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Season 1: First Blood
Season 2: Call in the Calverty
Season 3: Bloodricution Boogaloo
Season 4: Botchamania

Uhh so what’s Survival of the Fittest?

This ain't your mother's Survival of the Fittest.

Survival of the Fittest is a crucible, the sides of which are coated with the remnants of the obliterated weak. Thunderdome is an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. Thunderdome is glorious doom made briefly manifest, it is the percussive thunder of corpses hitting the floor.

Survival of the Fittest is weakness leaving your body.

Survival of the Fittest is a macabre theater where a hundred men enter and only one leaves. Each season, a group of high school seniors are kidnapped and assigned weapons before being dropped on a deserted island in order to duke it out. If you have ever seen Beyond Thunderdome, it's like that, except a hundred people enter and only one leaves.

So okay that sounds cool, are there any big time actors?

Clearly you aren't from the United States. To those foreign to the US, SOTF may seem like a huge alternative reality show made to look as real as possible. It is not. These are real high school kids These aren't actors, and they aren't shooting rubber bullets. And when we say "only one leaves" we mean exactly that. Unless they pull a Kent (that is impossible) or the government actually finds the island (good luck), these kids aren't going anywhere til they break some purity vows.

That's horrible! Why would you watch a show like this you monster?

You're right. It is shocking, repulsive, depressing and just plain wrong. If you honestly believe anyone watching approves of what's happening, you are an idiot. But it's some of the best shit you'll ever see. Trust me.

This isn't possible! Why hasn't the us sent the army and the navy to try and save them?

You're so cute.

SOTF has been running for five seasons (six, but we don't talk about that) and not once has the government successfully intervened. While there was a successful escape in Season 4, that was only made possible by several students (and our Savior Ethan Kent) who were smart enough to game the system. The people running this game have had several years to patch the holes. They aren't fucking around this time.

EDIT: Motherfuckers prerecorded this season. Lose all hope ye who enter here.

Season Five

What do you know about the school?

Hasn't been confirmed yet, but chances are the school this season is Aurora High, from Seattle, Washington. The school made headlines when a airplane carrying a chunk of 2012 graduating class to Disney Land disappeared. Once we know for sure we'll edit this.

EDIT: It's Aurora High School, from Seattle. More details following.

What do you know about the students?

They have numbers.

We haven't even confirmed what school these kids came from. We'll have more for you soon.

EDIT: It's Aurora. The school had a memorial page for the missing students but they've taken it down. More details following.

What do you know about the island?

Christsake we don't know! If history serves us it will be an abandoned island that hasn't been touched in ages. No electricity or cell phone towers. Whether the water's still running remains to be seen. Be patient.

EDIT: There's a nuclear plant, a mall and a fun fare. Why is there a nuclear plant, a mall and a fun fair in any close proximity on a small island?

EDIT: There's also a golf course and mansions and a hotel too. Is this Fantasy Island?

EDIT: okay so if anyone knows where the gently caress this place is this then please contact diyasterbator or me because I'm done speculating - commissar penisaur

(I reserve the right to add a rule page if you mouth-breathing thundercocks keep finding creative ways to make me regret having been born.)

COME CHAT WITH US: SynIRC, #sotf for regular discussion, #bloodgarden for people who are not assholes.
"He tests the stone's weight; he finds he can lift it, and the others too. He can fit them together to create a foundation, an embankment, a castle. To build a castle of appropriate size, he will need a great many stones. But what he's got, now, feels like an acceptable start." - Jonathan Blow, Braid

PROLOGUE Ocean Breathes Salty
CHAPTER ONE everything you swallow will one day come up like a stone

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everything you swallow will one day come up like a stone
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TV Shows > Survival of the Fittest

Rural Rentboys
By: AryaLuper012
This is AU Carlsel fic. Hansel and Calron are towboys lookig to escape from the School janitor Danya will they overcome it?? I dont know. JoexMarcus and AdonisxGarrett too so enjoy and sorry for lame descrip
Rated: Fiction MA - English - Romance/Angst - Danya, Hansel W., Sam E. - Chapters: 1 - Words: 860 - Reviews: 0 - Favs: 0 - Follows: 0 - Updated: 7m ago - Published: Jul 9 - id: 10435211

The Year is 1985.
England,Sharpshier, Wroxetr, two 18teen year old boys are entering an abonend bunker. The mosscovered"do not enter"sign above the entrance is barely redable, it has not worn the gnawing of time well. They ignore it. The bunker was a perect litle shelter for them. For Carlon and HaNsel it was the ideal, that is to say the only place where they could be themselves.

