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Name: Marco Stonecastle
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Hockey, Gym, Plays in a band - Drums. Rock music.

Appearance: Marco is 5'10 and 180 pounds. His head is slightly rectangular in its shape. He has long (for a guy) blonde hair with sideburns and a beard he shaves to keep at a straight line. His eyes are brown and squinty. He has no eyelashes or eyebrows. He wears large black glasses to make up for his extreme short-sightedness due to a head injury. His neck appears shorter than normal because of his broad shoulders. Luke wears braces to fix a recent tooth problem caused by the same injury. He has muscular arms and a toned midsection. His fingers are calloused. He has a small shovel as a tattoo on his upper right arm and skull and crossbones but with a hockey mask and hockey sticks instead on his upper left arm. He wears a large black jacket with gold coloured buttons and grey wool on the inside. He also wears Tshirts with a singlet underneath, with dark jeans and a belt. Marco also wears runners.

Biography: Marco was born to a single parent, his mother Carla. His father was a fellow student at university she was dating near the end of her studies as a teacher: she fell pregnant and he left, never seeing his now ex-girlfriend or her son again. Life wasn't easy for this new, young family. From a poorer upbringing, Carla was forced to move back in with her parents during these earlier years so they could look after her child while she was at work. Carla worked to earn money to keep her child healthy but came home exhausted many nights with a teacher's workload, unable to spend the time she wanted. Marco had the example of his grandfather growing up, a bricklayer by trade. An avid sports fan, Marco's grandfather and Marco watched a lot of TV of the local, nation and international sport around the world. Noticing Marco's particular interest in hockey, his grandfather would take him down to where the local team played. When old enough, Marco joined the youngest league he could, which he enjoyed immensely. He learnt the game he loves to this day and he learnt what it meant to work as a team for a goal. As he was already a bigger but slower guy for his age, his coach put him in the defender's position, one he seemed a natural for.

Schooling took some interesting turns for Marco. Around his peers, he wasn't the biggest (though close) or the smartest, but he was one of the calmer, friendly kids, a gentle demeanour. Because of his size and calmness, he was mocked constantly, being called Marco the Slow Giant. As he grew older with his focus on hockey, he started to get quite fit from his training and the hurtful nicknames wore off. However, he earnt another: "The Wall", becoming known as a great defender. Especially since the kids wised up that he could hurt them if he was ever angered. He doesn't go so well at English or Mathematics, but found a strong passion for Music once he discovered drums. Just like hockey, he found a great joy in playing them, picking the instrument up in his early teen years. He and a group of friends have a small rock band that currently does mainly covers of famous songs but he hopes he might be able to go with it if his hockey doesn't take off like he hopes.

Around the age of sixteen, Marco became interested in who his father was. When his mother told him not to worry about it and that he wasn't the sort of man Marco would want to know; it strove him to look harder. Marco eventually found him, much to his own dismay; his father was in prison. He was more sad then surprised at this revelation; he at first wished he never knew. Now that he had found his father Carla let Marco know all the details of her ex-boyfriend's life that she had pieced together; after leaving university, he had been arrested after holding up a convenience store. Things went ugly and his father killed the store clerk and shot at a policeman, resisting arrest. Marco resolved to never turn out like his father and was thankful to his mother and grandparents for raising him the way they did. Nevertheless, he decided that he should at least try to know him, sending letters to his father, forming a pen-relationship.

At the end of his of his junior year (Year 11) he had a tragic accident. During the finals of the local hockey comp, he received a large hit to the face by being pushed into a wall, knocking him unconscious. He was in a coma for twenty-four hours, and when he awoke, he had blurred vision. His jaw was also badly damaged. His eyesight is yet to recover from this blow; he now wears glasses to compensate for his affected vision. His jaw had to be repaired with different treatments. He is through the worst of it now as he only has to wear braces to keep his teeth in line for a little longer. Marco will be able to take them off after the end of his senior year, a fact he is looking forward to. Regardless, Marco is worried this will affect his chances in progressing in his sport of choice at a professional level.

Advantages: Having spent a good portion of his time in hockey, Marco has learnt teamwork. Coupled with his friendly attitude, he will be able to form a strong group of people. Being a calmer person, he is a more reliable guy then someone rash or hot-blooded. His size and strength is also to his advantage.
Disadvantages: Marco is not the type for spontaneous decisions and is not good at quick decisions. Having suffering an injury before, he is more susceptible to head injuries and is easier to knock out should blows happen there. He is a strong guy but not a fast one, so a short sprint will tire him quickly.

Designated Number: Male student no. 146


Designated Weapon: Candelabra
Conclusion: Hmm... With a better weapon, maybe we'd have something, but I just don't see it. Then again, he may be able to overpower someone. I'd also love to see a kill with that candle-holder. It's so delightfully Clue.