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Name: Aaron Hughes
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Dungeons and Dragons, LARPing, physics, chess, online forums relating to roleplaying games

Appearance: Aaron is of average height (5'9"), and somewhat slight frame, weighing 145 pounds. He is wiry and not particularly muscular. He has dark brown hair, which he wears at medium length, hanging in such a way that it constantly gets in his green eyes. He does not take very good care of his hair, and it is typically tangled and unbrushed. Aaron does make a point of shaving daily, as he is insecure about his inability to grow a full beard; if his facial hair grows out, it is patchy and sparse.
Aaron is Caucasian, and quite pale. Except for while he is LARPing, he prefers to spend his time inside, as he sunburns easily. He generally has a good complexion, but tends to break out when under prolonged stress.

Aaron dresses with a practiced lack of consideration for fashion. He wears t-shirts featuring obscure internet memes or odd fantasy designs. He always wears cargo pants, the pockets of which he stuffs to overflowing with pens, pencils, dice, and other knickknacks. All his clothing is in dark colors, the better to avoid drawing too much attention to himself. He changes clothing frequently enough to maintain personal hygiene, but only barely.

Biography: Aaron is an only child, and it shows. Throughout his childhood, his parents have supported him. While he was by no means spoiled, he never had to compete for their attention, which has led him to treat attention and support as his due.

He spent his childhood in New York City. He has always had an active imagination, playing "pretend" long after the other children in his school gave it up as immature. Aaron was teased for this, and has become very defensive about his hobbies. At age 12, he discovered Dungeons and Dragons, and quickly became heavily involved with the game, as it gave him a (slightly) more socially acceptable outlet for his imaginary adventures.

Aaron was viewed by his peers as a "nerd", a label he has struggled with since. He is not good at most academic subjects. He can grasp concepts easily, but has extreme difficulty putting them into practice. He has always been terrible at math, something he is very self-conscious about, since his chosen hobby is so dependant on it. In fact, his friends believe he cheats at D&D, when he in fact makes mathematical errors which he doesn't notice.

Aaron moved with his parents to Saint Paul, Minnesota 4 years ago. Since starting at Bayview Secondary School, he has made some friends among those who share his interest in roleplaying. He disdains others, particularly those who fit into different cliques, as beneath him, and touts his non-conformity, not realizing that he is conforming in his own way. He has an inflated opinion of his own abilities, particularly in academic subjects, and tends to use his large vocabulary to intellectually intimidate others. He is part of the school's chess club, and has memorized the four-turn win maneuver, which he uses to quickly defeat those unfamiliar with the strategy. If this fails, he usually loses quickly because of his poor math skills, complaining all the while that the match was "unfair". He is quite proud, and takes insults to his pride poorly, sulking and refusing to engage while his ego heals. However, on the rare occasions when someone helps him with something in a manner gentle enough to avoid offending him, Aaron can be quite friendly and grateful.

Because of his early teasing by his classmates, Aaron is highly distrustful towards his peers. This goes slightly beyond what is reasonable; he tends to worry that even his friends are plotting to humiliate him in some way, though he never acts on his suspicions and always eventually realizes that they mean him no harm. This, along with his arrogance, have prevented him from forming any romantic relationships. Aaron is timid around women, and has never approached a crush, always waiting for them to make the first move. He is cautious in other aspects of his life as well, always thinking things through before acting. Because of this, he is somewhat liable to miss limited-time opportunities.

On the rare occasions when he does lose his cool, Aaron becomes loud and offensive, shouting at his antagonists and insulting them. He has alienated several students in the past with this behavior. He justifies his lapses of control by mentally reassuring himself that he was goaded or harassed first, which is actually true more often than not.

In the past two years, Aaron has become interested in LARPing (Live Action RolePlaying), and has spent a weekend every month or two fighting other local teens with foam swords. He considers himself an impeccable sword fighter, and is indeed skilled with foam weaponry, but this experience does not transfer to real weaponry nearly as well as Aaron believes.

Aaron tends to view the world through a roleplayer's lens, thinking of the normal world, particularly school, as rather mundane and boring. He spends much of his class time brainstorming new stories, rather than paying attention to the teacher.

Advantages: Aaron is cautious, and unlikely to easily trust people, which should serve him well in an atmosphere like SOTF. He has some experience with the outdoors, as a result of his LARPing time, and is familiar enough with hiding in the wilderness. He is also a good enough actor, having played many parts in roleplaying games.
Disadvantages: Aaron is overconfident, and has a hard time accepting others as equals. If he doesn't get his way, he sulks, which is off-putting to others. He tends to ramble about fantasy and games, and can't tell when people are completely uninterested; this lack of ability to read other’s reactions extends to other areas of social interaction as well. He is also physically weak, though he does not believe he is anything below average. On the occasions when he loses his cool, Aaron can be quite verbally offensive, lending a possibility that he will alienate others. Finally, Aaron has a hard time unconditionally trusting even those who really are his friends, and sometime gets into arguments over imagined slights.

Designated Number: Male Student no. 3


Designated Weapon: An Action Figure of Halle Berry as Catwoman
Conclusion: ... AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Maybe Mr. Hughes can make-believe he's Batman and pretend that he actually has a shot at surviving, because fantasy is the only way he's making it anywhere in the game!


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