinking quickly, and acting just so, Alex kicked the side of the chainsaw's blade and knocked it from Robert's hands. The motor continued to spurt fumes, and it landed at Alex's feet. Whether or not Robert was going to survive was already decided - how quickly he would die was in Alex's hands. That, and whoever was behind him didn't seem to think twice about putting a dagger in someone else's neck. It made sense that Alex should take them both out... right?

Bayview chainsaw massacre?

Murdering another student with a chainsaw. Never before would he have considered doing something so... well, awful. It wasn't like Alex was one of those reclusive, weird kids who actually thought about this kind of stuff and watched it movies. Alex didn't sit in a corner and sketch murder scenes with a grin on his face. He was just the poor Russian jock, who read a bit but otherwise didn't really get out much. The idea of killing someone, in any way, didn't appeal him. People had tried to kill him OUTSIDE of SOTF. He had been afraid for his life and that wasn't something he wanted to inflict on other people.

But we're all dead anyways. It's better this way. Better that I do it.

The chainsaw's grip was already a bit sweaty from Robert's hands, and it trembled strongly in Alex's. It still worked - Alex revved it a few times. Time seemed to slow down a bit as Alex took in what was going on around him. Robert had a dagger in his neck. Alex had a chainsaw in his hand. Someone was standing right behind Robert. If he put the saw through, maybe-

Jesus Christ, what the fuck are you thinking?

Maybe it would get them both.

"Fuck it."

Alex strode towards Robert, revved the chainsaw, and plunged it into Robert's abdomen, closing his eyes in anticipation of the spray of blood.


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September 5th, 2010, 3:52 am #35

Robert's focus on Alex was shattered by the feeling of cold steel sliding into the back of his neck. He gasped, twitching slightly as blood poured down the front of his body. Slowly, he looked down to see the tip of the knife sticking out of what he could only assume was his jugular vein. Somehow, his hands still held the chainsaw tightly. Not tightly enough. Alex's foot struck the saw, knocking it out of Robert's hands and, incidentally, breaking his hand from the force. The chainsaw bounced when it hit the ground, spinning slightly. Robert watched, unable to do anything as Alex picked up the chainsaw and revved it a few times. He knew what was going to happen, and he didn't care. It was easy to stop caring when you were already dead. Introspection wasn't in Robert's nature. He just... closed his eyes and gurgled a farewell to his mother.

"I'm sorry, Mom."

The chainsaw ripped through his fragile diaphragm, ripping through his stomach and splattering his guts all over the ground. Although he couldn't feel it (his blood pressure dropping so fast that death was nearly instantaneous), without the support of his diaphragm, his lungs sagged, causing him to breathe in. The last thing the chainsaw hit, his spine, caused the blade to twist and drop slightly, tearing the tissue of his back apart. While all this was happening, the spinning chain threw blood and organ pieces and bone pieces and other viscera everywhere. Robert's lifeless body slumped to the side, forcing his left kidney through the literal organ grinder and out of his body, where it made a pathetic strike from beyond by splattering on Alex's left shoe.

Alas, Robert was not able to appreciate this pathetic gesture. For he is now

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September 5th, 2010, 4:49 am #36

((Double-posting to keep Kyle active, at the urging of KV.))

Kyle was having a hard time focusing, what with the very difficult to ignore sound of a chainsaw. Stubbornness and a desire to avoid getting into another scuffle kept him from investigating. Plus, well... chainsaw. The metal of his knife might be able to break the chain, but that required getting his hands too close to spinning death. And that was not a place he wanted to be.

((Short Post is Short. Don't want to involve Kyle in Robert's gore. It's two great tastes that taste bloody terrible together.))
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September 5th, 2010, 10:21 pm #37

Fuck, was that a chainsaw?

