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Name: Bianca Howard
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: dating, shopping, running

Appearance: Bianca has a fit, trim athlete’s body. She stands 5’9” and weighs 155 pounds. Her clothes accentuate her curvy figure. She usually dresses in jeans and layered shirts. Her naturally blond hair, hits mid-back when it is down and sports a variety of styles that reflect the mood she was in that morning. Each hairstyle is done to perfection. Bianca keeps up with the current make-up trends and is not afraid to experiment.

Currently, she favors a natural look to accentuate the cheek bones in her oval face and bring out her blue eyes. Her fair skin sports a faint sprinkling of freckles across the bridge of her small nose. Her full lips, smile often to show of perfectly aligned teeth, thanks to the braces she wore for a year and a half in junior high. The braces also helped to smooth the sharpness of her chin, which comes to a gentle point.

Biography: Bianca, an only child, lives with her mom in a condo. Bianca has a good relationship with her mother. Bianca’s mom works as an executive in the Starbucks Corporation. Bianca’s father was rarely in the picture during Bianca’s childhood. He would come into her life and lavish attention on her for several weeks and then disappear for months at a time. This behavior continued until Bianca was thirteen, when he disappeared completely.

It was about this time that Bianca discovered boys. Bianca’s optimistic outlook on life and generally cheerful personality has won her a string of steady boyfriends. Her relationship usually lasting only a few months before someone else catches her eye. She and her former boyfriends appear to be on good terms, although there a few exceptions. Due to the relatively good relations between Bianca and her exes, she does not seem to have been the target of an undue amount of gossip. Bianca tries not to step on other girls’ toes, often mentioning to her friends that she can find plenty of dates, without having to go after ones that are already taken. An athlete herself, Bianca’s current string of boyfriends have been on the school’s sports teams.

Bianca took up running because it was the easiest way to keep in shape, and to stay motivated since the treadmill inside eliminates a lot of her excuses. She found that she enjoyed running and as a freshman joined the cross country and track team. She is now part of the varsity team.

Keeping herself in shape became important to Bianca after her mother suffered a mild heart attack when Bianca was in eighth grade. Bianca appointed herself as responsible for her mother’s health and demanded that her mom make some changes in her diet and lifestyle. Her mom agreed and now the two go mall walking at least twice a week. What started out as exercise has turned into a great social time for mother and daughter spending the time talking at about a variety of subjects and window shopping.

Bianca has known her best friend Jaquilyn Locke her entire life. Their mothers had been close friends since high school. They had grown even closer when they discovered that they were pregnant at the same time. The girls grew up together; Bianca would often stay with Jaqui’s family after school, until her mom was able to pick her up. Bianca often tries to talk Jaqui’s older brother Dom into taking them to the mall instead; wanting to show Jaqui the latest fashion she’d seen.

Though Bianca’s mom works long hours, she stays on top of Bianca’s academics, demanding that Bianca do her best in all subjects. Bianca finds school easy for the most part, though she has to work to get even C’s in math. She excels in reading, English, and writing. Bianca has tried tutors to help her in math, but often finds herself more interested in her tutor, then in the math. Making her have to work twice as hard, as a result, she’s made the decision to muddle through math on her own. Occasionally, going in for help from her teacher.

Advantages: Bianca is a runner and has good stamina. Bianca is a flirt and can probably count on a few guys to come to her rescue.
Disadvantages: Bianca is a flirt and may not be taken seriously. She may even have created a few enemies among the other girls in her class.

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Let's see...

I feel like you could elaborate a bit more on Bianca's appearance. How long is her hair? Is it naturally blonde or dyed? What about her facial structure? You've listed a few characteristics with her freckles and makeup preferences, but how is her face shaped? Does she have a big nose? Small nose? Straight or crooked teeth? Big or small lips? A pointed or wide chin?

When you mention that she treats dating as a hobby, how does this affect her classmates' opinion of her? Is she seen as someone who gets around? Or does she have a more platonic relationship with the string of boys she dates? Is she on good or bad terms with her exes? Is she on good or bad terms with her exes' exes? How does her mom feel about the amount of boyfriends Bianca has had? Is she okay with it, or is she concerned about Bianca getting pregnant and dropping out of school?

What kind of person is Bianca? There's a lot covered in her biography, but I don't see much mention of her personality. Is she sweet? Mean? Kind? Selfish? Friendly? Stuck up? Her background and history is covered pretty well, but I didn't get much of a sense of the type of person she is from reading over this.

Does she undergo tutoring because of her problems in Mathematics, or does her mom let this slide because she's excelling in other classes? What does she want to do after high school? Has she made any plans at all to go to college?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself to help elaborate on the character a bit further.

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