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Name: Keith Bauer
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 11th
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Computer programming, music (plays piano and guitar), and video gaming.

Appearance: Keith stands at 5’8 and is rather skinny as he weights 130 pounds. His face is square, with prominent cheekbones and a slightly pointed nose. He has a light blond crew cut, and blue eyes. He has a lot of acne, particularly around his forehead and on his cheeks. Keith is light-skinned and tends to burn in the summer rather than tan. He wears glasses with thin frames to correct his poor vision. He tends to dress casually, generally wearing jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers.

On the day of the trip he was wearing dark blue jeans, a gray Imagine Dragons t-shirt, and blue tennis shoes.

Biography: Keith was born in Kingman as the youngest child of Wayne and Joanna Bauer. He has three older sisters and one older brother. His parents own and run a mailing service in Kingman.

As a young kid, Keith’s parents had a more hands-off policy on raising him, mostly letting him play with other kids during the day instead of constantly watching over him. When he started school, Keith was very social, getting along with most of his classmates.

Keith’s hobbies as a kid mainly focused around sports; he played youth baseball and football until he quit partway through middle school due to finding that he had to put in more and more time practicing to keep up with others, and not enjoying it enough to continue doing so. He also started teaching himself how to play the piano around this time, initially at his parents’ suggestion, but kept with it because to his surprise he enjoyed it.

In late middle school and early high school Keith became more reserved, partially due to feeling self-conscious over his acne problem. However, he still has a small group of friends that he spends time with, usually to play video games or music with. Usually the video games are first-person shooters. For music he plays guitar with his friends, having started learning guitar in the summer before high school, but Keith is not interested in publicly performing or being part of a band. He prefers guitar with friends, despite being more technically skilled on piano, both due to it being portable and because he perceives guitar as cooler.

Keith became interested in computer programming after being introduced to it by a friend his freshman year of school. He has learned Java and C++, and is trying to make a simple game using what he knows.

Academically, Keith does better than average. He tends to get A’s in his math and science courses, and is currently taking pre-calculus in preparation for AP Calculus his senior year. He tends to get B’s in his English and social science courses, due to him finding them less interesting and him being less skilled in these subjects. He gets along decently with his teachers, but many are disappointed that he’s not more like his older brother, who excelled in class and was very popular during his time at Cochise.

Keith tends not to be too social outside of his small group of friends. He doesn’t have anyone at school that he gets on particularly poorly with, but he prefers to get less attention. Keith isn’t particularly close to his parents, with them believing that teenagers should be closer to other teenagers than to their parents, and their main expectations for him are for him to go to school, do his chores, and help them at their business when needed. Keith isn’t very close to his sisters either, with his two oldest sisters being concerned with raising their kids, and the youngest one having moved to Tucson. Growing up, Keith was close to his brother, Wayne Jr., but they’ve been less close for the past few years since he moved to Flagstaff to attend Northern Arizona University.

Outside of school, besides schoolwork and his hobbies, Keith helps out his parents at their business, and also works part time at an Arby’s.

Advantages: Keith doesn’t have any enemies at school, which makes it less likely that anyone would specifically try and target him. His calm and reserved personality makes it less likely that he would make rash decisions.
Disadvantages: Being less popular might make it harder for Keith to gain allies. His lack of athleticism could make things harder for him. His poor vision could also put him at risk if he lost his glasses.

Designated Number: Male student no. 028


Designated Weapon: Nail-gun & bag of nails
Conclusion: Hey, we've got a musician on our hands, everybody! Good for you, B028; you can play your own funeral dirge! Or if you feel like bucking up and playing the game, maybe we can re-imagine you as a bard. I'll start working on the character sheet... - Dennis Lourvey

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