Wroxeter, famous for it`s old roman ruins and little else was hardly a stronghold of tolerance. Quiet little villages with piss poor work markets seldom are. Two young boys in love could not be open about their desires in such a place without risk. Tall, muscular and atheltic Hansel and Carlon cherised the attention they got from Andie and AlexXxa.

... What was Gretel reading.
Synirc << | #kyrena (28) | #colony26 (12) | #WageSlaves (6) | LennaTycoon | *Arya* wrote: 13:12Gretel : What am I looking at right now.
13:12 Arya : >.>
13:12 Arya : its a fanfic??
13:13 Gretel : I can see that.
13:13 Arya : ??
13:13 Gretel : It was a rhetorical question.
13:13 Arya : ohh @.@
13:13 Gretel : Did you spellcheck this? There's a few errors.
13:13 Arya : no??
13:14 Arya : I wrote it in my account page >.>
13:14 Arya : Lenna told me youve been watching the feeds
13:14 Arya : and that you would know about Hansel's stutter
13:14 Arya sweatdrops. "is it okay?"
No. It was not okay. It was not okay at all. In fact it was the opposite of okay. It was like that one scene from the Ark of the Covenant except she didn't have the luxury of her face melting, just pain and heat and burning. And no, Arya's biggest concern shouldn't have been Hansel's 'voice'. Scrolling further down, she saw a glimpse of more typographical errors. Grammar, punctuation, even capitalization! Seriously, why would anyone capitalize letters in the middle of the world instead of the front?

Not to mention, it was so, so, so, so wrong. She was pretty sure Carlon wasn't of age. Plus, Arya wrote Danya in as a homosexual janitor who lusts after boys. Yes that is something that exists on the internet. Danya as a pedophile school janitor. No. Really. I shit you not.

But the School janitor Dayna with his needy blue eyes and gaunt face also appreciated their looks. Attention from a known poofter like him they could ill afford. In short things could be better for them. Mercifully they knew they always had eachother and the aboned bunker. It would have to do until they graduated.

Thankfully Arya thought better to involve him in the romps to the "abonend bunker".

But Gretel could ignore all of that. Really, she could. Gretel found the Darknet at the tender age of thirteen. It made watching some sixteen year old genderfluid water her flowery prose to the point of drowning on a story that had to be leading up to sex. Gretel wrote horror stories, she could stomach terribad erotica. And it wasn't like Arya... wasn't... "trying" ... but...

Gretel closed her eyes. 'This is what Carlon and the rest have been reduced to', she thought to herself. 'This is how people would have seen me, too.'

