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It was hard to describe what just happened with words. Isaac left because he felt that he didn’t have to be here, sauntering away from the table as he mocked the other two. Min-Jae got angry, and followed. Was he going to vent? Was he going to do something to Isaac? Who knew?

Not Alvaro, that was for sure. He watched as both Isaac and Jae left the library and stared, dumbfounded at the scene that had just occurred. It had only been a couple of seconds ago when they were planning what they were going to do for the report and now Alvaro was the only one still in the library after both had left. He didn’t know how that had happened. All he knew that they had both left and they couldn’t work on it and they were going to fail because they couldn’t work as a team. No, that wasn’t why they were going to fail, they were going to fail because Alvaro didn’t speak up and try to stop them from arguing or at least try to stop Isaac from leaving. It was his fault. It always was. Nobody liked him and he just made everything worse just by being there. That’s how it always was. That was how it always was since the move. He was always the outcast. Different from the rest of them. He didn’t want to be here. Nobody wanted him to be here. If he vanished right now nobody would even notic-

He sent his fists down towards the table. No. He just needed to not be here. He needed to be somewhere that wasn’t the Beale Library. He needed to be with someone else. Someone who liked him, or at least pretended to. Lily. Alessio. Oskar. Maybe even Barry. He just needed to not be in the library with the ghosts of Isaac and Min-Jae looming over him. He stood up, grabbed his stuff, went back to his bag, and walked off.

He didn’t really know where he’d go, but he knew that he needed to go somewhere not here.

((Alvaro Vacanti, continued elsewhere))
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