B141 - Fetteralf, Saul[/DECEASED]

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B141 - Fetteralf, Saul[/DECEASED]

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Name: Saul Fetteralf
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Reading, watching campy 80's horror films, school mascotting.

Appearance: Saul stands at 6 feet, his weight fluctuating between 175 to 182 pounds. Atop his head is black medium-length hair that curls out slightly, making wing-like tips. His face is a little long, with thin eyebrows over his ice-blue eyes. above his eyebrow is a thin scar, running parallel to the brow. Usually, he wears zip-up hoodies with jeans or cargo pants, and various band t-shirts, and skate shoes on his feet. On the day of the trip, he was wearing a black toque, a green zip-up hoodie with the brand name "Grenade" written on it, a black t-shirt, camouflage cargo pants, and black skate shoes.

Biography: Born on October 17th, 1990, Saul Fetteralf is the son of David Fetteralf and Marie Peterson, and younger brother to Greg Fetteralf. Saul has always seen his mother and father as model parents, and had a normal brotherly hate/hate relationship with Greg. Born in Bangor, Maine, Saul lived on the east coast for six years of his childhood, making several friends. When told they were moving to St. Paul because of his father's transfer, Saul, outraged at the thought of leaving the only place he has ever known about, proceeded to fight as hard as he could against it, essentially being dragged onto the plane kicking and screaming, much to the chagrin of the other passengers.

Upon arriving in St. Paul, and settling into their new house, Saul's view was gradually changed, realizing he could make more friends (a concept that never once occurred to him before). All through elementary school, however, he was harshly bullied. Having few friends to comfort him, he developed an inferiority complex, coupled with several anxious habits, and making him a little neurotic. In middle school, he worked with a psychiatrist to rid himself of them. His psychiatrist, one Dr. Conan Bryant, remained as such all through his high school years. Once reaching ninth grade, he worked though all but his incessant nail-biting, and though still remaining, he is able to deal with it, though it does cause him to be rather meek and submissive, always doing what he is told. Dr. Bryant suggested he joined a sports team. Trying out for both the hockey and football team, and being rejected from both, he was accepted as the mascot for the Huskies, having to wear the stuffy, sweaty, smelly suit. Saul, being too meek to say against it, remained as such throughout his entire high school career.

In high school, he surprisingly gained a fair number of friends and acquaintances, more than he thought he could have. He surmised that he was well known due to his work under the husky suit, but in actuality, he was finally able to connect to people on a more personal level. In grade eleven, he had a girlfriend named Gwen, though she moved away by the summer, breaking up with him due to the supposed strain on long-distance relationships. Around this time, his brother Greg married a librarian named Jennifer Adair and moved to New York. As well, this marked the first time Saul watched "Friday the Thirteenth", cementing his love of cheesy horror movies.

During his senior year, Saul was awarded for team spirit, wearing the suit and cheering at every single home game for four years. This caused a sudden spurt in Saul's social life, supposing that walking across the stage to receive it, without the suit, revealed to the school who was under the suit. Saul made it though every one of his classes with Cs and low Bs, getting one A in tenth grade English class. Saul finally feels accepted by the school and the town in general.

Advantages: Saul has become a fast thinker, developed from his elementary days, coming up with plans to evade his bullies. Also, from his work as a mascot, he has gained a fair amount of stamina, from jumping around at games. Due to his inferiority complex, Saul will do almost anything people tell him, unless he finds it against his own morals.
Disadvantages: Saul, as an understatement, overreacts to stress. Due to his neurosis, the increased stress puts a strain on his mind, causing sudden outbursts of emotions. They can range from rage to depression. Also, He has trouble seeing the bad in people until it is too late.

Designated Number: Male student no. 141


Designated Weapon: Magic 8-ball
Conclusion: Does B141 have a snowball's chance in hell of making it in this game? Don't count on it. Will he die amusingly? Signs point to yes.