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Name: Albert "Al" Lions
Gender: Male
Age: Eighteen
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Handheld gaming, Conversations with strangers, Rave music

Appearanace: Standing at 5'6", and weighing 137 lbs, Albert is a short, small young man who would be easily lost in a crowd, were it not for his mannerisms. His wavy blonde hair lies in a mess on top of his head, on the rare occasions he holds still long enough for it to settle down. There are streaks of metallic blue mixed in with the gold, which don't quite reach to his scalp. His green eyes, wide with excitement and curiosity, shine brightly. His nose is short, and thin, and ends in a small, rounded point, above a mouth that is almost always open in speech. Almost always stuck in his right ear is a single earphone bud; The left hangs by its cord over the front collar of his t-shirt, swinging as he moves, and sharing its thumping techno beats and high-energy electronic grooves with anyone who can hear it.

The shirt itself is tie-dye, and baggy, to allow a freedom of movement, often enough so that it reveals some of his slender frame beneath. His skin is fair, tanned on his arms and shoulders where it's most often exposed to the sun, though no part of his upper body is ever completely deprived of Vitamin D. The movements of his shirt occasionally give a glimpse of a tattoo, a peace symbol, inked into his left pec. His pants, plain cargo shorts, are secured at the waist by one of several belts he owns. Inside the left pocket will be his wallet (usually empty, save for ID) and his cellphone (dented and scratched from being dropped many times), in his right a Nintendo DS, sharing a similar appearance to the phone, and missing its stylus. Al's legs move freely beneath the fabric, allowing him to continue whatever impromptu dance he's caught up in at the moment.

His feet are clad in sandals, toes open to the air.

Biography: It's an old and tired cliche, the happy-go-lucky guy who is hiding a tragic past behind too-wide smiles and non-stop change, a cliche Al delights to say he defies. His parents were a classic (if gender-flipped) Cinderella story, his wealthy businesswoman mother meeting his grocery store cashier father after the former left her purse in the store. The two became inseparable, and wed soon after.

Al was born the middle child of 3, between his elder brother Camron and his kid sister Jessie. Their parents had disagreements, like all couples do, but their marriage held strong, through all the speedbumps.

Albert showed his energy and unique personality even from an early age, and it cultivated and grew as he got older. He quickly found his niche, and became the comic of the family, keeping everyone in good spirits no matter the situation. School was not particularly easy for Al, whose excitable personality kept him from holding still for long enough for the system to function properly. But, the boy insisted he stay in public schooling, rather than switch to home school, considering a C average a fair price to pay in order to keep in touch with his friends.

High school brought a still-greater sense of fitting in for the young man, where he found a place among the ravers, who introduced him to several genres of music that were undoubtedly "him", though he generally avoided drug usage, preferring his own natural high to the artificial ones the others partook in. At the same time as this "party" expansion, Al also got involved with one of the less-popular clubs, who got him hooked on a rather unexpected hobby, handheld gaming. He filled a one-of-a-kind role, and no one who knew him forgot him.

An interesting habit of Al's began to emerge in the beginning of his freshman year. Most people react to strangers as just that, strange. They may be cordial, or even kind, but few and far between are the people who will take a genuine interest in the lives of people they do not know. Albert Lions is one of the few. Old or young, male or female, black or white, he will talk to anyone who sparks his interest. This can be rather off-putting to some, much like his attitude in general, but the behavior has also made him several good friends.

On the more internal side, Al is very much a people person, and is not comfortable with being alone. Many of his actions, and his forwardness with others seem to be motivated by this need for company and attention, good or bad. The young man does not go to church, which irritates his mother to some degree, but this is motivated less by any opinions on religion, and more that it's simply not in Al's nature to sit still and quiet for an hour and a half. He's much more the type to wander around town looking for friends or interesting strangers to socialize with.

As the end of Al's senior year approaches, and college beyond it, Al is looking into a career as a public speaker, where is energy, and talent for talking in front of people will carry him far, though that's not to say he won't have fun along the way.

Advantages: Al is a very high-energy individual with a great stamina, who is almost constantly moving. His bouncy, upbeat personality tends to rub off on the people around him, especially if they're already the jovial type, and his unflappability keeps him from becoming disappointed by the ones who are not.
Disadvantages: Al's excessive energy and strange mannerisms can be a little off-putting to people meeting him for the first time, and it is particularly difficult for the young man to sit still and be quiet, or to treat serious matters with the proper respect. His dependence on others to define himself bodes poorly for him.

Designated Number: Male student no. 151


Designated Weapon: TOZ-194 (x14 shells provided)
Conclusion: Another one to watch. I don't think he'll last that long, but he at least has the potential to take a few people with him. That inability to stay serious can also make for some darn good viewing. Let's hope he knows how to stage a show.