B121 - Birkman, Allen[/DECEASED]

Here are the profiles for all the students who participated in V4, from those who died on the first day to those who fell at the final hurdle to those who were rescued to the one who won. Included in each profile is a link to the character's death post.

B121 - Birkman, Allen[/DECEASED]

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Name: Allen Birkman
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: Senior (12)
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: physics, chemistry, astronomy, saxophone, walking and hiking

Appearance: Allen is approximately 5’7 tall, making him shorter than average height, though he is by no means tiny. He weighs around 148lb and has a normal, if a bit skinny, build for his height. Any muscle mass he has is mostly concentrated in his legs from all the walking and hiking he does. His skin is a touch tanned from being out in the sun often, and he has a small breakout of acne on his cheeks. His face is angular and his nose is slightly crooked from breaking it at a younger age, when he tripped over and hit his face on the floor.

He has wavy chocolate brown hair, deliberately unkempt and cut to a medium length with his ears half-hidden by it. His fringe is long enough to completely cover his dark brown eyebrows and nearly reaches his eyes. His eyes are blue but with hazel surrounding the pupil, the odd coloration due to central heterochromia that he inherited from his father. His eyesight is unaffected by this, so he doesn’t need to wear corrective glasses, though he does wear shades from time to time. He has dark stubble around the lower half of his face where he is beginning to grow a beard and a mustache.

He has two faded scars on his body; a 2” long scar on his left forearm and one that’s half an inch on his left palm. He sustained both when he slipped and scraped his arm against a rock during a hike with his father when he was 15.

He wears a black and light-grey checked short-sleeve shirt, dark blue denim jeans and medium grey tennis shoes (size 8). He also wears a wooden bead necklace, a gift from his sister for his 17th birthday.

Biography: Allen was born to Andrew and Sharon Birkman in Faribault, Minnesota. He was the youngest of three children; he had one brother, Iain, three years his elder and one sister, Jennifer, older by one and a half years. Sharon had a well-paying desk job with an insurance company in Saint Paul, while Andrew opted to stay at home to look after the children while she worked. Allen and his siblings got along for the most part as they grew up, with the occasional argument, tantrum or falling out, but that was just kids being kids.

Then tragedy struck. When Allen was 7, he and the rest of the family were on a vacation to Oceanside in Californa. His brother Iain was playing around in the water, while Allen and the rest of the family were on the beach. Iain was suddenly dragged out to sea by a sudden change in the current and drowned before he could be rescued by either his father or the lifeguards. Since then, Allen became deathly afraid of dying, and refused to go anywhere near any large bodies of water, fearing the same fate would befall him as well. He developed both thanatophobia and hydrophobia, which he still suffers from to this day, and as a result of the latter, he never learnt how to swim properly. Iain’s death also badly affected his parents, both of them stressing out and arguing a lot more often with each other.

At the age of 12, almost five years to the day that Iain died, Allen’s parents split after 19 years of marriage. Allen and his father moved out of the house and relocated to Woodbury in the Twin City suburbs while his mother and sister remained in Faribault. Allen still kept in touch with the female half of his family fairly often, though he held some slight resentment towards his parents for not trying hard enough to keep the marriage working. After the move, his father got himself a job as a bank worker to support himself and his son.

Allen was first introduced to the saxophone when he received it as a 13th birthday present from his father, who was hoping it would give him something to take his mind off the family’s recent break up. It worked surprisingly well; Allen enjoyed playing the saxophone more than he thought he would, though after five years of playing it, he currently considers himself more of an intermediate player rather than an expert, and doesn’t plan on making a career out of it.

Every other weekend, Allen and his father would drive to the nearby hills and go for a simple walk through the woods or a longer hike, occasionally camping out for the night as well and watching the stars, something that fascinated the teen. Allen enjoyed being in the outdoors and experiencing nature, a world away from the stresses and strains of school and the city.

At school, Allen excels in chemistry and physics, as well as in math and music, but does poorly in history and biology. The rest of his grades are around average, though all of them had initially taken a dive when his parents first got divorced. He plans on studying physics at the University of Minnesota once he leaves Bayview Secondary, and hopes to pursue a career in aerodynamics in the future.

He isn’t part of the mainstream crowd and tries not to draw attention to himself while at school, which was the reason he hasn’t joined the band with his saxophone playing. He does have a handful of friends, the majority of them either in the band or simply into music in general like himself.

Allen has a mostly optimistic outlook on life, especially now it looks as though his parents may be thinking of getting back together again. He used to have a quick temper, especially around the time of his parents’ split, but he has mellowed out in recent years and is now much more content to let minor things slide. When he’s around people he’s not so familiar with, he tends to be quieter and doesn’t get involved too much in the conversation. If he’s with friends though, he’s much more open and even displays a humorous side.

Allen is straight, though he isn’t in a relationship with anyone at the moment. He isn’t fazed by this or what his peers think, and believes he will find the right girl for him eventually.

Advantages: Allen has a slightly larger lung capacity from extensive saxophone playing, so he is less likely to run out of breath. He is also quite nimble from his slim build, is a smaller target due to his shorter size, and is used to walking/running long distances should he need to in the game.
Disadvantages: His smaller stature and lower muscle mass in the rest of his body makes him comparatively weaker, i.e. he can’t lift heavy things, can’t punch very hard, etc. It also makes normally mundane injuries more serious for him. He can’t swim well either, if at all, so drowning would be a big issue.

Designated Number: Male Student No. 121


Designated Weapon: Fragmentation Grenades (x4)
Conclusion: Gahahahaha! You've gotta be kidding me... the kid seems solid enough for competition; if that competition was a walk-a-thon or spelling bee! As for his performance here, I can't wait to see if he throws the pin instead of the grenade!

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