Using the cart for support, Dave managed to pull himself up just enough to get a decent view of what was going on. The smoke had cleared now, and he could see the girl on the floor clearly. Either she'd been killed in the smoke or some other Superman Wannabe must've jumped in to save her. He looked over at Roland, creeping towards some guy Dave'd never met. He'd realise it soon, that Dave was right, that keeping his head down was the way to go, that-

Dave blinked. No way. He had to be fucking seeing things. Had to have lost more blood than he'd thought from his cuts. No way had Roland just stabbed the guy in the neck. No, he wasn't seeing things. Behind his BS about saving people, Roland was worse than the people he wanted to 'save' people from. The prick who joined in didn't surprise Dave, fucking Alex Rasputin, one of the hockey players. What did surprise Dave was when he picked up the chainsaw and sticking it in the poor bastard's stomach.

Dave turned green. Both Roland and that fucker Rasputin were covered in blood, organs, bone, flesh... He heaved. He couldn't hold it any longer. He was scared right now. Fucking scared. This was someone they'd never been provoked by, and they'd just slaughtered him like it was nothing. What the fuck was Roland gonna do when he got back to the girl who'd tried to murder him with a trumpet and the guy who'd just fucking tackled him to stop him doing shit like that?

"We gotta get the fuck out of here." He looked over to the Mexican girl. Surprisingly, the bitch who'd threatened someone with a trumpet had turned out to be the sane one. That was just great. "If Roland's gonna do something like that to some random fucker, he's probably got worse in store for the two of us that ACTUALLY hurt him. Just... follow my lead and let's hope they don't notice us, I guess. Unless you wanna lead the way."

Dave pulled himself to his feet. He hurt all over, his bloodied knees feeling the worst of it. It didn't matter. He just wanted the fuck out of there, right now. He checked that Roland and Ra Ra Rasputin were busy in their maniacal glee or whatever the fuck they'd do with the corpse, and made his way towards the exit as quickly as his busted kneecaps would take him.

((Dave Morrison, continued in Time Is Not On Our Side))
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September 6th, 2010, 5:12 pm #38

Isabel heard noises, people shouting inside the cloud of smoke.

"Stay here. I'll go check to see what's going on. If I'm not back in a few minutes..."

She had finally psyched herself up enough to run into danger and now Roland was telling her to stay back? She thought about pointing this out until she heard the rev of a chainsaw from somewhere in the smoke.

“Yeah, you do that. I'll stay here,” she said cautiously. She turned back to Dave and shook her head while mouthing the words “NO WAY.” As much fun as rushing into the unknown with low visibility and a person with a chainsaw running about, she decided she’d just wait to see if Roland saved whoever he was rushing in there to get.

The smoke started to dissipate, some of it heading their way. She coughed a few times and rubbed her eyes. Isabel saw Dave angling to get a better view and got on her knees, going up just enough to see what was going on.

What she saw was Roland’s sword cutting through some boy’s throat like it was troublesome piece of steak. She gasped and fell back, now sitting down. Another boy came forward with the chainsaw she had heard earlier and ripped into the boy, spewing blood and bits all over the fairgrounds. Isabel squeezed her eyes shut and turned away, but the image was burned into her mind. It was a still moment of blood spilling out of the terrified boy and pieces of intestines clinging to the roaring blades of the chainsaw.

“Oh my god. What the hell? What the hell?” she muttered. “Was he not dead enough or something?! Did you want to be really REALLY sure!?” she screamed.

"We gotta get the fuck out of here."

She opened her eyes and saw Dave looking back at her. She turned to look back at the carnage, but found herself sick at the thought. Isabel searched to make sure they had a clear shot out. They did.

“Absolutely,” she said, picking up her trumpet and bag.

“You lead, I lead, whatever. We can figure it out when we’re not in danger of getting stomach in our hair.”

Isabel pushed herself up, swung the bag over her back and took off after Dave towards the exit.

Worst fair ever.

((Isabel Guerra cotinued in Time Is Not on Our Side))
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September 7th, 2010, 3:01 pm #39

Chase continued walking, until...

Was that shouting?

