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Name: David Zimmer
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Swim Team, Soccer Team, Gardening

Appearance: David's height is 5'7'' and he weighs 155 lbs. His physique can be described as naturally muscular, being slightly top-heavy. He is moderately toned, but it wouldn't be visible when he wears something loose. His skin is slightly tanned and his eyes are gray-blue. David's face is shaped like an oval, featuring thin lips, a big nose with narrow nostrils, small eyes and thin, strongly-arched eyebrows. It is surrounded by curly blond hair, which reaches to his neck on the sides and to his upper back on the backside.

David doesn't care a lot about his clothing, but he usually wears t-shirts and denim pants in the warmer months, with an additional pullover in the colder ones. At the day of abduction, he wore a white t-shirt, whose motif resembles the Puma logo, although the puma is substituted with a kitten, and the caption reads kitten. Additionally, he wore blue skinny denim pants, light-brown leather shoes, gray socks, and black retroshorts.

His inner left palm has a thumb-sized brown scar, which he acquired at the age of two when he touched a hot cooking plate.

Biography: David was born as the only child of Maria Zimmer (born Breyer), an unemployed mother who stayed at home to raise her child, and Nicolas Zimmer, the owner of a local bakery, on the 29th of April 1994 in Seattle. He was raised in the suburbs of Seattle and never moved, as the uncle of Nicolas, Pierce Zimmer, a former senator and wealthy bank manager, owned the house. Pierce got the house for a cheap price at an auction, just for the purpose of putting his relatives in there after Nicolas asked. Pierce was willing to use his wealth and only demanded that the Zimmers would look after Pierce in case that he would be unable to live on his own. While the Zimmers were far from poor, they wanted to use the money that would have otherwise been spent on rent for an apartment or an self-built home.

At the age of 8, Pierce Zimmer advised David to get more athletic by swimming regularly. The reason for that advise was that Pierce deemed that physical fitness is a very important factor in life, and should be something that people care about from a young age on. Since Pierce was a very avid swimmer himself, he suggested this sport to be a fitting activity. David took up the advice and began to swim regularly in different locations in and around Seattle. His parents both approved his new found hobby and supported him with every possibility they had, as they saw how much joy David experienced. He continues to be a passionate swimmer.

In 2004, Pierce Zimmer died, and Nicolas inherited the house. David, who has bonded with Pierce, was rather shocked by the death, and mourned for a few weeks. Eventually he managed to overcome his grief, mostly due to the emotional support his nuclear family gave, and also still having a healthy mind with healthy emotional stability.

On his tenth birthday, Nicolas Zimmer gave David a soccer ball, thinking it might be fascinating for David. When entering middle school, he joined the soccer club of his middle school since he thought that the game is interesting. He still keeps a medium interest in soccer, since the game encourages team-play. He plays as a defender, and his skills are average compared to other soccer players. David also joined the swimming club of said school.

In the next spring, Maria Zimmer began to create a garden in her yard. This caught David's interest as he was fascinated by the way plants grow and he began tending the garden with her, which was appreciated by Maria. Over the years, he learned much about this activity and became very good in nourishing a garden, and while he only is working in his mother's yard, he received a corner which he is allowed to design in any way he wants. His corner consists of a significant amounts of hawthorn bushes.

When he began to attend Aurora High School, he joined the swimming club and the soccer club. He is one of the top swimmer, but in as a soccer player, he is fairly average. His grades are either lower than average or higher than average. PE is his favorite subject and his enthusiasm usually earns him a A+. On the other side is English. It is his least favorite subject since he usually doesn't get any better than a C-. His father doesn't mind the English marks, but his mother regularly lectures David to learn. The continued failure hasn't resulted in any bigger consequences than that.

The most prominent traits David got from his parents are his friendliness and great optimism. Other defining character traits are his tidiness, his light ambition and his pacifistic nature. David is a very caring and protective individual, which earns him many friends across all age groups. He received most of these traits from his great uncle, who often told him about the importance of harmony and friendship.

His circle of friends is rather big. A lot of younger children admire him for his protective attitude and some teenager in his age group are fond of his open mind. David can be rather obsessive with his behavior, insisting that people become friends with him, mostly people who are shy. He believes that he helps them to break out of a shell this way, and since these shy people tend not to tell him that he is bothersome, David doesn't realize that he is not always helpful. While he has a lot of contacts, he doesn't have many people who are very close to him.

David has a clear view of what is proper and what is improper behavior. People who behave improperly, mostly what can be called bullies and generally antisocial people, are still treated with respect by David, but it is easily noticeable that David is treating them colder. Nonetheless, he is forgiving person and is happy when people who did mistakes apologize, or show in any other way wish for redemption. If that happens, David warms up to them.

Despite the wishes of his mother, who wants David to get a job with a great income, David only wants to live a simple life. He doesn't know yet what he exactly wants, although he plays with the thought of a job that allows him to work with people who need help, such as a job as a nurse. Nicolas gently urges David to take over his bakery someday, yet he accepts the wishes of his son. He tried to employ David once, but David declined, arguing that it is more important to focus on school. Nicolas accepted that, but still offers David the chance to change his mind.

He wants to have a girlfriend, yet his big nose makes him feel insecure in romantic matters. David usually doesn't like to talk about this topic. This resulted in some unrequited crushes in middle and high school. Often, if these crushed would demand anything from David, he would do them that favor.

Advantages: David's biggest advantage will be his athletic body. His experience with swimming might help him crossing obstacles on the island, such as rivers, that are too difficult for other students. His friendly attitude might help him in finding allies.
Disadvantages: As a forgiving person, known players could gain his trust, and thus have a better chance to catch David off-guard. Additionally, he will probably help people even if it draws him into dangerous situations.

Designated Number: Male student No. 059


Designated Weapon: Fencing Sabre (Sharp)
Conclusion: Classic bodyguard case we got here. I'll set up the betting pool for how quick he gets stabbed in the back. Sorry bro, can't trust people in this game. - Josh Baines


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