Another electronic chime. And another. And another.
Synirc << | #kyrena (28) | #colony26 (12) | #WageSlaves (54) | ~LennaTycoon~ | *Arya* | ~SuperPieGuy...~ wrote: 13:15 Arya : ???
13:15 Arya : honey?
13:17 Arya hugsnuzzles
13:20 Arya : o_o; are you okay?
13:21 Aryar : >.>
13:23 Arya sighs
13:24 Arya : youre ignoring me aren't you
13:24 Arya : whatever
13:24 Arya : it's like everyone's trying to start sht wtih me
13:24 Arya : i'm just going to delete this story and wuit writing
13:24 Arya : i can tell when i'm not wanted.
13:24 Arya : ...
13:25 Arya pokes
Jesus Fucking Christ, Gretel was gone for all of fifteen minutes and already Arya was pulling the pity party shit.
Synirc << | #kyrena (28) | #colony26 (12) | #WageSlaves (32) | ~LennaTycoon~ | *Arya* | ~SuperPieGuy...~ wrote:13:25 Gretel : Sorry. Back now.
13:25 Arya : wb
13:25 Arya : what about my story? >.>
13:26 Gretel : What about it?
13:26 Arya : was it okay?? >.<;;
13:28 Gretel : Sure.
13:28 Arya : thankies! ^.^;;;
13:28 Arya hugscuddles~♥
13:28 Arya : what did you like most about it? O_O
Spring was in full orgasmic explosion when they visited the bunker for the last time. Nature blossomed, it was green, moist and filled with bird song. The green hills east of Wroxetr was in everyway a paradisal sigth, not including the odd discarded needle or empty beer can. Even the heavens looked magical, dotted with white puffy clouds and clothed in the colour of the ceasars. Happily the bunker was obscured behind trees and did not disturb the romantic visage.
Synirc << | #kyrena (28) | #colony26 (12) | #WageSlaves (19) | ~LennaTycoon~ | *Arya* | ~SuperPieGuy...~ wrote:13:30 Gretel : I like how you set up the bunker.
13:30 Gretel : A place where love is made and important work is done.
13:30 Arya : hehe thankies!!
13:30 Gretel : A perfect metaphor for the bum.
13:30 Arya : :3
13:32 Arya : thankies~♥
Conveying sarcasm is difficult when the receiver takes everything literally.

Gretel rubbed at her temple. She really hoped Arya would leave her alone. Her tired eyes scanned the tabs at the top of her IRC client. Lenna and Bryon messaged her. The decision of which one to check first wasn't very hard, admittedly.
Synirc << | #kyrena (28) | #colony26 (12) | #WageSlaves (19) | *LennaTycoon* | Arya | ~SuperPieGuy...~ wrote:13:20 LennaTycoon : Sorry.
13:20 LennaTycoon : Arya's writing fanfiction about IRL people and she's asking me to proof read that shit
13:20 LennaTycoon : and I'm like "LOL idk" but she just kept bugging me
13:21 LennaTycoon : I am so sorry Dory
13:21 LennaTycoon : I know that's a touchy subject for you
13:25 LennaTycoon : I promise, I didn't tell her about you-know-what
13:26 LennaTycoon : if it's any consolation
13:33 Gretel : Don't worry about it.
13:33 Gretel : She can be pretty overbearing but I was like that a few years ago.
13:33 Gretel : I'm just really shocked.
13:33 Gretel : This is some My Immortal level shit.
13:34 LennaTycoon : Jeff the Killer level shit?
13:33 Gretel : Close.
After much sweating cursing and hustling about inside the bunke they finally made the wheel fit the bikeframe. It looked safe anyhow.
-Seems alrigth'. W-wanna give it a g-go Carlon?
- You know what i want, hehe.
-Seriously partner, ride it d-down the slope to see how it h-handles. W-We might need to make some adjustments.
Carlon picked up the bike and smiled. -Yeah yeah i heard you, if it makes you happy.
-I j-just want you t-to be safe using t-that wheel.
Carlon walked outside and sat down on the bike. -I know you do.
Synirc << | #kyrena (28) | #colony26 (12) | #WageSlaves (19) | *LennaTycoon* | ~Arya~ | ~SuperPieGuy...~ wrote:13:35 Gretel : Christ she isn't even using quotation marks.
13:35 Gretel : It sounded like she was trying to write in the beginning.
13:35 Gretel : Now I'm not too sure.
13:36 LennaTycoon : LOL
13:36 LennaTycoon : You got that far??
13:36 LennaTycoon : I couldn't get past the part where she said the bunker was 'moist' or some shit
13:36 Gretel : This is horrible.
13:36 Gretel : The worst part about it is there's one boy named Hansel
13:36 Gretel : No relation btw
13:36 Gretel : But he has a stutter and I am pretty sure it sounds nothing like this.
13:37 LennaTycoon : LOL seriously?
13:36 LennaTycoon : Worse than the pedophilia?
13:37 Gretel : I guess.
13:37 Gretel : The dirty janitor makes me cringe.
13:37 Gretel : The stutter makes me want to gouge my eyes out.
13:38 LennaTycoon : Bu-Bu-But D-Dory
13:38 LennaTycoon : I-Isn't th-this h-h-h-how pee-peeople wi-with stutters t-talk?
13:39 Gretel : Ha ha.
13:39 Gretel : Stop, ableist scum.
13:38 LennaTycoon : LOL
Electronic chimes. Gretel squeezed her eyes shut and bore a thumb into her temple. Either Bry was getting impatient or Arya was trigger messaging her again. She hoped it was Bryon.
Synirc << | #kyrena (28) | #colony26 (12) | #WageSlaves (19) | LennaTycoon | ~Arya~ | *SuperPieGuy...* wrote:13:13 SuperPieGuy : http://sotfarchive.net/feed/v5/watch?v=qzBGTHiy7lc
13:15 SuperPieGuy : when you see it
13:15 SuperPieGuy : you'll shit bricks
That was the kind of shit Bryon did. The guy lived on dares, linking shit just to see your reaction. Maybe that was why Gretel liked him when she first met him. Calling him Gretel's ex was... an apt description. That is, if you considered having obscene amounts of cybersex a relationship.

