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((Jaquilyn Locke continued from Red as Blood))

Jaquilyn tore through the brush of the forest. Joachim came into view just ahead, disappearing behind trees as she zigzagged over roots and weeds. He was walking slowly, but didn't look back. The heavy burden of guilt and responsibility lifted as she esaped farther and farther from the clearing. The trees of the forest were all solemn witnesses.

As she neared, that inner pressure was beginning to return. Everything on this island was a challenge, everything was a choice.

She needed conversation. She needed company. Misery loved that shit.

"She's not coming back."

He probably had noticed the lack of gunshot. He probably knew she'd abandoned the plan. He hadn't exactly held up his part of the deal either, but not every plan could work out. Stealing the gun had set her expectations of their cleverness too high. They were a team, they were united, they were efficient... they were deadly. Wasn't that what they had wanted?

The lingering silence had it's own essence. The quiet eternity had it's own sound. It had it's own smell, it's own appearance, feel, and taste. The only good way for this moment to end was with the announcement of rescue. For all they knew, they were the last two people alive on the island now, and it was only a matter of time before one of them one. Joachim had said that sh-

"What do we do now?"

"We keep it up, keep surviving."

"But what now?"

Why the hell was he asking her? He'd seemed to have taken matters into his own hands, why did she have to decide now? She was willing to kill and kill again while protecting this kid so that he could survive. The goal was to win the game while at the same time getting at least one student rescued. This game wasn't just an Aurora High free-for-all. This game was Jaquilyn Locke vs. the terrorists. Didn't Joachim realize that they were on the same team?

"Our shit's at the clubhouse."

"Alright, we go there then."

The gun was heavy in her hands. Why the fuck was she still holding it. Joachim, the player by impulse, was the one who had just RSVPed to the game. What good was it going to do her? She'd just held onto it this whole time since he still had a passable weapon, it's not like it was her gun. They'd earned it... working together... back when she was the bad cop.

If this was on her, she had to follow through with it. Somebody had to escape, be it her or some third ally.

"Yeah..." She held the gun out towards him while giving an unsure shrug. "Do you want to take this?"

Joachim looked at the gun for a few moments. Then back to his own weapon.


Oh... okay.

((Jaquilyn Locke continued in Interstice of Time))