She looked up, to see a green, smokey looking blur several feet away, and if she really squinted, extremely faint humanoid shapes could be spotted. By the sound of things, it was a fight. She could hear what seemed to be a guy, threatening someone else.

Oh shit. Chase, run!

Chase quickly looked around, finding a tall wooden object right next to her. A stall of some kind, like in carnivals or marketplaces? Yes! Perfect hideout for the time being!

She quickly ran to it, placing her foot on the front, and hoisting herself over, only to fall on her face. However, Chase just laid there, holding her hands over her head, her face buried to the ground, and starting to tremble once again. She had to urge to lifted herself off the ground and look to see what was going on, but at the same time she just wanted to lie there until everything was over. It had to end soon, right? Soon it would be safe to come out again. But when? Will it ever be safe?

More shouting, and... was that a motor of some kind?

It took a few seconds before Chase could figure out what that was.

A chainsaw. They gave some psychopath a chainsaw, of all things.

In the past, Chase would joke around about such a thing as someone getting killed with a chainsaw. It had always been part of her nature, to be honest, to make light commentary of such things. But, never in her life did she ever expect to actually be this close to a chainsaw murder. Heck, she had been expecting to witness this thing only in some of the movies she watched. Chase would often call the chainsaw a "badass weapon", that made everything awesome.

It was funny how your perspective changed so easily, wasn't it?

As Chase laid there, all she wanted was for this to just be some kind of nightmare, conjured up by her own imagination. She would be woken up by Dawne or Brendan or some other person back at the bus, and then go on with her life. Oh, how she wished this was some sick dream her subconscious thought up. Things did seem to have that surreal feeling, and she still felt kind of numb, disoriented, and disconnected from her own body; just like a dream. Every part of her wished that was so.

And yet, Chase knew that it wasn't so. This was happening, right here, right now. And she told herself she was going to live, and that she will make it happen. All by herself if she had to. Right now, all she needed to do was stay where she was until it was over, right?

And so, Chase remained on the ground face first, clutching her hands to her head as if expecting a bomb to go off. It seemed as if centuries were passing by as she found herself listening to the shouting and the whir of the chainsaw.

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September 8th, 2010, 4:33 am #40

Kyle watched Anna walk by him, apparently far more blind than he was without glasses. When she reached the end of the row, she cowered down as the chainsaw revved. Kyle sighed and stepped quietly over to the red backpack. He picked it up and walked over near Anna and gently tossed it so it landed near her. Then he hightailed it out of sight. His good Samaritanism would go unrewarded, as was better.

Because in this game, the reward for Good Samaritanism was usually a sharp knife in the ribs instead of a dull one. Not much better a choice, really.

Kyle walked along the rows of decrepit games, briefly glancing at decimated toys that were once the prizes for these games. Without anything to occupy it, his mind wandered to Hayley. She was safe, she had to be. He still had so much time to spend with her, so much to do, and, frankly, they hadn't done it yet. He smiled to himself, allowing a slight snort of laughter. He wondered, briefly, if she was likely to end up here. It didn't strike him as likely, but he knew that her sense of sick irony would eventually bring the idea to her mind. Maybe if she was already nearby.... Kyle nodded to himself. He would stick around here until the next morning, unless it got declared a Danger Zone in the intervening time, and then set out for the mountains.
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September 9th, 2010, 12:41 am #41

Roland had told himself he was ready. He hadn't hesitated, from the moment he began to move towards Robert he knew what would occur. He had seen videos, pictures. He'd heard his father talk of his own combat experiences, of the precision in which his unit and others would complete their tasks, no room for mercy, no room for mistakes.

No room for doubt.

He wasn't ready.

Roland couldn't believe how fast it had happened. With one steady thrust his knife had sunk deep into the back of Robert's neck and torn through the opposite side. The boy let out a startled gurgle, dropping the revved chainsaw to the ground. He wobbled forward and Roland found himself having to watch his footing. With his freehand he gripped the back of Roberts' hair. The boy was as good as dead. Roland could feel his sword hand become sticky with blood. His heart beat fast, he was excited, oh god he was excited.

