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(Dorothy continues from Time to Open Up )

Dorothy wanted to go at the dance, but her parents - well, her father - didn't it think was that good of an idea after watching Carrie for the third times. Her mom was cool about it, but she was forced to retreat when she got a call from the hospital. She skipped class once and she wasn't able to go at her friends' houses for all of her middle school years, she couldn't even think about the consequences of leaving the house without her parents knowing.

Just the thought of running away to the dance at school was annihilated by the bomb that was the flashbacks of her being caught, and any attempts to go near the front door were greeted with suspicious glares from her father, so the idea of staying on the ground floor was quickly rejected. She excused herself, stuffed a pack of crackers in her pocket, and went up the stairs to shelter herself in her red bedroom.

To smother the thoughts of jumping out of the window and going to her friend's, she went on Facebook. The first thing to catch her eyes were the abundance of statuses coming from all directions. The names of long forgotten classmates came and left while her own smiling face was sitting on the top of the screen.

Nothing was really catching her short attention span for more than two seconds. A black and blue dress there, a beaming couple over here, seething teenagers posting passive-aggressive posts about how they got no dates, and a cute girl named Irene Djezari in her even cuter baseball uniform.

But, her Facebook page wasn't as promising as the picture on the tin. She expected normal Facebook things like "I just ate a pancake LOL" or "idk if i should go to school today :/". Instead, she was welcomed by an omen of death: a header where a strangely human-looking frog wielding a gun, and it was about to shoot a young man crying.

Jesus H. Christ, what was that girl about?

Her posts were amusing, however. Badly cropped pictures of some anime with a caption referring to the latest events and a high amount of all-cap arguing with what Dorothy believed was her friends. Interestingly enough, she took really beautiful pictures of her eyebrows, or reposted picture of other gal's eyebrows. She was the kind of gal that got a laugh out of everything, it seemed.

Yet, her idleness was cut short by the accidental liking of one of Irene's selfie. She, as quickly as humanly possible, unliked the post. She understood she was playing with fire, and the pseudo-cyberstalker in her didn't want to be burned. She slowly closed her laptop, and decided it would be much safer to watch videos on her cell phone than being a huge creeper on some innocent-looking yet very bizarre girl.

(and then she went to the power house of the students)

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