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Getting that hair in order again, was she? Damn. Not exactly a sign of more wild things to come. Wasn't going to back out now, was she? They were young, untamed and more nuts than nutty butter, what better oppurtunity to be stupid than now? Maybe -

Ha! Jackpot. Got the broad laughing again. And how! Good sign, right? Chicks loved to laugh, absolu-dalu-tely did. Hundred points for the man with the beak. Are you not entertained? She sure was.

Whole package, huh? Cheese'n crackers, this was getting interesting. Whaddaya know? Who had ever claimed sneaking up on them wasn't a good way to get with the ladies? Prolly someone who lacked the special qualities of an Aiden Beakedy Beaks Slattery. All amateurs.

Now with the winking too? Geez, she was enjoying herself even more than he was. Didn't even think that was possible. Which made it only all the more awe - shum.

Yeah, this was gonna be real good. Had caught himself a little tigress, had he? Or hyena more like, judging from that laughter. Didn't matter, those could bangelamadingdong whoever they wanted. He only wanted one mare now. Only one tall, purebred chi- Whoa. That sure was unexpected squared. Wanted to turn this into a game now, did she?

Aiden licked his lips. Cracked his knuckles. He'd let her have the head start. Wasn't gonna help her. Ain't nobody gettin' away from the Beaks. Flight mode activated, sugar. Better go fast.

And with another self-assuring snicker and a delighted click of the tongue, he dashed after her.

((Aiden Slattery continued in Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean))
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