Robert gurgled again, and it came rushing back to him. The implications of what he had just done. Roland let go of Robert, leaving the knife sticking out of the boys throat. He had planned to pull the blade back out, and beat a hasty retreat. His plan was flawed from the start. Watching the boy fall to his knees, Roland felt for the first time true, unleaded and unrelenting horror begin to rise up inside him.

All the seemingly correct theories, what the game was, what Danya wanted them to do... Everything Roland had been so very sure of suddenly faltered, washed away in a sea of self-doubt as Robert stumbled forward, Charlene's blade sticking out from the back of his neck. It had happened so fast. It was black and white, as clear as day mere moments before. But that was ages ago, and growing farther still.

Roland Harte, for all his theories, hadn't awoken instantly knowing what Survival of the Fittest was really about.

Watching Robert sink to the ground, choking on his own blood, Roland still didn't know.

The abject terror rose up from deep inside him and latched hold of his mind, refusing to let go.

Roland found himself stumbling backwards, falling onto his ass. In truth, he had barely registered anything that had occurred after the knife blow. The real world and its happenings were inconsequential in comparison to the chaos loose within his mind. If he had said or done anything during this span of time, he couldn't recall. The next action that he consciously registered was Alex Rasputin bringing the chainsaw down to rip into Robert's stomach, spraying blood indiscriminately on the pair of them.

What have I done?

Roland felt a strange taste in his open mouth and it took him a second to register what was going on. It took him longer still to comprehend. Alex had taken the brunt of the torrent of blood, but Roland wasn't exempt. As the chainsaw cut through the boys flesh and bone, Roland had let out an ill timed gasp, and for his stupidity he was greeted with a spray of Robert's inner fluids down the back of his throat. Roland closed his eyes and half heartily brought his hands up to shield himself from the spray. Just as quickly as it had begun it was older. Robert's gurgling noises had ceased, and the boy slumped down, his organs gushing out of his open wound onto the cracked pavement.

This is who I saved?

"Al...." He said, not able to tear his gaze from the fallen boy. His sweater was soaked, his glasses needed cleaning, his hair...

I... I'll need a shower. I killed him, and I need to get his blood out of my hair. I...

"Alex.. what... what've you done..?"

Not what has he done. What have YOU done. You. Roland.

"He was... he... Jesus Christ..."

This can't be a mistake. I know what I saw. This isn't a mistake. This isn't a mistake. I'm not wrong. I CAN'T be wrong.

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September 9th, 2010, 2:28 am #42

The darkness was trying to swallow Kitty whole. She rolled around and tried to fight it off. It would not relent. She was screaming, clawing at the bleak darkness that was trying to rip her apart, limb from limb. Joint by joint. She was gasping for air. Oh god what was happening? Was she alive? Was she dead? She had no idea! This couldn't be it! No! She couldn't be dead! No, damn it, no! She brought her nails to her wrists and started clawing at them, hopelessly trying to find a way out of her sleep! It wasn't working.

Katherine slipped a delicate hand around her shoulder and Kitty was suddenly calm.

“It is not a beautiful sight. It could be worse though. You’re safe. Open your eyes. Let yourself go.”

Katherine wrapped her arms around Kitty’s neck and held her close. She smiled, her flowing brown hair brushing up against Kitty’s ear.

“It’s fine. I’ll be right here. I’ll protect you as long as you protect me. Just open your eyes. Open them.”

Kitty opened her eyes,

and pain shot through her shoulder.

Kitty groaned. Everything was still dark, but at least she could see the shattered remains of what used to be a stand. What the hell happened? Why was she here? She rolled around, confused. There was a huge lapse in her memory. She remember reaching down to grab her bat and not much else. She rolled onto her back, the bat still clenched in her left hand.

