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Name: Logan Reynolds
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Detective/Espionage fiction, literature in general, linguistics, tennis, basketball.

Appearance: At 6 feet and somewhere between 2 and 3 inches – he's never quite decided which – Logan ought to strike a more imposing figure than he does. But lacking any obvious muscle and being slightly more slim than is really healthy (a fairly worrying 140lbs), the boy looks more gangly than tall, as though he's made of plasticine and has been stretched vertically. The look is helped by his good posture, barely, as it does make him at least look merely skinny, and not lanky too.

Similar to his posture, Logan tries hard to keep a respectable appearance in other areas as well. His long, jet-black hair is rarely unwashed, and always tidied into a neat side-parting. As with his hair, Logan's clothing is invariably well kept, though usually unspectacular in nature; it usually follows a simple formula, the same black jacket all year round, in which he keeps almost all of his equipment, along with any combination of jeans and a t-shirt, usually in the red and black spectrum, though blue isn't uncommon. Oddly enough, outside of school, he often wears more varied clothing.

Under the lengthy black locks, Logan's face is about as unspectacular as his clothes, nothing out of the ordinary, no facial scars or freckles, and his eyes are an incredibly plain light-blue. His nose neither hooks down nor curves upwards, his lips are of pretty much average and equal size, all in all, he's so normal looking it's almost abnormal in itself, and his distaste for having his genericness pointed out is often voiced.

Biography: Though he likely never will be, Logan ought to be admired for how he turned out. He may never know, but he was probably an accident, though one that was for the best. His mother, an escort, or as Logan himself disdainfully puts it, 'professional whore', somehow managed to get pregnant after a night with his father, a gambler, con man and hustler of the seediest variety. His mother, Lillian, never attempted to contact his father to let him know, instead opting to raise Logan by herself.

She'd never admit it, but having someone to care for effectively saved her life. With little money to her name before the accidental conception and no relatives she could bring herself to lean on, the woman had been contemplating either suicide or turning to crime, but with a child to worry about, Lillian was able to, just barely, make a vaguely respectable life for herself and the newborn.

This respectable life involved settling in where she was at the time, so the city of St. Paul, Minnesota was where Logan grew up. Raised on cautionary stories of his mother's past, the boy soon became fascinated by darker varieties of fiction, namely crime and espionage. While other children amused themselves with stories about heroic adventures and daring quests, he was reading about the adventures of Hercule Poirot, Myron Bolitar and of course, Sherlock Holmes. As he grew older, and was allowed to watch more mature TV and read more mature books, he soon came across what became his favourite of all, 'Lie to Me', a series concerning the use of psychology – amongst other techniques – to discover lies as part of criminal investigations. Outside of his literary pursuits, Logan also dabbled in a number of sports, eventually narrowing his interests down to just tennis and basketball; the former for personal interest, the latter out of considerable pressure to put his height and fitness to good use. Having been reading from such a young age, it wasn't surprising that the boy easily assumed good studying habits, and consistently managed to earn enviable grades across the board, even without much natural gift in any subject - save perhaps for English and French, as both literature and language always interested him. He also made a point of performing well in the sciences, and for good reason, to follow in the footsteps of his fictional heroes; to study forensic science at College was his dream almost since he knew the meaning of the word, and his prior dream of being a detective fit in nicely with that.

Much to his chagrin at times, Logan was raised never knowing of his father's identity, not even his name, until he was 16 and considered “mature enough” to deal with the revelation. He didn't take it particularly well. The boy had always been taught to be honest and kind, but his disgust at his own lineage only amplified that attitude; he decided henceforth to take the example of a character from his favourite TV show in adhering to 'radical honesty'; that is, refusing to lie or deceive in any way. Of course, being a student at Bayview at the time made it something of a double-edged sword. He became well respected by the staff, and depended upon by many as a trustworthy and honest guy, but all the same, anyone with anything to hide made certain it wasn't around him, and precious few even considered getting close to someone who would rather reveal their every secret than compromise his own ideals. As such, Logan has only a small cadre of those he'd call friends, but he understandably prefers to have a small group of close friends than unnumerable acquaintances.

Advantages: Despite his lack of obvious muscle, Logan does have above-average fitness from his amateur sporting endeavours; mostly in the form of stamina and endurance, but he has enough raw strength to overpower a less active student. His height may also come in handy for climbing, reaching and other such needs. His adherence to the socially and mentally taxing practice of radical honesty also has a handy secondary effect, in that his mental endurance is also considerably above-average, and in a life/death situation, having greater willpower could make a major difference.
Disadvantages: As much as it's an advantage on the basketball court, being 6'3” won't serve Logan well in a firefight, as it simply gives him a harder time taking cover, and gives an enemy a larger target. His policy of radical honesty is unlikely to help out in diplomacy either – any plans, any past actions, anything most would cover up, he'd rather admit and compromise his own safety than give up his beliefs. His background also makes a considerable hurdle for the same purpose, Logan has trouble trusting and getting close to people, especially those whose flaws he knows, when he already has a father he despises and a mother he barely respects.

Designated Number: Male student no. 114


Designated Weapon: Hakapik
Conclusion: I'm going to be honest with you, B114: it's an uphill battle. Still, if you're as effective at physically clubbing your fellow seals... er... classmates as you are at destroying their secrets, you just may stand a chance. Bash some skulls in, and you'll make me proud. Honestly.