Bathroom Blues

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Sounds of laughter bounced off the high ceilings of the locker room as groups of girls jogged back in from the daily activity to change back into their normal clothing and continue with their school day. Among the stragglers Rosemary walked, trying to calm her speeding heart. The timed sprints today had been grueling to say the least. No matter how much she tried she would be among the longest to finish in time scores.

She went over to a vacant sink and splashed herself with the water, trying to cool the color in her cheeks and wash off any lingering perspiration. She was already pudgy with a mouth full of metal; no need to have raging acne as well.

Thank God this is my last period, now all I have to do is change and go home. She thought to herself as she brought her face up to look at her reflection. This is me. Why is it though? I never did anything bad to anyone, and yet the world I live in punishes me for looking like this...

As she was looking into the mirror Rosemary heard the sound of laughter and from the corner of the mirror saw three girls walk into the room. They were all considered popular, or at least well-known among the school. Unfortunately, Rosemary was acquainted with them on a more business level: that of the bullies and the bullied.

It was almost comical the way it played out. Making remarks about the size of her bust, how clumsy she was, and always delivering commentary when she screwed up a pass or play in games. And the way those girls always sounded as if they were trying to help her by pointing out the mistakes she made, always smiling at her... At first, Rosemary didn’t know how to react to this strange onslaught of amity/enmity, but as time went on and the frequency of their “pep talks” accelerated, she learned.

"Rosie, babe!" The girl on the side called out, her hair was straightened to perfection and retained it even in the sweat-inducing class; her name was Sarah. "What’s up?"

Rosemary gave a small shrug of her shoulders as she turned and walked into the nearest stall, grabbing a fistful of toilet paper to dab her face dry.

"Rosie, why didn’t you wait for us after the race? We could’ve talked." Carmen, the one on the other side said in the high tone of voice people always get when they fake trying to be nice. The boys in their grade practically drooled over her, and Carmen knew it.

"Bathroom." The girl mumbled as a response, hoping they would leave it at that.

"Oh, we understand. Wouldn’t want to have another one of you accidents like that time on your period, huh?" Carmen answered in a faux-concerned tone, "How you ever got the stains out is beyond me. Your mom must be a whiz at cleaning stains, huh?"

The girl’s frame straightened at that comment. Were they implying something when talking about her mom? They hadn't talked about her mom before... only Rosemary. Only how worthless she was. She didn't like the direction the conversation was going.

"Please be quiet." She mumbled, it was more to herself than to them but the trio overheard her; all three looked surprised at her remark, before going back to their friendly façade. But they’re smiles were kind of scary…

"We were just trying to help," One of the girls said in the middle, Jessica, rolled her eyes and put her hands on her hips. She was the worst one, as her gym locker was next to Rosemary’s own which gave her easier access to make snide remarks while they all changed in and out for class. "You need to have more faith in people, Rosemary, it’s not like the whole world is out to get you-"

“Go fuck yourself.” Rosemary blurted out, before covering her mouth in shock.

Wait, what? I just…oh no no no no…

No matter how bad the teasing got, Rosemary never swore or fought back. That was the way for them to lose interest in you. No predator likes to go after something dead; it was the simple law of the jungle, whether in the wilderness or a middle school locker room it was always best to stay silent. Rosemary followed such laws religiously; she knew she wasn’t the hero of some story and never acted as such. It was better to blend into the background rather than be out in the open and vulnerable to attack.

But now Rosemary just broke that must important law.

They looked angry now. Sarah narrowed her eyes. "What did you say to us?"

"I-I’m sorry I didn’t…" Her back bumped against the sink. The three were getting closer. "I didn't mean to-"

Jessica reached out and grabbed her shoulder. Rosemary’s reaction was to push the girl away, not wanting to be physically as well as emotionally tormented. Instead of backing out of Rosemary’s personal bubble like the girl had planned, Jessica slipped on the smooth tile, falling into an open stall. It happened so quickly that the falling back she didn’t have enough time to scream out in surprise before her head connected with the side of the toilet seat with a thump.

The other two and Rosemary were still for a few moments, whether out of shock or just waiting for the other to get up Rosemary never knew. She only knew that the bully she’d pushed wasn’t getting back up.

One of the other girl’s yell broke the silence as she rushed to the fallen bullies’ aid. It was Sarah, and she looked scared as she looekd back up at Rosemary. "What did you do?!"

"I-" Rosemary started to say.

"Oh god is she dead?! She’s dead!" Carmen, the one who was still standing started to scream, her expression turning into one of ghastly horror as she grabbed her head and looked at Jessica. In a twistedly comical way the way she was clutching her face reminded Rosemary of The Scream.

Rosemary started to break out in a cold sweat with butterflies crashing against the sides of her stomach. She turned away from Sarah and Carmen, and- and Jessica. Oh God. What if she is dead-?

She was starting to feel sick. "I’m sorry, I’m sorry…"

Rosemary stumbled out of the bathroom, knowing she had to tell the teacher but as the girl made her way to the office the room started to spin. She had to clutch onto a wall until it stopped, but the nausea didn’t quell at all. When she looked up again saw another girl in front of her, staring at the scene with bewilderment.

"Get the teacher, please, get the teacher-" Rosemary fell down to the tiled floor as she vomited.


Despite all of Carmen’s hysterics, Jessica wasn’t dead. Only knocked out do to her head hitting the porcelain at a bad angle; the girl woke up a half an hour later with a big bumped on her head but no other injuries. Sarah and Carmen both blamed Rosemary for the incident, but the girl who saw the exchange in the restroom said that the three had gained up on Rosemary, and that she acted in self-defense.
In the end Rosemary confessed under threat of suspension that the three girls had been bullying her for the past couple of months. Sarah and Carmen rejected the claims but Jessica didn’t say anything to help their case, so all three were given five days’ suspension from school. Rosemary was told she had to report to the school counselor on a regular basis to make sure nothing like the accident happened again.

"Why didn’t you tell us?" Rosemary’s mom tearfully said as they walked out of the principles’ office. Her dad was still working so Julia Michaels got off work early so she could pick her daughter up.

Because I didn’t want to make you worry about me. Rosemary thought, but instead gave her mom a shrug, hoping by not seeming shaken up about what happened she would drop the subject.

She did, at least until they got home.
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