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Name: Roland Harte
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Camping, Rock Climbing, Survivalist Training, Military

Appearance: Roland is a rather imposing individual standing around 6’5” and weighing in at around 210 pounds, most of which could be considered muscle mass.

Roland has tangled and somewhat greasy black hair which he pushes back behind his ears and almost never brushes. Roland often finds himself readjusting his hair, pushing strands back behind his ears. His hair is rather long, coming down to the back of his neck. Roland is momentarily keeping his hair at a longer length then one would expect of a military oriented individual. He intends to cut it the day he properly joins the army. He wears a pair of thin rimmed glasses which almost constantly fall lower on his nose. Roland finds himself constantly pushing up his glasses in order to see correctly. He has a soul patch which he grew unintentionally, but has kept due to a fondness for it. He has an intentionally stubble covered face and a pair or rather unremarkable brown eyes.

Biography: Roland hails from a rather military oriented family, his father serving a term overseas, his uncle a former marine. The only child of Doug and Sharon Harte, his parents went through a rather messy divorce during his youth, which unfortunately Roland bore witness to. The divorce was mostly over relationship issues and was instigated by Roland’s father; his Mother was somewhat dependent upon Doug and became heartbroken over the separation. Roland’s Father received minimal custody at first, but Roland’s Mother was not the most careful parent. Not exactly wanting to let go of the marriage, Sharon became despondent and uncaring for her child as she pursued Roland’s father seeking to rekindle the relationship. As Doug denied her time and time again, this eventually escalated into loathing him for shutting her out of his life. Roland as a child found himself an unwilling outlet for his Mother’s hatred.

As his Mothers abuse grew physical, Roland’s Father alerted child services. After a lengthy court case, Roland was put into the full custody of his Father. Clinically depressed, Sharon left the country and has not made contact with the Harte family since. Roland’s father and extended family from an early age looked to instill Roland with a strong moral code and raise a strong son. Roland’s father despised his divorced wife; when he would speak to Roland of her he would always remind him of her weaknesses and how it led her to cause harm to their family.

Roland was never a slouch in the strength department, and soon found himself enrolled in several sports at his Fathers’ insistence. While initially disliking these outdoor activities, Roland eventually became fond of them, especially camping with his Father and more extreme sport events such as rock climbing with which he could test his endurance. Roland’s greatest accomplishment in his mind is spending a week in the deep woods with his father, using survival skills to survive as opposed to a more relaxed camping experience some kids would be used to. Roland was urged into Cadets by his Father, and is set to join the Army upon graduating High School. Due to the rigorous training, Roland is extremely physically well off. While he doesn’t have excessive fire-arm training, he does know how to operate weapons reasonably well. Roland has fired several handguns at the shooting range, although he’s not yet fired anything larger than a shotgun and nothing military grade or fully automatic. Roland is better with the theory of how to operate and care for a weapon at present then he is with how to fire one.

Roland was from an early age exposed to his Father’s rather conservative political viewpoints. Filled with former Serviceman and with a strong Catholic background, Roland’s entire family takes part in “Support the Troops” activities every year. It would be suicide for anyone to even attempt to discuss politics in the Harte household from a leftist point of view. Roland’s Father was a demanding parent and expected much from his child, at least a B in every course, a strict curfew, absolutely no drug use or law breaking of any time. Over time, Roland found himself shaped into what his Father wanted, and now he see’s no problems fulfilling all these goals without any extra pressure from his Father.

Due to this, Roland is rather uncomfortable around for lack of a better word, “Unique” individuals. Those that partake in drugs and social activism and those who are of a different faith and sexuality Roland feels uncomfortable around. Roland isn’t dismissive of their lifestyles or needlessly hate on them due to his Christian upbringing, but he does look down upon those who partake in these activities. Still, Roland feels it isn’t his place to say anything unless they confront him with it first. Even then, Roland would still be rather close-minded and would most likely refuse to change his worldview.

Roland is a rather single minded individual; once he latches onto an assignment he finishes it one way or another. He has his career all mapped out at present, with little to nothing left to chance. Roland does enjoy having a good time, but he’s a very no nonsense kind of person. Eccentric individuals annoy him, as do those who don’t bother to plan things and wing it instead.

Roland is a rather “End justifies the Means” type of person when it comes to those who question his career decisions. Roland can be a rather compassionate person when it comes down to it, and he’s a real team player, taking joy in building others confidence up. Although Roland is not a team-sports oriented individual, (Roland prefers the more extreme variety) he enjoys working with others making him a sought after teammate during Gym class. Often Roland finds himself taking on the role of Team Captain.

Roland initially comes off as a rather nice kid, but when it comes to romance he falls flat. Equally due to his no nonsense attitude and annoyance at the slightest idiosyncratic behavior, all his relationships have ended in disaster. Nearly every girl Roland has dated has in one way or another spread the word that he’s a jerk when it comes to romance. As such he is rather infamous in the more girl-intense cliques as someone to avoid romantically. Roland doesn’t exactly mind this; he doesn’t care much about what others think of him.

Advantages: Roland is a survivalist and was planning to join the military prior to SotF. Because of this, Roland has great endurance, strength and know how when it comes to surviving outdoors for long periods of time. He’s not particularly skilled, but knows his way around fire arms. His no nonsense attitude and strict moral upbringing makes him a fantastic leader who is able to direct his team in a straightforward manner.
Disadvantages: Roland isn’t very comfortable around more eccentric individuals to the point where he tries to avoid them all together. While Roland is a good leader, he can grow angry when his team doesn’t follow his instructions or messes up. Roland is a no nonsense kind of guy with a close minded worldview. When anyone expresses an opinion extremely deviating from his, he blocks out. Roland grows irate with slackers and those who chose to “Wing it” rather than plan ahead. Roland can be rather cold and insistent upon order when things get too out of hand, even when everyone else is enjoying themselves. Roland would most likely inform authorities if he saw any sign of lawbreaking, something that has made his relationships with the more party-centric members of the school shaky. He’s a rather “End justifies the Means” kind of kid which puts some people off. He is terrible with relationships and is rather infamous with the girls of Bayview for being a horrible and rather boring date; as such girls tend to avoid him due to this reputation.

Designated Number: Male student no. 137


Designated Weapon: Kris
Conclusion: Hmm... I see great potential here. If he snaps at the right time, he could make it. I'm not sure, but I can see him making it very far indeed. Unless some resentful girl shoots him in the back first. That would be quite a pitty.