Gretel exhaled, blowing the bangs out of her eyes.. I dare you , double dog dare you, she heard her inner Bryon say. Whatever. She put on her headphones and muted the IRC client. The electronic chimes were getting frantic and it was driving her up the wall. She clicked the link, expecting the worst.

When you see it.

She watched in horror as the explosion hit. Simms was in pieces.

Gretel had seen mutilated corpses before. She'd also seen cut off limbs before. But she never seen a live person with bloody splotches where their limbs used to be. But Simms was -

You will shit bricks.

Dolores Agnew gagged.

She lurched forward and covered her mouth.

She was about to throw up.

Dolores let out a hideous croak, shrinking back into her chair like a frightened turtle. Her hand clutched at her knee while she pressed pressed her mouth against the opposite shoulder, realizing just a bit too late that she had a tank top on. No sleeves. She paced herself for a moment, managing to choke her breakfast down. The thought of it made her want to vomit again.

No, not the gagging. Not just the video, sitting open, in front of her. And not just the story of her good friend fucking some yokel asshole like it was no tomorrow.

It was sick, Bryon was sick, Arya was sick, they were making Dolores sick.
Synirc << | #kyrena (28) | #colony26 (12) | #WageSlaves (19) | LennaTycoon | ~Arya~ | *SuperPieGuy...* wrote:13:40 Gretel : Classy.
13:40 SuperPieGuy : XD don't lie
13:40 SuperPieGuy : bitch just got turned to ground beef.
13:41 SuperPieGuy : but seriously
13:41 SuperPieGuy : she really got on my nerves
13:41 SuperPieGuy : idk like
13:42 SuperPieGuy : do you even watch reality tv? cuz she's like one of those people who only audition because they think it's a shoehorn into hollywood.
13:43 Gretel : It's funny how you think I actually care Bry
13:43 SuperPieGuy : LOL
13:43 SuperPieGuy : yeah
13:43 SuperPieGuy : i'm a pretty funny guy ; )
It was official. Gretel was going to kill Bryon. She was going to take a bus straight to BumFuck USA, kick down the door to his trailer park with a hatchet and chop him to pieces. He didn't know. Of course he didn't. Bryon wasn't the type to think of anyone but himself and his needs. Summer Simms was an annoying little rat and Gretel could not stand her, but even she deserved better than this. Alexander de Gaulle was a smart boy and he deserved so much better. Amaranta Montalvo was the sort of person Gretel hated and admired in equal measures and she deserved better tenfold. Finn Grant was an asshole and even he deserved better, They all deserved better, better than Bryon, the chucklefuck of the century, sitting back and watching children murder one another while waxing his own ego.

Gretel typed in a response. A very mean response. Something involving Bryon's paraplegic mother. She wanted it to sting, nice and deep. Of course, she made the mistake of unmuting IRC in order to do so. She heard. It was coming from #kyrena.

