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Name: Annabelle Summers
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Complaining about RPGs that she doesn't like, writing, sewing, Book Club

Appearance: Annabelle Summers is a young Caucasian girl with her light-blonde hair cut short. She wears a pair of sapphire earrings and has a few cheap friendship bracelets around her right wrist. She stands at 5' 6" tall and weighs 112 pounds. She has an average build, but she's slightly thin thanks to the fact that she doesn't eat that much. Freckles and pimples dot her cheeks and she has a bad habit of scratching at them. She's also fairly flat-chested and at a long distance, depending on what she's wearing, she could possibly be mistaken for a boy. Annabelle wears whatever her parents can find at the thrift store and she takes special care of her clothes, mixing and matching them to come up with something that could be considered fashionable. She normally wears sleeveless tops of varying colors with a matching light sweater along with plain beige pants or skirts, but she's been known to change her style if the rest of her clothes are in the wash.

Biography: Annabelle is the youngest child of the Summers family. She has two older brothers, one who's four years older and attending college and the other who is six years older and serving in the military. She wasn't born during a good time for the family. A lower-middle class family, both parents had to work to make ends meet and both of her older brothers weren't that fond of having to take care of the baby of the family. Her parents did care for her, but oftentimes they were too tired or stressed to pay more than the minimum of attention towards her. However, what little time she could snatch from her mother was spent learning to sew. A skill mostly learned because of the practical aspects, she soon began to enjoy sewing at a young age because it brought her closer to her mother.

As she grew up, she began to occupy herself by reading books. It began during middle school when her English teacher assigned them all Redwall to read and write a small report on. She was enchanted by reading it and soon engrossed herself in the series, finding used copies for sale. She expanded her horizons as she grew up and her parents' fortunes soon increased. Soon the Summers family managed to push themselves up into the middle class and Annabelle, who was used to trying to save and scrimp, suddenly was receiving more attention; at least in the terms of gifts. She was able to expand her meager book collection and was even able to get a PS3 for her 16th birthday.

She became a fan of role-playing games for pretty much the same reason she enjoyed reading. She was fascinated by the stories that they had to tell, although she was forced to admit that some games and books failed rather spectacularly in that aspect. During the basic Computer Science class she took when she was a sophomore, one of the assignments was to create a blog and talk about any subject. She wasn't sure what to talk about, but when she was playing one of her games and grumbling angrily to herself about how the characters lacked any sort of depth to them, she realized that she could just use that as her subject.

So she named her blog Game Over and soon it became more than just a school assignment. Turning it into a full-functioning blog where she talked about various video games she had played. While she would give plenty of praise to games she enjoyed, she was rather harsh when it came to games she felt failed the most; namely in terms of the storyline, character design, or characterization. When somebody responded to her post about how Star Ocean 4 had the worst characters of any RPG she had ever played with a challenge that she try writing something better, she took the challenge to heart.

A week later, her next blog post was a short two-thousand word story she had written. It was fairly basic and not at all original, but Annabelle found the experience enjoyable. She decided to try to improve her writing skills through practice, focusing much more on creating memorable characters than making an original story. Her favorite topic was exploring what a person would do when tragedy strikes. She was utterly fascinated by that aspect and more often than not, her heroes and heroines would face obstacle after obstacle and she would let her fingers carry the characters to their next destination.

At Aurora High School, Annabelle is a talkative and active member of the classroom, participating as many times as she's able. While her cheap clothes might turn people off of her, she has genuine enthusiasm for her work and is rather extroverted, always willing to lend a hand. She usually has a smile on her face, at least when not writing. During her free time, she usually can be found on a bench somewhere, hunched over a notebook as she scribbles out ideas for her stories. Despite her passion for writing, however, she gets easily frustrated if she can't put her ideas onto the paper and she has an unfortunate tendency to yell out when she can't get things to work her way. She also joined the Book Club the moment she heard about it.

As for romance, Annabelle doesn't have a boyfriend and isn't actively searching either. She views love as something that just happens between two people, regardless of gender, a view that's influenced from some romance novels she's read where they always emphasize how love transcends things like age and race. As such, she doesn't seem to have any problem with homosexuality and lately, she's been wondering where exactly on the line she lies. Her thoughts have begun to bleed into her work as well.

Advantages: Annabelle is known around school as a rather friendly person, so that could possibly help her in the game.
Disadvantages: Annabelle can become easily frustrated if things don't go her way and while she's not overweight, she's not fit at all and doesn't have much physical strength.
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