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So! I have been technically back on SOTF for over six months now and during that time I have already lead one poor lamb to its death in v5, wuh-wah. While this implies I have been extensively reading v5 in order to broaden my writing horizons, sadly, I have not. I've read a fair few of the early threads, everything my sole v5 character was connected to, and that's about it. Bad Brackie.

So to make up for this heinous laziness I'm forcing myself to actually read what I've missed of v5, which by this time it looks like a lot. And rather than do what I tried doing before (going through all the characters in death order), I'll open it up to the handlers of v5 to direct me towards their fantastic characters so I can both read v5 and pay real attention to what I'm reading in order to give critiques (or failing that, impressions - I'll make them good though).

And I'm back again! All of that stuff is technically still true but replace v5 with v6. I think I'll pick up where I left off but remove handlers who haven't been around for longer than 2 months to free up some spots.

1. It's been a while since I've critiqued anything and this is my first real critique thread of any kind on any website ever, so it may be slightly amateurish compared to the good critics in this here forum. I'll do my best tho.
2. It might not be particularly long even, I might just put down my thoughts. I will, however, try to make them constructive.
3. In the mean time, go nuts on requesting characters. Hell, as long as you don't have too much intersection between your own characters, you can request all of your characters to be put in the queue. Once I'm overwhelmed though I'll amend this.
4. If for some reason you don't want a public critique/impression/feedback I can send word via carrier pigeon, pack mule, or Private Message.
5. I'm mainly hoping to look at SOTFMain characters atm, but I'm open to looking at Mini characters somewhere down the line.

So yeah, go nuts.

Main SOTF queue (max of 10):
1. Aileen Aurora Abdallah
2. Mirabella Strong
3. Stacy Ramsey (WIP)
4. Cody Patton
5. Alex King
6. Ian Williams
7. Juhan Levandi
8. Adonis Alba
9. Hansel Williams

side-non-v5-queue (max of 3):
1. Forrest Doe
2. Taylor DeVasher
3. Leah Bissard

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You are opening yourself to tragedy.

But sure, Aileen Abdallah, pwetty pwease?
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Marcus Leung, thank you. He's the dark green heart in my signature, next to the gray one.
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Hey Inky! Could you pretty please critique Mirabella for me? <3
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Could you critique Stacy Ramsey for me please?
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Why the hell not.

Cody Patton.
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I'd absolutely love to get some feedback on Ian Williams, please.
Constructive criticism is always welcome! Feel free to send me a PM if you have any pointers or feedback you'd like to share!
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I'd give you my V5 character, but I have none. So...I guess, Forrest Doe?

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Mind doing a critique of James Wade, please?
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