Bare Necessities

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Boy, oh boy, he sure was pooped! What a day, what a frickin' long-ass, tiring, total mess of a day - totally rad!

Aiden had just said goodbye to the last of his birthday guests, wouldn't leave the damn nachos alone, that damn guy. Prolly why he was such a fatso. Or the other way around, whatever. He was gone now, as were the nachos as well as every last bit of energy still left in Aiden's body. Good times, good fucking times.

He was standing in the living room, coated in dirt and sweat, messy hair, clothes looking like he had been through a trash chute and then a shredder, in that order. Still, that wouldn't stop him from chilling his life right there, right now, no showers or nothing, time for that later - or never.

His impish eyes glanced around the room and finally caught onto the large, purple plush couch of the Slatterys. Couch. Yeah, that sounded like something he could get behind, throw himself on, rather. Couch plus plush equaled cozy as cucumbers, or...something.

Without wasting another thought, he took a running start and jumped straight onto the furniture, making it inch closer towards the wall and furling the carpet underneath in the process. He didn't notice and even if, he couldn't care less. Time to be chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool. With a sigh of approval, he snuggled his head into one of the pillows. So fucking fluffy. Awesome.

"Mom's gonna be stoked seeing you treat her darling little sofa like that. I don't think a dirt pattern is considered all that fashionable this season."

Sharon! Aiden hadn't even heard her enter the room, but to hell with it, she was here now! Yus! Time for cuddles!

He rolled around on the couch, now facing his big sister, who was standing across the room, right there in the doorframe. Arms crossed and making a stern face, like she was scolding him, but she always did that. Was just trying to screw with him, sure. Took a whole lot more to get Sharoney-Rooney mad. Not that he ever wanted to do that.

"Hey, mom's not here now, is she? I'm just gonna tell her someone else did that. Kizi maybe, or...someone, whatevs. Nothing's gonna get me off this thing right now, sis, you bet your pretty head on that."

Sharon immediately dropped her serious facade, a chuckle escaping her slim lips. "You are the worst, Beaks." Still smiling, she walked over towards him, unfolding her arms. "But that's what makes you so adorable, you little scamp. Doesn't it?" With another chuckle, she reached down and patted his head, which was still lying heavily on the cushions.

Aiden couldn't help but utter a little squee. No way he could avoid that, being around his sis always transformed him into some diaper-shitting toddler. But hey, she didn't mind, so why should he? He'd be her little baby, all the way. Kinda creepy, but who cared.

Rolling on his back, he opened up his arms and looked up at Sharon with big puppy eyes. Couldn't give a clearer signal to bring in a hug than that. And it totally worked. His sister shook her head for a second, snickering. "Come here, my little grubby urchin. Let this be my first present to you, birthday boy."

She leaned down and embraced him, nuzzling his face against her shoulder. Aiden immediately felt like melting on the spot, curling up into some fluffy ball, purr like a teeny weenie kitty cat, all at the same time even! Nothing in the world like big sis' hugs. He'd quit having birthday parties for the rest of his damn life if only he'd always have these. Just never ending, cuddly duddly, soft hugs.

"Hey, don't fall asleep on me now, baby brother. I have one more gift for you." Aiden felt something icy cold touch his neck and he jolted up with a startled yip. His sister laughed, then turned his head with her free hand, to show him what she had just pressed against his bare skin.

Wow! Awesomesauce, that was totally neat! Before his eyes dangled a silvery object, that he clearly identified as a wrist watch, clock-face and all. Exactly what he had wanted, now he could go into school all boss-like, wear that thing like a trophy or something. Not really a trophy, but who the fuck cared?

Aiden didn't even bother uttering a 'thanks', instead, he launched forward and caught his sister in another embrace, almost throwing her against the wall behind the couch. "Whoa, careful there, little bro. Guess you like it, hm?" Aiden looked up at her again, excitement written all over his face. "Like it? I fucking love it, Ronny! Best thing to happen to me today!"

"Hey, watch your language", she playfully scolded him, ruffling his hair. Boy, that felt great. Wanted to curl up all over again. And he did. Letting each and every muscle in his body relax, he let himself sink deeper into his sister's arms, until he was almost buried down there. Wished he could just fall asleep on the spot."I love you, sis."

His words came through muffled, but still audible enough for Sharon to discern. Her smile grew softer and she closed her eyes as well, leaning back on the couch. "Happy birthday, Aiden. Our big man. One day, you'll be the one hugging me like this. Me, Sean and mom and dad, all at the same time. Maybe in a year or so." She giggled once more and started caressing Aiden's head again.

She was right. One day, he would be doing all that. He'd grow big and strong and protect his family, Aiden the Man, Aiden the Hero. But not now. Right now, he was happy with the way everything was. Didn't need another goddamn thing in the world. Life was awesome.
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