Oh for crying out loud.
Synirc << | *#kyrena (28)* | #colony26 (12) | #WageSlaves (19) | LennaTycoon | ~Arya~ | SuperPieGuy... wrote:13:36 Arya pokes Gretel.
13:36 Frykte : I'm just scrolling through the Casual Encounters people are posting at RTX
13:36 Frykte : I can't stop laughing!
13:38 Pharmachien : ha ha
13:39 Pharmachien : Isn't the sex board just nothing but spambots though?
13:43 Arya : Gretel <.<
13:43 Pharmachien : I think your girlfriend is looking for you Gretel!
13:43 Arya : <.<;
The thing that made Gretel lose her salt was the fact that Arya didn't even go to kyrena. She was legitimately stalking Gretel.
Synirc << | #kyrena (28) | #colony26 (12) | #WageSlaves (19) | LennaTycoon | *Arya* | ~SuperPieGuy...~ wrote:13:34 Arya : <.<
13:35 Arya : stop ignoring me!!!
13:30 Arya : GRETEL
13:30 Arya : >.<;
13:45 Gretel : What.
13:45 Arya glares 'you were ignoring me werent you?"
13:45 Gretel : No.
13:45 Gretel : Maybe if you tried being patient for once you wouldn't be hyperventilating every five minutes.
13:47 Arya : <.<;
13:47 Arya : you just stop talking. i thought we were talking about my story
13:48 Gretel : What do you expect from me, Arya?
13:48 Gretel : Do you want a pat on the ass for writing some stupid story about people you don't even know?
13:48 Gretel : People who, might I add, are killing one another on live television?
13:49 Arya : ...
13:49 Arya : sotf isn't even being broadcast on tv?
13:50 Arya : hey, thats a very rude thing to say
13:50 Gretel : wow you're talking about how I'm rude???
13:50 Gretel : Fuck you Arya
"Dolores, dinner's ready."

"I'll be right down," Gretel said.

"It's going to get cold."

"Give me a second!" Gretel said.
Synirc << | #kyrena (28) | #colony26 (12) | #WageSlaves (19) | LennaTycoon | *Arya* | ~SuperPieGuy...~ wrote:13:52 Gretel : This class is from Seattle.
13:52 Gretel : Why is this set in 1986 and Sharpshier?
13:53 Gretel : Is that supposed to be Shropshire?
13:53 Arya : <.<
13:53 Arya : its au?
13:54 Arya : its marked alternative universe fo ra reason!!!
13:54 Gretel : Oh okay.
13:54 Gretel : Didn't know what that meant
13:54 Gretel : Totally excuses the fact that you're writing porn about dead people assfucking each other.
13:55 Gretel : Excuse me.
13:56 Arya : <.<
13:56 Arya : why do you even care
13:56 Gretel : Here's a better question - Why do you even care Arya???
13:56 Gretel : You seem pretty invested, considering you're legit creeping on me
13:56 Gretel : looking for me to pay mouth service to your stupid story about people you don't know.
14:01 Arya : i just
14:01 Arya : youre making me cry
14:01 Gretel : You just what?
14:02 Gretel : Ha ha wow really?
14:02 Gretel : Listen kid.
14:02 Gretel : I'm what you call an Internet Veteran?
14:02 Gretel : You probably thought you were real smart going /whois just to see what rooms I'm in
14:02 Gretel : You aren't as sart as you think you are
14:03 Gretel : The only reason you're getting upset is because you're taking shit way too seriously.
14:03 Gretel : And since I'm not eating you out over your shit story
14:04 Gretel : It's like a personal insult to you
14:04 Gretel : That is the ONLY reason *ANYONE* would do something like that
14:04 Gretel : Your living vicariously off of other people's compliments and you can't stand that I'm not giving you what you want..
14:06 Arya : your wrong
14:06 Gretel : Oh oh I'm wrong?
14:06 Gretel : Then enlighten me Arya
14:07 Gretel : Why did you go into a room that you've never set foot in before and started poking me?
14:08 Gretel : Cmon Arya, I'm wrong aren't I? Prove me wrong.
14:10 Arya : your right.
14:10 Gretel : Thank you.
14:10 Gretel : Your story is still shit.
14:11 Arya : shut up
14:11 Gretel : Ouch. Ice burn.
14:14 Arya : your wrong thou
14:14 Gretel : Clearly.
14:15 Arya : about how I dont know them
14:15 Gretel : Arya. You live in the UK don't you?
14:15 Gretel : What are you distant cousins with someone?
14:18 Arya : n oI just
14:18 Arya : i know everything about carlon.
14:18 Gretel : ...
14:18 Gretel : What is that supposed to mean exactly?
14:21 Arya : carlon is my husbano <//// <
14:23 Arya : all of my tumblr friends have sotf husbanos
14:24 Arya : misha has joe and iwanako has ray
14:26 Gretel : ... what the fuck?
14:26 Gretel : Please tell me you're joking.
14:26 Arya : <.<;
Delilah was standing in her doorway. Gretel wasn't sure when she arrived but she had her arms crossed under her chest, staring straight at her.. Gretel canted her head slightly, looking at her through the reflection in the mirror on the wall.

