Arthur Wells

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Arthur Wells

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Name: Arthur Wells
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th Grade
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Roleplaying, writing, drawing, comics, books

Appearance: Arthur is a tall and bulky guy at six feet in height and two-hundred-fifty pounds. Instead of being an athlete, though, he carries himself like a man who doesn't know what to do with his body, and probably isn't entirely comfortable with it, either. Though he is on the overweight side, he looks normal enough at first glance, and he does have a bit of muscle tone to him, but not much.

His face is framed by wavy black hair, long enough to reach just past his shoulders. Over dark brown eyes he wears a pair of large aviator glasses. He has a thick, bony nose with periodically flaking patches of dry skin on either side, as well as a chip in one of his front teeth. His face isn’t entirely clean shaven, instead possessing a modicum of stubble at all times, the sign of a boy who isn’t comfortable with shaving, either.

Usually he wears casual clothing with little variation or regard for fashion trends. Usually he’ll wear a pair of jeans or chinos secured with a brown leather belt, a pair of black sneakers, and a gray hoodie over a t-shirt. The shirts range from plain, solid color designs to tees with logos or images on them on them. The images typically come from franchises he's been enamored with over the past five years, but in the event that he’s too self-conscious about his weight to open his hoodie's zipper, the logos won't be visible anyway.

Biography: Arthur Wells was born to Ingrid and Barry Wells, a Seattle couple who hooked up in a whirlwind romance that had long since cooled down into dying embers by the time Arthur entered preschool. For the last fifteen years, the two of them have been in a loveless relationship that never destabilized into a hostile enough condition to lead to divorce. They had too many mutual friends and pursuits to separate, but most of all they stayed together for the sake of their son, especially after he was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome in the third grade.

They gave him all the help that they could, trying to ensure the best future they could for their son, but the gulf between them and their various neuroses made parenting difficult. Throughout his development Arthur would periodically engage in normal socialization with his peers, even trying out for sports a couple of times during middle school, but sooner or later he would always relapse into reclusiveness and fiction.

His main interests started with TV shows and movies, but as he grew up he gradually moved into mediums without sound, like books and comics. When he was young, he made frequent visits to the library, always checking out all the books he could and reading far ahead of his normal grade level. He typically tended to science fiction and fantasy novels, eventually showing barely any interest in the more "mundane" stories that most people seemed to enjoy. He knew he wasn't like most people.

In high school, he mostly kept a small, focused circle of friends, as he had difficulty opening up in any meaningful way to anyone else. By then he’d discovered the internet and how much easier it was to find all of the social interaction he ever wanted. He could talk freely to people he knew shared his unusual interests with without ever having to deal with the discomforts of meeting them face to face.

High school was also when he decided that he wanted to try pursuing the idea of making his own comics and stories, so he started writing and drawing not only in his free time, but during school hours as well. He earned mostly B and C grades in high school, preferring to focus on his own projects instead of working to achieve academic excellence. Though he often works on his work in public, typing up stories on his laptop and drawing in a sketchbook, he seldom shares them with people, and acts embarrassed when they take an interest in his work.

Another recent, internet-related hobby he's taken up is the act of online roleplaying, interacting as one of his own characters with other roleplayers. When he first discovered the hobby, he spread himself thin on many websites, but now keeps it focused to one or two. He mostly prefers the play-by-post style of internet forums, though he's recently gotten very comfortable with roleplaying in IRC.

Depending on where he is and who he's forced to interact with, Arthur can range from a dull, glass-eyed alien who only speaks when spoken to and adds as little to the conversation as he can manage to a cheerful, normal-sounding boy who loves to ask questions and crack jokes. Usually he leans to the former online and the latter offline, but not always.

No matter what mode he's in, he tends to be critical of himself and his creative works. He almost always assumes that the misfortunes in his life are his own fault if it's a reasonable conclusion for him to come to, and blames himself for missed opportunities and bad choices he made in the past. However, he mostly prefers to point out all of his faults himself. Should someone else do it instead, he typically gets angry, possibly losing his temper.

In addition to his Aspergers, he also suffered from bouts of depression when he was younger and now takes medicine to control it. Nowadays the medicine serves to keep him from becoming irritable and losing his temper, which has gotten him in trouble before.

Advantages: Arthur is good at being quiet and unnoticeable.
Disadvantages: Arthur is dependent on medicine, has little in the way of distinctive athletic capability, and collapses under pressure. His chances look slim.
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