She had not registered where Alex was. She was too much pain to look. He could still be hovering over her for all she knew. She rolled over on her good shoulder, clenching the other with hand. She let the bat lay against her stomach, almost oblivious to it even being there. It wouldn't do anything to help and she was aware of this, but what could she do? The pain was so bad, so so bad. She couldn't get back up, not now when her shoulder was a wreck.

"Oww. Crap..."

There was a loud buzzing. It went over Kitty' head. She lifted her legs, cradling in an awkward fetal position that just made the pain worse. Her toes curled up uselessly. She looked almost pathetic, laying there. Kitty screamed mentally to herself to get up and run but her body would not listen to anything she said.


The pain was dying down just a little, thankfully. She still couldn't get up. Who was there? The buzzing didn't stop. What was that buzzing? Maybe she was dead and she was trying to fool herself. Katherine wouldn't lie to her though. She said she would be fine. She was okay.

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September 15th, 2010, 4:15 am #43

((Godawful writer's block. My apologies))

The sickening sound of a chainsaw reaming through still-warm flesh seemed to deafen as all sense of reality left Alex's mind. It was too surreal. Despite pulling the sawblade from the boy, Alex's finger still pushed down on the throttle. It was impossible to let go. The sight of Robert's crumpled, disemboweled corpse rended any rational thought from his mind.


Still dripping with blood and gore, Alex could only stare blankly at the boy who had just saved his life.

"Alex.. what... what've you done..?"

The words simply slipped off of his tongue. Monotonous, blank, but overtured with a deep sense of regret.

"I... don't know."

And with that, he ran.

((Alex Rasputin continued elsewhere))

Cannon Fodder
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September 15th, 2010, 10:32 pm #44

(Alexander Campbell continues from White Knight Nightmare)


Desperate footstep followed desperate footstep as Alex half lept and was half pulled over the line that seperated the greens from the funfair. He was still in what he could only consider shock. 19. Jesus. 19 people.

Was that a chainsaw?

He looked up at the abandoned funfair. On the opposite side, he could hear the mechanical roar of the chainsaw being revved before fading down into a burbling growl as it's owner seemed to be leaving.

He shifted his weight on the ground and immediately clutched his wounded arm, hissing in pain. He looked over at the others making sure they had gotten out.

"19 people." commented a voice in his head.

"What if you're wrong?"

He had a brief moment of despair. He knew the feeling, though this was a new depth. Like a yawning black pit was opening beneath him, full of mud to pull him down and trap him there forever.

No no no no no, brain, now is not the time to start fucking with me.

Keep your shit together.

He used his strong arm to try and lift himself up off the ground. After a few attempts he did. His eyes locked on to the smoke at the far end of the funfair. He ran his hand through his long blue hair and spoke, swallowing down the fear and despair welling within him. The hole beneath him closed, for now. 19 people. He couldn't believe it.

"Someone could be hurt over there." he said.
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September 16th, 2010, 1:05 am #45

((I am taking mild artistic liberty due to issues of Time Fuckery. Also, mild GMing of Hayley Kelly approved by Holly.))

Kyle's mind wandered slowly as time passed. Suddenly, his ears were raped by a screech of old speakers starting up. As they warmed up, he heard the sound of clapping. Then the voice sounded out. Danya. And he was announcing the deaths. 19 people dead. 19 people. Kyle's heart was beating faster as he listened carefully, ignoring the chainsaw that was still running nearby. No names he knew well.... And Hayley was not among them. He sighed and relaxed. She was alive, for now. Thank god.

With the announcement done and over with, Kyle sat under a dilapidated minigame and spun his knife, watching the predawn light play on the blade. It occurred to him that he had no idea where the night had gone. It didn't seem to have happened. Perhaps he had passed out at some point? He was digressing. Movement off to his left broke his concentration. He stood, sliding the knife into his pocket. He could see multiple people coming into the area, at least two. He moved closer; it was obvious the lead figure hadn't seen him, as he was facing the direction the chainsaw had been in earlier. The other figure....


Kyle rushed forward, not thinking about getting shot or killed. Hayley was safe, she was here. She was safe.
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