"I told you I'll be right down." Gretel said.

Delilah didn't even dress herself today. For once she actually put her daughter above her students. That might have meant something if Gretel gave a shit.

"Honey, I," something caught in Delilah's throat, "I know this must be hard for you. I'm taking some time off from- "

"I don't care. Leave me alone."

"...Please don't talk over me. Dolores, I'm trying to have a conversation with you. You haven't spoken in days, I'm worried."

Gretel turned her head to look at Delilah. There were fresh tears in her eyes but she ignored them. Gretel squinted at her, squeezing the arm of her swivel chair so hard her knuckles turned a paler shade of bleach. She spoke through knitted teeth.

"Leave. Me. Alone."

They stared at each other for a very long time. Delilah said something, but it was muffled by the hand over her face. She turned and walked out of the room. Dolores listened as she crept down the staircase, until she couldn't hear anything but the whirl of her computer fan and her own beating heart.
Synirc << | #kyrena (28) | #colony26 (12) | #WageSlaves (19) | LennaTycoon | *Arya* | ~SuperPieGuy...~ wrote:13:30 Gretel : This is honestly making me sick.
14:30 Gretel : You've never even met this boy!
14:30 Arya : <.<;
14:30 Gretel : Like what exactly do you mean by making him your husbano?
14:30 Gretel : Are you telling me you e-stalked a dead boy?
14:30 Gretel : Why would you ever do that? Why would ANYONE do that?
14:31 Arya : i love carlon
14:31 Gretel : Like holy fucking shit he died, what, two days ago?
14:31 Gretel : No you shut your mouth you stupid bitch.
14:31 Gretel : Tel that to Carlon's parents.
14:32 Gretel : Show them your masturbation material I bet they'll really appreciate it.
14:32 Gretel : Seeing their son getting stuffed like a turkey that totally won't rub salt in any wounds.
14:33 Arya : plz stop
14:33 Gretel : What the fuck is wrong with you Arya?
14:33 Gretel : Oh NOW you want me to stop?
14:33 Gretel : After you were spamming the pm box just now?
14:35 Gretel : What about Hansel huh?
14:35 Gretel : Are people with verbal tics one of your 'kinks' Arya?
14:35 Gretel : Or do you want to make a sotf harem?
14:37 Arya : i just shi phim with carlon
14:38 Arya : plz stop yelling at me
14:38 Arya : i didn t take my pills toda y
14:38 Gretel : Ahah fucking really?
14:38 Gretel : Arya, Hansel's a homophobic asshole.
14:38 Gretel : Carlon couldn't stand him and that's really saying something.
14:40 Arya : you lie
14:40 Gretel : It's the truth.
14:40 Gretel : Sorry to sink your fucking ship.
14:41 Arya : how do u even kno???
14:41 Arya : stop it
14:42 Arya : stop talkig like ur beter than me
14:42 Arya : u dont know so stop taking
...She could have just closed the tab. She could have put Arya on mute. Maybe she could have just told her to go away! That might have worked.

