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Name: Jake Crimson
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Heavy Metal, looking for creepy images on the internet, playing horrible pranks on people, and likes to screw the rules.

Appearance: Standing at an average 5’8”, Jake always tries to add at least an inch to his height by wearing his knee-high black combat boots with several straps on them. Although he has natural black hair, he dyes it a crimson red and fixes them up into Liberty Spikes. He has a pale complexion, mostly due to that fact he lurks a lot online. His eyes are a light hazel, but they seem dark from a distance thanks to all that black eyeliner he wears. His face is easily forgettable, a small, slightly pointy nose, average size ears, and no facial hair. If anything his jaw would be his only distinguishing facial feature, because it slightly protrudes, giving him an under bite. Unlike the common stereotypes for a rocker like Jake, he lacks any piercings or tattoos, because of his phobia of being punctured.

As for his body, he is naturally lean with an average weight of 130 lbs. Jake’s clothes rarely vary from the usual black and white. If you were to look in his closet right at this moment you’d find at least six pairs of those skin tight leather pants that he is wearing. He usually wears a white t-shirt, covered by his favorite black leather jacket, obtained when he was only 16. Finally he wears fingerless gloves, just because he thinks its fun to wear.

Biography: Jake was born in Orlando, Florida but around the age of 4, he moved with his parents to San Diego, California. Being the son of an exiled politician from Cuba and an American Caucasian female, Jake was often taught by his strict father about politics, how he would’ve handled political situations, and how to smooth talk. He was forced to learn several school topics before hand and do well in all of his classes. Jake never cared about politics or school although his father found lots of potential in him. Jake instead, decided to fool around with his friends and scare others, especially girls.

Jake enjoyed skipping school with his friends, mainly Charlie Davis, a very reckless boy that was known in school as the jokester. They used to do everything together, cheat on tests, steal from local corner stores, and not do any schoolwork. His actions caused him to repeat 7th grade and come in conflict with the police often. Jake was temporarily under his parent’s constant supervision in order to keep him from committing anymore crimes and such. This worked for a short amount of time, but it only caused Jake to dislike his parents even more. When Jake turned 14 his life changed.

He was first introduced to rock and metal at the age of 14, all thanks to Charlie once again. He loved the effect it had on his body, kind of like a “high” from drugs; his “high” came from music, although he has no talent for instruments. He became a lot more rebellious as he listened to more music and paid no attention to the disappointed words of his father.

Ever since he was a child, his favorite holidays were April Fool’s day and Halloween, mostly because he was able to play the most pranks on those days. Since his pranks usually ended up hurting someone, after the age of 12 his parents kept him with them those days to prevent any serious problems. He once accidentally broke someone’s arm because of a prank. The police got involved once again but this time they warned him that he may go to juvie or even jail because of the pranks. Once he had the restrictions on the physical pranks, he learned how to “Troll” online to get a few laughs at someone else‘s expense. He likes to print out or e-mail shocker images he usually finds on infamous websites, such as Encyclopedia Dramatica and 4chan to show his friends and freak them out, but that sometimes gets him in trouble if he shows the wrong person.

At the age of 17, his parents got a divorce because his father cheated on his mother with another woman. His mother won custody of Jake and he moved out with his mother to an apartment complex in St. Paul, Minnesota. He was sick and tired of living with his parents, believing they weren‘t giving him the freedom he wanted. After Jake and his mother moved away, he decided to wait until his next birthday, to remove what had connected him to his father other than the blood running through his veins: his last name. Originally “Gomez”, Jake changed his last name to something he preferred, “Crimson”.

Due to the effects of the divorce, Jake became afraid of commitment and disloyalty, so he decides to remain single and chaste until he finds someone who he can fully trust and give his love to. After moving he becomes a very reclusive person, preferring to interact with online friends rather than face to face. This is because he believes that the anonymity of the internet lets him express his true self and not worry about the consequences. He was often made fun of as a kid because of his social awkwardness. Never wanting to deal with that again, he locks himself in his room most of the day. The only person he can confide in face to face is his mother, but only to a certain extent. He still has an online friendship with Charlie.

In Bayview, compared to his old school, things weren’t that much different. The difference is that he purposely disconnected himself from the students thinking to himself, “Better safe than sorry.” He keeps the pranks and jokes strictly online, avoiding any other conflict that may put him in jail. The students view him as a weirdo and usually try to avoid him and his intimidating look. As far as classes go, Jake chose easy classes to get his school carrier over with, but even then, he was affected by "Senioritis" and is barely passing his classes.

Advantages: He is good at hiding his emotions from others, not exactly a “Poker Face” but may mislead others into thinking the wrong thing. When he is with someone he absolutely trusts he is willing to go to great lengths for them. Jake knows how to smooth talk a conflict his way most of the time, but prefers to speak only if it is needed.
Disadvantages: Has a hard time dealing with others, and may come off as mean or intimidating. It is hard for Jake to be part a group with others, but he can open up to others if it is necessary. He is also kind of unfit and may be easily picked off by those physically stronger than him.

Designated Number: Male student no. 084


Designated Weapon: Cinderblock
Conclusion: You can just tell this one is compensating for something. Anyways, I see him and his weapon having something in common: they are nothing but dead weight. He's going to die, probably slowly and painfully after ticking the wrong person off.