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Name: David Walker
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Reading, philosophy, introspection, political activism.

Appearance: David is a pale Caucasian teenager. Standing at 5'11" and weighing at 150 pounds, he is of average height and weight. David has short, dark brown hair that usually looks a bit messy. That, along with his tired brown, baggy eyes and the slight stubble on his face show that David doesn't care enough to uphold a good appearance. David has a rather skinny face but other than a few pimples here and there, most notably a big one on his nose, he looks neither particularly handsome nor ugly. David is not particularly muscular due to a lack of exercise. His usual attire consist of blue jeans and a dark hoodie, the hood often up to give him a sense of privacy.

David has a slightly slouched posture, tending to keep a low profile around crowds. He gets a bit nervous when talking to people he doesn't know well, usually answering in quick sentences in hopes of ending the conversation quickly. When talking to his friends, he is more relaxed, though he's still cautious about subjects he doesn't want to talk about, most notably his family. While his schoolmates view him as an eccentric person, he is rarely bullied or mocked, managing to blend in to the crowd well enough not to warrant attention.

Biography: Born David Nicholas Walker to Emily and Matt Walker, David's early childhood was relatively uneventful. Having no siblings, David was the center of his parents's attention. While he had quite a few friends, David liked to spend quite a bit of time alone, reading comic books and playing video games. Unbeknownst to him, however, his mother was suffering from clinical depression. While she put on a show for her husband and child, deep inside she felt unsatisfied with her life. Her husband convinced her to stop eating anti-depressants by the time David was 10. Matt thought that Emily didn't need to rely on them anymore, and Emily, having convinced herself that she was better, stopped taking the medication and quit going to therapy. Matt felt glad, thinking that her depression had been cured. Emily pretended for years that she was fine, deep down knowing that she shouldn't have stopped her treatment.

One day, when David was 14, he came home from school to find his mother unconscious on the floor, an empty bottle of painkillers beside her. David immediately called an ambulance, but it was already too late. The cause of death was suicide from overdose. David and Matt were both in shock over the sudden suicide, wondering whether they should've noticed signs of Emily's inner troubles. In the months following the suicide, Matt resorted to hitting the bottle, ending most days by passing out after another night of drinking. David, meanwhile, became increasingly distant from his peers, spending more and more time alone, trying to make sense of his mother's death.

While David wasn't exceptionally social before his mother's death, afterwards he no longer wanted to be around his friends. One by one he lost his social contacts, retracting into a shell. He no longer seemed to find joy in everyday life, spending most of his time in his own thoughts. No longer seeing any meaning to life, at his lowest he even contemplated suicide. At the age of 15, however, he discovered a passion for reading. He found philosophical writings especially interesting, finding them to provide viewpoints to questions he himself had asked. After months of reading, he noticed that the philosophical viewpoint of existentialism, according to which everyone needs to create their own meaning to their life, made sense to him and he started applying this worldview into his own life.

This passion for reading and philosophical pondering led David to start finding meaning in other parts of his life as well. David started developing his own, rather strong sense of morality, finding life to be important above all and detesting all manner of violence. At the age of 16 he extended his sympathy for life to animals, becoming a vegetarian. David started supporting anti-war movements and animal rights groups, taking part in rallies and protests for causes he supported.

Currently, while David still hasn't fully recovered from his mother's death, he has found a reason to live and no longer holds self-destructive thoughts. While he is still quiet and has few friends, he no longer avoids human contact. David doesn't usually go out of his way to befriend people, but treats others politely and respectfully. Due to his father's alcoholism, David's relationship with his father is distant, having minimal interaction with him during an average day.

While his grades suffered after his mother's death, David has recently started improving with his studies. While he's not sure what he wants to become once he grows up, he tries to improve his grades in hopes of getting into a decent college. When not studying, David spends most of his time reading or spending on political activism, taking part in rallies and researching subjects of interest to him.

Advantages: A thinker, David rarely does rash decisions, usually taking time to carefully consider all his options before acting. He is also naturally cautious, trying to always remain aware of his surroundings.
Disadvantages: David is strongly against violence and murder, and may hesitate to kill even if his life is in immediate danger. He can also be indecisive and may take far too long to think about things that others would worry over far less.

Designated Number: Male student no. 125


Designated Weapon: Swordstick
Conclusion: Is it a sword? Is it a stick? No, it's both! I find that pretty awesome, but I doubt B125 will... He's sooo against violence and murder, after all. Sorry, B125, but your philosophy and introspection won't help you in this game... Try not to think too hard when you're getting brutally murdered!

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