Instead, Gretel chose to go balls deep. Lenna always said Gretel had to win every single argument. That's really the only explanation for what Gretel did next.
Synirc << | #kyrena (28) | #colony26 (12) | #WageSlaves (19) | LennaTycoon | *Arya* | ~SuperPieGuy...~ wrote:14:43 Gretel : How do I know?
14:43 Gretel : Do you really want to know the answer to that.
14:44 Arya : <.<
14:44 Arya : ur talkig like ur a bit smarty pants
14:44 Gretel : That's because I went to school with them.
14:44 Arya : u don't no carlon like i do
14:46 Arya : wat?
14:47 Gretel : I'm a Senior at Aurora High School, Arya. Seattle, Washington.
14:48 Gretel : I had class with almost all of these people daily. I was friends with some of them, including Carlon, especially Carlon.
14:50 Arya : you lie
14:51 Gretel : It's the truth, I swear to god I'm not lying.
14:52 Gretel : In fact, I was supposed to go on that trip! I should be dying in a ditch somewhere right now but I'm not
14:52 Gretel : And I've been cooped up in the house for days because there are reporters breathing down my fucking neck
14:53 Gretel : it's getting to the point where I'm this close to losing my shit
14:54 Gretel : And before you start crying up and down about how I'm lying because I haven't been crying wolf about it
14:54 Gretel : The reason why I haven't told anyone in chat about is this is because of assholes like you
14:54 Gretel : Asking me personal questions or getting emotionally attached
14:55 Gretel : To a bunch of unlucky imperfect little shits
14:55 Arya : you arent frien dsw ith carlon
14:56 Arya : yo uarent and youre just jealous of me
14:56 Arya : you re triggering me
14:56 Arya : im shaking
14:56 Arya : plz stop gretel
14:58 Gretel : ...
14:58 Gretel : I open up to you and the first thing you do is make it all about yourself.
14:58 Gretel : People like you
14:58 Gretel : You make me sick
14:58 Gretel : You don't know anything about me, or Carlon, or Hansel, or anyone else who was kidnapped.
14:59 Gretel : So on't you dare talk to me about how I'm triggering you, if anything you're triggering me.
14:59 Gretel : I'm getting upset because you're wetting your flannel panties
15:00 Gretel : Over some poor fucking boy I actually didn't despise
15:00 Gretel : that I actually liked, as a person, as a friend
15:01 Gretel : I'm getting mad over how YOU are treating him like he's a part of a fucking boy band
15:01 Arya : plz stop
15:01 Gretel : And I'm the one who needs to check their privilege?!
15:02 Gretel : How about you take your priviedge and shove it straight up your ass
15:02 Gretel : Go screw yourself Arya
15:02 Gretel : Acting like I have no say
15:03 Gretel : Where the fuck do you get off you mouth breathing bitch
15:05 Arya : im crying rite now
15:05 Gretel : Good.
15:05 Gretel : Maybe it'll teach you to think before you run your fucking machine gun of a mouth.
15:06 Arya : yur so mean gretl
15:06 Gretel : *Your
15:06 Gretel : *Gretel
15:06 Arya : STOP
15:07 Arya : stop bein gmen to me
15:07 Gretel : Listen to yourself.
15:07 Gretel : I wasn't even expecting an apology from you.
15:07 Gretel : But you're still acting like you're the victim here?
15:08 Arya : ...
15:10 Arya : yur makng me not want to live
15:10 Arya : im going to kill myself
15:11 Gretel : Ha ha no, you aren't Arya.
15:12 Gretel : If you are going to kill yourself over a little spat on the internet then you have some huge problems.
15:12 Gretel : Stop acting like a baby.
15:14 Arya : good bye
15:15 Gretel : Okay you know what?
15:15 Gretel : Fine.
15:15 Gretel : Go kill yourself.
15:15 Gretel : See if I care
15:15 Gretel : As far as I'm concerned I would trade you and all of your friends for Carlon any day of the week.
15:15 Gretel : See you in hell Arya.

