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Name: Joseph Rios, nicknamed "Joe"
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Comic books, art, writing.

Appearance: Joe Rios is a Hispanic man that stands at 6'2". His skin is light brown, and his hair is black. He is not very muscular or athletic, but he is not overweight either; he has a very solidly average build, and weighs 183lbs. His hair is styled as a short, wide, curly mohawk. He is clean-shaven. He has dark brown eyes. His facial features are indistinct and vaguely European, due to his half-Argentinian heritage; he also has a small lip ring. He usually wears tight-fitting shirts and blue jeans, with a specific liking of Wrangler jeans. As far as footwear is concerned, he has one pair of Nike Air Force running shoes and one pair of Vans Checkervans Widow skate shoes, which he alternates between. The most distinctive feature of his clothing is a leather jacket that he frequently wears.

Biography: Joseph Ryan Rios was born an only child on January 23, 1990, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Pablo and Maria Rios. His father, Pablo, is the son of Argentinian immigrants, while his mother, Maria, is a Hispanic "mutt" who does not identify as any specific nationality. Pablo is a purchasing agent at a steel corporation, whereas Maria was a bartender at a gentleman's club in Albuquerque; she quit her job shortly after they had Joseph. His early life was, to say the least, uninteresting; he visited relatives frequently, and moved around America about once every year and a half due to his father being transferred around. Finally, when Joseph was nine, his family moved to St. Paul and decided to stay put for as long as possible, in order to make his adolescence (and what was left of his childhood) go much more smoothly. This required Pablo to take a pay cut, but it was not nearly significant enough to change their decision.

His love of comic books began when he picked up the first issue of Spider-Man: Identity Crisis at a bookstore when he was 8; he soon became a frequent customer of the comics section of the nearest bookstore wherever he lived. The life stories of Rob Liefeld and Jim Shooter, as talentless as they were (in Joe's view), soon inspired him to take up a pencil and paper and learn to draw in the hopes that he, too, could break into the business on his own. He also refined his writing skills as much as possible; he, naturally, thinks his writing is good, although outside opinions vary. Recently, he has taken somewhat of a dislike to mainstream comics due to how utterly awful Countdown to Final Crisis and One More Day were, although he did like Sinestro Corps War and 52 greatly.

When he was 10, Pablo got in a car accident while taking Joe to school; Joe was uninjured, but Pablo's arm was shattered. Since shortly before the accident, Joe was being a bratty child and distracting Pablo, and since the wound left Pablo's arm useless due to severe tendon damage, he felt extreme amounts of guilt for the accident; he still does, as a matter of fact. As a result of this, he has always been an extremely dutiful son, which has merited quite a bit of pride from Pablo and Maria.

His high school life has been overall uneventful. Like most people his age, he merely exists. He hangs out with many people of all types; this has the result of making him reasonably well liked by everyone that knows him, but also leaving him without any close friends to depend on. This works to his favor and works against him at the same time, in a sense; while no one is specifically out to get him, he also doesn't have anyone he can confide in whenever he has a personal issue. He sees himself essentially as he is; he is not narcissistic or egotistical, and he doesn't have any major self-loathing except over the whole father-car-accident bit. He does not seek out groups, but if he thinks that the members of one would benefit from his joining, he will happily join one. He does not mind his role in the school, and in fact sees the alternatives as worse; in Joe Rios' opinion, it's much better to have a lot of people that you somewhat trust and vice-versa, than only a few people that you trust with almost everything.

He is something of a brain; he has always made good grades in school (not straight A's, but A's and B's), and he is in mostly honors classes at Bayview, as well as an AP Art - Multimedia course. He isn't a fan of English classes, as they almost never let him exercise his skill at creative writing and instead try to strangle him with endless MLA formatting and book dissection, but he likes math and science due to their relative ease, as in those two courses the focus is more on actually learning material than impressing your teacher. He is indifferent to history, since it's the only class he can truly breeze through; in his other courses, he has to at least stay awake and pay attention, but in history, he can simply doze off or talk to the people around him, whichever's more important at the time, and still make an A due to the relative banality of the class. While all of his others at least have him learning new material each year, history merely goes back over material he already knows, but in greater detail.

While he is no bodybuilder, he does enjoy staying healthy, and since obesity runs in his mother's side of the family, he exercises more frequently than most in order to stay somewhat in shape. This also leads him to take "yo momma" jokes more personally than most of his peers, especially if they involve his mother's weight; one of the only times he's ever gotten in a fight was when a particular bully continued to press that issue. Joe rather profoundly won, although since both parties were seven, neither party did any actual damage to the other beyond bruises and a black eye on the bully.

Advantages: Joe is rather intelligent. He has no real enemies, and if someone on the island knows him, chances are they think he's okay. He is reasonably healthy and in shape. He plays well in groups.
Disadvantages: Joe almost never fights, so he probably could not hold his own against someone who does it more often. He has no real close friends, meaning he is at a disadvantage compared to someone who is deeply involved in a clique as he will have no immediate allies. Based on his past, he may be more prone to getting survivor's guilt, meaning that once SotF starts and the body count begins to pile up, he may become a suicide risk.

Designated Number: Male student no. 124


Designated Weapon: Egyptian Scythe
Conclusion: An average Joe with average hobbies and an average personality. ...I love it. The average ones always end up surprising me! I'm hoping he'll use that pretty little scythe to slice up some of his classmates, but I sort of doubt it... Sort of.


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