Attention, Humans!

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March 31st, 2016, 9:59 pm #1

Good evening, handlers of SOTF,

I am here to warn you about a dangerous handler, who is a threat to SOTF as a whole. The handler's name is SOTF_HELP.

SOTF_HELP is an evil handler, who has killed too many characters, also exceeding the character cap. In each version they handled more characters than they were allowed to.

Not only does SOTF_HELP break that rule, but multiple others as well.

SOTF_HELP was never in chat. Nobody actually knows who they are. Perhaps, it would be a fake account of another member, like Yomamma Kenobi.

History showed that they are malicious as well.

Also, the graphical details in their avatar and signature is disturbing and repulsive. It seriously is blood painted on a blue background. No manners. We have underage people here. This is irresponsible, considering how it contrasts with the topics of our website.

SOTF_HELP also is very inactive handler. Way too inactive. Their V6 characters Stella and Angel had been inactive for almost a year. A YEAR! I suggest us writing an inactive death resulting in their collars exploding. Breaking inactivity rules while killing other people's for breaking the inactivity rules? THE IRONY.

Have you looked at SOTF_HELP's user name? It is in green! Everybody knows all the staffers merged their colours into purple, after they were split in red and blue, to show equality. SOTF_HELP refused to do that. Not only is SOTF_HELP refusing to make themselves look equal to the other staffers, no. Do you guys know what else the colour green symbolises? Admin status on the Mini site, the highest colour in the ranks. SOTF_HELP does not only refuse equality, no, they even demonstrate their superiority to the other staffers. Rude. This is a sign of a major threat as it forshadows SOTF_HELP's plan to overthrow not only the regular members, but also the staff members. Disgusting.

Therefore, remove SOTF_HELP from the site and replace them with RC_HELPO. Thank you for your attention.

Come fight me, SOTF_HELP!

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March 31st, 2016, 10:10 pm #2

Lies and slander, good sir, lies and slander!

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March 31st, 2016, 10:54 pm #3

This was a beautiful thing for me to log on to. *wipes tear*

Coming to a V7 near you.
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For v6, I have come to a decision. To help lessen character pimping, I have vowed not to talk about my characters, any characters closely related to mine, or any threads I've been involved in, in any of the following places:

- Chat
- General Discussion thread
- TV Tropes
- Random Thoughts
- Anything else I missed

I am not allowing myself to talk about anything relating to my characters or scenes I'm in unless they are brought up in conversation by another handler. I am not allowed to use my characters' names OOC or mention anything relating to that character until another handler mentions them. This is not currently in effect for pre-game; these self-imposed rules do not apply until v6 starts. However, they will be in effect the second v6 is announced. When one of my characters die, escape, or are otherwise removed from the game, these rules are lifted for that character, and I am free to talk about that character as much as I want. However, the others will have to wait until they too are out of the game.

This is a personal promise I'm keeping to myself for v6. If I break it, please feel free to bitch me out.


Addendum as of v6: I may ask for critiques while a character's arc is ongoing, as long as someone has offered to do so.
Let's show that private threads aren't necessary! I pledge not to start any private threads on island in V6. If I started a thread, you are welcome to join it.

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June 23rd, 2016, 12:54 pm #4

I love you, RC.
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