Gretel... started scrolling back up, reading over all of the things she just said. Nothing that a normal person should kill themselves over, surely, but she spoke out of term and... no, she shouldn't have been so mean. Normally Gretel could keep a lid on her anger but the combination of Simms and Arya's little crush on Carlon just made her lose it. Arya didn't mean any harm. She was just a stupid kid. Gretel should have know this.

God. Gretel fucked up. She really fucked up. Not only that, but she took her anger out on Arya. That wasn't right.

She should apologize. Gretel knew that was what Arya wanted but... she should apologize.
Synirc << | #kyrena (28) | #colony26 (12) | #WageSlaves (19) | LennaTycoon | *Arya* | ~SuperPieGuy...~ wrote:15:20 Gretel : Arya I'm sorry.
15:21 Gretel : It just makes me feel hopeless seeing them die without being able to do anything.
15:21 Gretel : What you were writing, it wasn't right and I'm still disgusted.
15:21 Gretel : I know that wasn't your intention though
15:22 Gretel : I'm sorry.
15:24 Gretel : Just... come back, okay? Let's forget this ever happened.

Fuck fuck fuck!

Are you fucking kidding? Holy shit, she totally didn't just -

What if Arya wasn't kidding? What if Arya was going to slit her wrists? Gretel just told Arya to go kill herself, she encouraged it - No. No, Arya was just talking out of her ass. She wouldn't go kill herself over something silly like an internet fight. Arya was going to come back in and when she did, Gretel would apologize to her then.

But. But. What if Arya was being serious? And she just committed suicide because of what Gretel just said? What if Gretel just added to the bodycount? Ruined another life on top of Carlons? What if Gretel was a murderer?




Gretel, no, Dolores Agnew had to get up. She needed air. She was suffocating.

The swivel chair squeaked as she got up, padding across the rug towards the closed blinds. She opened them quickly and was surprised by how... sharp the sun was. It was like Dracula allowing the morning sun to fry him up. She shielded her eyes, opening the window with her free arm.

The crisp morning wind felt pleasant against her pale skin. She hated going outside during the day, so it surprised her how relaxed she felt. Dolores stuck her head out, gazing over the suburban decay and rotting muck that hung over her Cul-de-sac.

A smile crossed her pale lips. It was pretty out, wasn't it? And to think, Dolores was still alive to see it.

She closed her eyes. Took a slow, deep breath. All the way in. Until her lungs bulged and her nostrils strained. Then she exhaled, just as slow, smooth and deep as before.

Then she frowned.

Dolores missed them. Missed Carlon especially. Not just him though. All of them, even the ones she hated.

Part of her really wanted to shrug it all off, just like she had shrugged many of her own classmates a thousand times over. Dolores didn't even like half of her classmates, downright despised most of them, so no skin off her ass. The fact that she felt any guilt about missing the trip was beyond her. But... The opposite part, the yang to Gretel's usual yin, wished she could turn back time. Get to know them instead of shoving them away. Maybe change it so shewas on the trip. It was what she deserved, after all, especially if Arya... She knew that was a stupid thing to think. Just stupid. Completely stupid. Utterly stupid. That didn't stop her though. Not one bit.

Dolores stood there for who knows how long. An electronic chime brought her out of her daze. When saw went back over to the computer, she saw that Lenna messaged her.
Synirc << | #kyrena (28) | #colony26 (12) | #WageSlaves (19) | *LennaTycoon* | Arya | ~SuperPieGuy...~ wrote:15:48 LennaTycoon : Um, Dory?
15:48 LennaTycoon : Did you rip Arya's story apart? She's flipping a gasket on the forum.
15:50 Gretel : oh thank fuck
15:51 LennaTycoon : ???
15:51 Gretel : I kind of flipped out at her first Lenna
15:51 Gretel : She has this puppy crush on Carlon and I was friends with him so I just lost it.
15:51 LennaTycoon : OH DID YOU TELL HER?
15:51 LennaTycoon : that explains it then.
15:52 Gretel : And she said she was going to kill herself? It's like
15:52 Gretel : ...
15:52 Gretel : What explains what?
15:54 LennaTycoon : Aheh... uhm.
15:55 LennaTycoon : Maybe you should see for yourself.
........... . . . . . Well. Crap.