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Mr. Danya
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((Lucas Brady continued from Presidential Election Speeches))
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Lucas Brady
Just wanted to say that I am pretty disappointed in the people in my grade. Class president elections are really important guys, both to the people running and for everyone in the grade, but apparently, enough of us would rather just vote as a joke and not take it seriously at all. It's pretty disrespectful to everyone who did actually put in the effort.

And if you did take it seriously, Nathan Coleman is not qualified to be senior class president guys! In future, vote for someone who can actually get the job done!

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Mr. Danya
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Helena Fury
you really should have started appealing to the canon demographic *before* the election my dude, rookie mistake
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Your turn.
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Tyrell Lahti
lol dude you're just butthurt you lost. nathan's gonna be a great class prez. he's definitely a good representative of the GHHS student body.

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[Faith Marshal-Mackenzie, Lucas Brady] Direct Messages
uh dude u probably want to take that post down, you're probably gonna get in shit for being disableist or something
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Julien Leblanc
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Ivy Vivienne Langley

Ivy Vivienne Langley
hon like you arent wrong but also literally no one cares
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Myles Roux
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Toby Underwood:

dont get to worked up over it man, it doesnt look good. gotta be the better man rite
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Meilin Zhou

Congrats to the winners I say! <3

Camilla Bell

Y'all freak out too much TBH. I'm more worried about thr Anti-Bullying club.