Aurora High School

Aurora High School is an older public high school in urban Seattle. Established in 1947, the facility shows some signs of its age, but has generally been kept in fairly good repair. The three-story school building itself looks rather drab from the outside, painted in greys and browns, though inside, the walls are frequently adorned with murals. Aurora High is an odd school in terms of academics; while, for the most part, the program is solidly middle-of-the-road, the school offers Advanced Placement classes in nearly all of its subjects, making it attractive to those with a serious academic bent as well as those for whom it is simply the neighborhood school. The school also has a reasonable athletics program, and flourishing music and arts programs. The school has an open campus policy, meaning that students may come and go as they please while they are not in class. It is in close proximity to several inexpensive restaurants, as well as a mall, giving students plenty to do. The school mascot is the pelican, and its colors are grey, white, and pale blue.

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