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“You know I can’t stay.”

Lani sighed, cheekily; she knew full well that things were about to draw to their conclusion, and even though she agreed that her experience with Keone this summer was nothing more than a fling, she knew she’d continue to dote heavily on how Keone had made her feel. It was something Lani didn’t want to forget. It was a warmth that she would never tire of, and an embrace that would forever be and feel welcome. She knew she had to say goodbye soon, but the stubborn girl would milk the moment right to the very last drop.

“You aren’t leaving until morning,” Lani responded. “You can at least spend a few last moments with me, right?” She put on a pout, quivering her bottom lip; a last ditch attempt to spend a few more hours with the girl she’d heavily admired and developed feelings with over the past month. “Please?”

Smirking, Keone nodded. “Of course. What would my last day in Arizona be without spending time with you?” Lani ran over to Keone, tumbling her over in an embrace. Everything seemed perfect; rows and rows of flowers drew butterflies of all descriptions – Lani noticed the Delias eucharis and Atlides halesus in particular – to the fields, and with the best company she could hope for and an amazing view, in that very moment Lani had everything she needed and everything that mattered. She wouldn’t let go.

Lani paused and pulled away; uncertainty began to mould her face. “This…this is really hard, Keone.” She spoke truthfully, “I mean…I really don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the day after that. My entire summer has centred around one thing, one absolutely beautiful and breath-taking thing, and she’s being stripped away from me and I can’t do anything about it.” Lani didn’t call Keone here to spout feelings at her, but it just kind of happened; it was like a freight train, once she started, she had to reach her destination. “I… What I’m trying to say is, without sounding like an absolute div, I’m really gonna miss you.”

Keone pressed her lips against Lani’s, and once broken, the two returned to their embrace. “And I’m going to miss you too,” Keone replied. “We knew this was coming, and we made great use of the time we spent together; hold onto that if you can’t hold onto anything else.” Another excitable grin exuded from Lani’s face; she knew Keone was right. This is my last chance to make everything as perfect as I possibly can. Turning her head left and then right, Keone’s face grew a bamboozled look, “So why did you bring me here then?”

“It’s a secret. Close your eyes.” Lani’s heart filled with excitement. She revealed a majestically decorated wooden box. It had beautiful floral carvings etched into the sides and was painted with absolute precision thanks to her sister Nassai. She gazed out at the vista, noticing the glow turn an amalgamation of violet and orange. “Okay. Open!”

As Keone opened her eyes, the sunset started to fall, creating a most warm and comforting sight to see. Looking down, she saw the box Lani held within her hands. “Is this for me?”

She took the box from Lani, sliding the lid off carefully and admiring the effort she had put into the gift. Inside lay a single flower, cut on a diagonal through the stem. It looked delicate with its vibrant shades of lemon, tangerine, and ocean blue.

“This is a bird of paradise,” Lani began. “I grew it just for you.” She paused to she Keone’s captivating lips curve upward before continuing. “It symbolises joy, magnificence, and unwavering anticipation: the joyfulness of the time we spent together, the magnificent girl you are, and my anticipation for when we met again.”

Keone rose from her seated positon and rushed to wrap Lani in her arms; it was a feeling and time the two cherished and held onto for quite some time. With tears in her eyes, Keone caressed Lani’s face, kissed her forehead, and spoke swathed in velvet. “Aloha.”

One of Lani’s teardrops fell, sliding between the flower’s opulent petals. The pair smiled simultaneously.

Lani knew she had to let go.
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