B041 - Telamon, Simon[/DECEASED]

Here are the profiles for all the students who participated in V4, from those who died on the first day to those who fell at the final hurdle to those who were rescued to the one who won. Included in each profile is a link to the character's death post.

B041 - Telamon, Simon[/DECEASED]

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Name: Simon Telamon
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12th (Senior)
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Computers, wrestling, Greek mythology

Appearance: Simon is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 175 pounds. He has unkempt dark brown hair and slightly beady dark brown eyes. His face is round with no facial hair, framing a medium size nose and flat ears. His upper body is very muscular, especially his core (chest and abs). His right leg is of average musculature, as is his left leg above the knee. Anybody who sees Simon when he is not wearing long pants will notice that below the knee, his left leg is prosthetic.

Simon looks for comfort in his clothing. Therefore, he wears jeans and T-shirts, along with a sweatshirt or a jacket if it is cold outside. Because he is slightly sensitive about his left leg, he always wears long pants whenever possible.

When he was abducted, Simon was wearing a gray windbreaker over a red T-shirt. He also wore light blue jeans and black Nike sneakers.

Biography: Simon Telamon was born on Salamis Island, Greece to Lukas and Athena Telamon. While Simon was born healthy, he was born without his left leg below the knee. As such, he has had to wear a prosthetic leg since birth.

When Simon was four, his father got a job teaching physics at Concordia College in St. Paul, and the family moved there. As the Telamons could speak both Greek and English, communicating with others was quite easy. However, Simon preferred to watch TV or go on the computer in his free time, and didn't make much effort to get to know people. As such, his father enrolled Simon in the Boy Scouts when Simon entered middle school. There, Simon kept cool relations with the other members of his troop, while learning interesting skills, such as first aid and camping, among others, even learning how to shoot at Scout camp, eventually making it to Star Scout. He would have gone further, but he didn't have much time when high school started, dropping out in the middle of his freshman year. The main event that caused him to drop out was when he discovered wrestling. He was able to do reasonably well in spite of his leg, as his training regimen had him substitute strength and stamina for speed and flexibility.

Also in high school, Simon was intrigued when he first attended computer class at school, being wowed by the idea of creating computer programs. He delved himself into these classes, excelling in programming computers, becoming steadily more proficient in computer programming. By senior year, Simon was able to create basic games, as well as some third-party apps for phones such as the iPhone and had made enough money working at a local grocery store to buy his own Macbook Pro.

Currently, Simon prefers to spend time by himself, either on his Macbook Pro (which he bought himself through a summer job at a local grocery store), or reading a book, preferably in Greek mythology, jokingly boasting that he is descended from Telamonian Ajax of myth. Academically, he gets average (B level) grades in all subjects except AP Computer Science AB, where he is getting an A. He does not actively enter a conversation, and even when in one, will rarely say anything unless he is asked or has something very important to say on the topic. That being said, he is still pleasant to be around. Socially, his attitude is could be described as "laissez-faire" (let things be), meaning unless something is very wrong, he will not interfere. He only has a few friends, mostly from the wrestling team, however, he did recently enter a relationship with Clio Gabriella. He is somewhat secluded from his parents, although he still enjoys a more or less healthy relationship with them.

Advantages: Simon is very strong and fit from four years on the wrestling team. Being in the Boy Scouts has given him a basic experience and familiarity (loading, aiming, recoil, etc.) with guns (mainly .22 caliber bolt-action rifles and shotguns) and basic first aid and survival skills.
Disadvantages: Simon's main disadvantage is his prosthetic leg (a transtibial prosthesis). It is a basic version, and as such his speed and mobility are somewhat reduced. Even though any hit to the prosthesis would cause no pain (there are no nerves) and would be harder to pull off (as the leg is merely two fluid-filled poles), should it be damaged (even if it is merely grazed with a bullet or melee weapon) or removed, his mobility would be reduced severely. His wrestling ability is from brute strength, and as such has below average speed and agility. He thinks things through slowly, and is prone to making mistakes when rushed. Finally, being a loner, he does not have very good social skills, making it harder to gain trust, and easier for him to alienate potential allies.


Designated Number: Male Student no. 41

Designated Weapon: Key to Storage Locker 361
Conclusion: Hmm...I wish I could remember what I put in there. Oh well, unless it's a new leg I don't see it mattering! He's going to find out quickly that the island is not handi-capable...


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