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Name: Alda Abbate
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Softball, Slam Poetry, Rap Music

Appearance: At 5’4 and 145 pounds, Alda is a stocky girl. She carries her weight in her stomach, thighs, and arms, giving her a rounded appearance that matches her chubby cheeks. She has caramel colored skin, with a smattering of dark freckles across her nose and arms. Her black hair runs to her mid shoulder blades, and has faded, poorly self-dyed red streaks in it. She almost always wears it in a long, slick backed ponytail, with one long bang hanging on the left side of her face. Her eyes are a dark brown, and her nose is somewhat flat. She has a small gap in between her two front teeth, and thin, dark lips.

Alda wears some makeup, preferring mascara and eyeliner. Her clothing style is relatively casual, and she can almost always be seen in jeans and plain, dark colored tops. She wears a small diamond stud in her left ear, and has a white gold cartilage piercing in the same ear as well. Other than that, she only wears jewelry on nice occasions. On the day of the abduction, Alda was wearing a short sleeved green top, black jeans, and tennis shoes.

Biography: Alda is the oldest of the fraternal twins born to Marcello Silva and Jennifer Abbate, born 32 minutes before her brother, Paulo- a fact that she holds over him constantly.

Marcello, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor living in Southern California, met Jennifer, a businesswoman, and began a relationship with her. After four years of the dating, Jennifer became pregnant, and the unmarried couple ran into troubles. Eventually, Jennifer grew irritated of Marcello’s obsession with Jiu Jitsu, and packed up for Seattle, leaving Marcello in the wake.

Alda and Paulo spent most of their childhood knowing nothing of their father. Alda was indifferent to the man, not caring to know who he was or where he came from. As far as she was concerned, he didn’t help raise them, so he didn’t deserve to be a part of their lives. It was difficult for Alda to grow up in the poor circumstances she lived in- Jennifer being a single mom with two children meant the family was poor, and Alda was a somewhat materialistic child, always wanting the new toy or game. Not being able to get these things when she wanted them has installed a sense of gratitude in Alda, and has made her more respectful and less greedy over time.

In middle school, Jennifer pressured Alda to get into a physical activity in order to stay fit. Paulo latched onto UFC fighting, and Alda went elsewhere, looking for the sport where she could do the least and get away with it. She eventually found a softball team that was part of the local park district, and joined with the hopes of standing around in the outfield and doing nothing. These hopes were dashed by the coach of the team, who firmly expected Alda to put forth an effort.

It was around this time that Jennifer revealed information about Marcello to the twins. Alda was, again, indifferent to the man, thinking he wasn’t worth her time. Paulo, however, latched on to their absent father, trying to imitate him in every way. This behavior made Alda irrationally angry with her brother, and she began to channel her aggression into softball. Soon, she had excelled in the sport, and was a force to reckon with in the outfield, able to sprint long distances in short times and go after the ball with fury and passion. Once she got into high school, Alda joined the Junior Varsity softball team, eventually rising to Varsity level in her Junior year.

However, Alda found that softball could not alleviate her anger at Paulo for long. Her attitude got worse progressively, and tensions at home began to rise. One of Alda’s friends suggested music as a release, and Alda began to look into it. Ultimately, she began to develop a love of rap music, which captured the anger she was feeling while being clever, lyrical, and brilliantly offensive at the same time. Her love of rap developed steadily over time, and she became attached the genre.

In school, Alda had never particularly excelled in any subject, preferring to slip under the radar and do as little as she could get away with. One English teacher, desperate to get Alda to care, brought up the connection between poetry and rap music. Specifically, the teacher recommended that Alda look slam poetry. Reluctantly, the girl gave it a try, and almost immediately fell in love. Again, slam poetry connected to the anger inside of Alda, and she saw it as a healthy way to release her emotions.

Unfortunately for Alda, her passions for both rap and slam poetry did nothing to improve her talent. Despite spending hours on raps and poems, her rhymes are weak, blunt, and often lack finesse. She has a habit of just stating the obvious without making much of a point, though she has not let this get it the way of her determination to get better.

Further, despite softball, rap, and slam poetry being good releases for Alda’s anger, they ultimate had some negative effects on her personality. Rap and poetry encouraged an almost belligerent sense of bluntness in Alda, encouraging her to speak her mind at all times, regardless of the appropriateness of the situation. While some people found this endearing, many quickly grew annoyed of her behavior. This bluntness also has affected her relationship with Paulo. Alda, completely aware of his over-blown sense of strength, often told him to his face that he was a loser. She was constantly irritated by his idol-worship of their father, as well as his group of strange and obnoxious friends who had a habit of invading her backyard.

Despite her rocky relationship with Paulo and her non-existent one with Marcello, Alda and her mother have always gotten along quite well. Jennifer is Alda’s confidant, who she turns to when she needs help or is particularly irritated at her brother. Though they do fight, mostly due to Alda’s stubbornness and bluntness, they are close and often friendly, and Alda secretly considers her mother to be one of her best friends.

Alda’s school friends tend to be other softballers, though she can sometimes be seen hanging out with other students with interest in English. For the most part, Alda does mediocre in school, earning straight C’s in every subject except for English, which she carries a low B in. She has no direct plans for the future, instead planning on going to college and figuring it out as she goes.

Advantages: Alda’s physically fit thanks to softball, and is especially good at sprinting when she needs to be. Her aggressive nature could come in handy in a game where everything is fight-or-flight, and she might be able to intimidate some of her opponents with her blunt words and stubborn nature.
Disadvantages: Alda is a difficult person to get along with, and would not easily make allies in a game. She is not a very determined person, only focusing on what interests her, which could cost her in a game like SotF. Further, her callous nature could rub people the wrong way, and make her some powerful enemies.
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